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I may be a cold hearted bitch, but at least i'm good at it

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Hello and Welcome!!!!
Hello and Welcome!!!!
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I am a 19 year old female from St Louis, MO.I am of the Wiccan religion, my element is that of fire. I am generally shy at first, but when you get to know me I am really outgoing and friendly. I am 5'8" tall with red hair, green eyes that change depending on my mood. If I am in a good mood they are green, sad blue, angry gold and red. No I am not kidding, though I bet many of you think I am. I guess you have to see it to believe it. I am Native American, Cree/Cherokee though you can't tell it by my coloring. My mom has the native coloring and I got the Anglo Saxon coloring. I am in a relationship, of which I have been in for over two years happily. I am an English major in college and taking many mythology classes. I write many different stories about vampires, werewolves and witches. I have been fascinated with vampires and werewolves since I was a child.

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My music tastes differ greatly, I love Type O Negative and Disturbed to Evanescence and Cold to even such music as The Sex pistols, the Misfits and The Cure. I am not a fan of artists like Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson, sorry if this offends anyone who may like this type of artist.
Hello and Welcome!!!!I am a great fan of such writers as Laurell K. Hamilton and P.N. Elrod, Anne Rice is wonderful also. I love Tanya Huff, Christine Feehan is good, H.P Lovecraft and once in a while Rowling's Harry Potter. My movie choices, well anything with Vin Diesel, I also like movies like Sin City, for Marv of course, Daredevil, the XMen and the Punisher. I like most vampire movies, and I love the Phantom of the Opera, though I must say that the version with Robert Englund, while ok was kind of cheesy.
Hello and Welcome!!!!
I am also an avid gamer. I love games like Resident Evil, Blood Rayne, Devil May Cry, Chronicles of Riddick, Streets of LA, the Evil Dead, God of War, GTA, Driver and anything with violence, blood and gore.
Also, I will admit that I am not a poet, so if you ever see anything in my journal resembling poetry, please forgive me if it sucks lol. I am a writer by trade, mostly vampires, werewolves and stories involving death of some fashion. I am told I have a morbid sense of humor and my fashion sense is dark. They were meaning that as an insult, but I think it pissed them off when I took it as a compliment, LOL. If anyone has any suggestions of anything else they would like to know or see here, or even comments of any kind, please feel free to message me. Thank you visiting my very humble profile and a special thanks to those who rate it and leave comments they are greatly appreciated. Lady Crymsyn
About Me Personality Quiz
What is your name?:Angelique
How old are you?:19
When is your Birthday?:December 16, 1986
What is your zodiac sign?:Sagittarius and Chinese is Tiger
Where were you born?:St Louis
Where do you live now?:Potosi, outside of St Louis
What color eyes do you have?:Green that changes with my moods
What color hair do you have?:Red
How tall are you?:5'8"
How much do you weigh? (Be Honest Ladies):aww do I have to? 160
What is your race?:Native American and White
What is your worst fear?:hmmm that's hard...Losing at something
Do you smoke?:asthmatic, enough said
Do you drink?:nope
Do you cuss?:Hell YES
Do you use drugs?:hell no
Have you ever or will you ever steal?:NO!
Are you dependable and/or trustworthy?:Yes
Do you play in a band or play an instrument?:no but I wish I did
Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?:ears are pierced, no tattoos but I want one
If you had a favorite serial killer who would it be?:shrugs I guess anyone who would be smart enough to get away with it
Do you suffer from depression disorder?:Yes
If you had a choice about how you wanted to die what would it be?:in a blaze of glory
Have you ever tried to commit suicide?:yes
Have you ever purposely caused harm to yourself or someone else?:to myself
What subculture do you belong too?:eh
Are you evil?:evil is a state of one's perceptions, one would say yes while another may say no
Do you believe that you can be possesed?:no
Are you a paranoid person?:no
Do you ever get jealous of somebody else?:no
Are you obsessive and/or compulsive?:no
Are you a violent person?:I can be if it is called for
Do you take your anger out on other people?:only if they caused it
Do you blame other people for your mistakes?:no I blame myself
What is your favorite game?:Poker
What is your favorite movie?:Pitch Black
Who is your favorite band?:Type O Negative
What is your favorite song?:Kill you Tonight
What kind of books and/or magazines do you read?:Horror, Terror, Scary Shit
What is your favorite color?:Black
What is your favorite food?:LOL Pasta
What is your favorite drink?:Sicilian Splash from Olive Garden
Do you own a pari of converse?:no
Do you own a pair of dickies?:no
Would you ever kill yourself or someone else?:myself yes
Are you a virgin?:ummm no
Are you kinky?:yes
Do you like biting?:yes
Do you masturbate?:no
Do you watch pornography?:hell no!!!
Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color?:yes
Have you ever shaved your head in a socially unacceptable way?:no
Are you hyper active person?:I can be
Are you religious?:Wiccan
Do you have any self inflicted scars?:yes many over my legs arms and stomach
Does pain turn you on?:not really
Do you stand for originality and creativity?:yes
Do you like meeting new people?:yes
What do you like most about life?:being alive to experience new things
What do you dislike most about life?:being used
Do you believe in love at first fright?:no it takes time for me to fall in love
Have you ever pierced a body part yourself?:no
Have you ever had to beg for dinner money?:no
Do you own a car?:yes
Have you been to jail, yet?:no
Are your clothes held together with safety pins?:no
Do you have actual scars from punk rock shows?:no
Have you ever vomit while making out?:no
Have you held a job for less than a day?:no
Do you own more than two pair of jeans?:yes
Have you ever had to fuck stuff up for no good reason?:no
Have you ever been kicked out of your parents house?:no
Have you ever been fired from your job because of your attitude?:no
Does the world piss you off?:sometimes
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

Hello and Welcome!!!!
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These are photos from one of my fave artists Jessica Galbreth

This one is just for the hell of it.
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A Better Version of TinkerBell
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