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I am Lunacancerian. I was on VR awhile back. It has been a very long time, but I found my way back.

Just a heads up. I have a tendency to bounce back and forth from one topic to another. So consider yourself warned. My mind never shuts up and if my mouth ran even a fraction as much as my mind I'd probably sound like a rambling lunatic.

About myself. Hmmm. This at first started as a little about myself and has grown so I have overwritten and added since.

I grew up in the city of San Diego. According to my father I have been to every US state except Alaska and Hawaii during his military career. I was 9 when they split and stayed in San Diego with my mom until I was 18. Since then I have lived in Oklahoma , Texas, New Mexico, and Washington. I love to travel which I assume is because of my father being in the Navy. I have since settled myself in the woods away from crowds and the big cities. I don't really care for either and prefer to be away from both.

I am an eclectic pagan. I am also an empath. Yes I am a witch. Not all pagans are witches and not all witches are pagans. I have been following this path since I was 18. I was lucky enough to be raised in a diverse religous household. My mom is Luthern/Presbyterian, my step father was Catholic, and my sister to be honest I really didn't know. I was the one who took to the church which was Baptist. I went 3 days a week (Sunday school, Youth Group, and Choir) I just felt that was what I was suppose to do. No one else in my household really participated in church unless it was the holidays or they were attending one of my performances. I had too many questions and the answer that were given did not satisfy me. I was told I needed to be baptized to quiet my demons. Thanks to my mom she put her foot down and decided that it was time for me to explore my options and decide what I truly believed. I was 14. For 4 years I went from church to church trying to find answers that no one apparently had. Already long story short, I met a few people who reached out to me seeing me struggle through the madness of what I thought was the only way. Thank you! You have forever changed my life and I am forever greatful.

If you were to cross paths with me outside of VR you would never have know that I am one of the same person. It is rare for me to look like my true self. I sometimes have to be an adult and provide for those within my domicile. My familiar gets crabby if she doesn't have her dried catnip and her fair share of my dinners I tend to stick to my comfy jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes.
I have a dark side that at one time I use to openly share. Unfortunately people didn't believe that side of me and figured I was looking for attention and was labeled a fake. This is when I decided it didn't matter and it really doesn't matter who believed me or not. I am who I am. Period. A few selected are allowed to share that with me because they are the same and except me for who I am. That's one of the reasons I came back to VR.

So what the heck am I talking about. I add as I go so I will post more as I make new friends and test the waters a little. For now I will say that I see things and feel things. When I was a kid spirits showed up all the time. They like to follow me. Some scared me. Now for the most part they dont scare me easily and know that I except them and am aware. Not saying they never scare me but it happens less.

I tend to stay indoors a lot during the day. I have PMLE. Polymorphic Light Eruption. I have the extreme case of it meaning I am allergic to the sun. It doesn't get better, it just gets progressively worse each year.

If you took time to see my page I will do the same for you. It's only fair. Rate me or leave a comment and I will hop on over ASAP.

BTW please don't take offense if I don't respond to your messages. I'm a busy girl and will do my best to respond to what I can. Just a FYI I am not looking for an online fling or flirting or role playing unless I know you. I do plan on making friends and if a spark happens then it's the grace of the gods that we found each other.

Thank You for the kind words and warm welcomes.

Blessed Be!


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