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MasterxWraith carries the Mark of The Prince.

Vampire Rave member for 17 years.

Status:  Premiere Sire (123.32)
Rank:  Member
Honor 0    [ Give / Take ]
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Male
Birthdate:  April 24, 1980
Age:  44

Throne of Hades


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I will show no mercy, nor have any belief whatsoever in how others judge me, for my greatness will silence them all.

" The Blackest Night falls from the skies, The darkness grows as all light dies.
We crave your blood and your demise, By my black hand, the dead shall rise! "

I am the shadow of the night, the eye of the storm, the reason you fear the darkness, I alone have saddled the wings of death and smelled the breath of the dragon, I have beheld the morbid atrocities of the endless abyss itself and have basked in the radiant scorching flames of Hell, grovel to your holy men for false comforts and false truths while time itself unravels the very fabric of the riddles of life, for there is no refuge from death as it is the only inevitable truth and the great equalizer of all mankind, soon I will come! I will embrace your life force, I shall devour your very soul and we shall become as one, children of the night, seekers of unbridled truth, yes soon your time will come and when it does, behold! a new rebirth, live in that moment for an eternity and embrace the darkness forever.

Greetings to my little cell in the dungeon we call Vampire Rave, Vampire Rave has been my home here for almost 6 years, in the time I have been here I have seen alot of people come and go, I remember back when there were around 12-13 covens and level 20 was Sire, since then there has been many changes that have made Vampire Rave more entertaining with a bit of challenge to it, what I like more then anything here at Vampire Rave is my Coven, Allies and Friends without them I would have no reason to be here, I first became interested in computer graphics here on VR and I was able to learn a great deal about them and become rather successful with creating them, although there is a great deal I still need to learn to truely be a professional, animated graphics are pretty simple, when I think of them I often think of cartoon animation. I have removed alot of information about myself because I have come to realize that all of our life long successes and achievements have nothing to do with who or what we are as a human beings on this planet, take away all your riches and glory and what kind of person are you then?. Ya know life can be a bitch but then on the other hand it can be beautiful also, thats why we have to keep making the right decisions in life to keep the good times rolling.

You know what the real gift of life is? the opportunity you have to make the very best out of life with what time you have left to live in this world, make the most of everyday and you will have no regrets when your time comes to depart from this world, take every opportunity to spend time with family and friends because you never know when it will be your last, these are all gifts of life. You know I look at life like a buffet, lets just say you get to eat all you want for $10.00 for 1 hour, would you wait till you had 10 minutes left to start eating? lol, this means dont wait all your life before making a decision on what to do with it, get off your ass and take what you want out of life, dont wait for it, it isnt comming, lol. Who and what we are is defined by the choices we make everyday, its cause and effect.

I believe in being firm on my beliefs yet charitable to others, I also believe in Patience! in a world were time heals most wounds and shortens the days of our lives, our patience becomes knowledge over time, knowledge being the key to unlocking many doors in life. I believe that I was given strength to help the weak and unfortunate. Some of the more mundane things about me in life are as follows:

I am the proud purveyor, Master and Mentor of The Societies of The Onyx Cross. We welcome you to take a look at what we represent and have to offer to would be members, if you are interested or would like to be a part of our society, then please contact myself or one of my assistants and we will respond as soon as possible to your inquiries and do our very best to accommodate your needs. We are dedicated to the growth and developement of all of our family members, we also value the unique gifts and talents of each and every individual as they are an essential corner stone to our over all success and unity. If you are a student or practitioner of Magick or Occult Sciences then say no more! The Order of The Onyx Cross boasts the most extensive Occult & Magick PDF book free download libraries ever assembled on Vampire Rave, Investigators are welcome!

I love to get up early in the morning at sunrise after a fresh rain and walk through a flower garden and smell the auroma of the flowers or walk threw a small field of lilac bushes while the morning dew drops on your head, face and shoulders, I love the smell of fresh cut grass, I love wakeing up in the morning to the smells of sizzling fresh eggs and bacon with a side of OJ, Milk and Coffee or Expresso. its the simple things in life that make it worth living.

As far back as I can remember I loved going outside during a summer thunderstorm and strolling in the down pour, it is a fetish of mine to make love outside during a thunderstorm or in the rain butt naked in the elements lol :), I love cuddling up on the floor or couch with popcorn while watching movies with someone special, I love fast motorcycles, fast cars and harley davidson, good home cooked food is the path to my heart lol....bring on the steak and potatoes...yeah baby!. I am an adrenaline junkie from hell, I love doing things others would have fear of doing just for the thrills lol, Its a natural high on life! I find it refreshing to lay on my back at night and gaze into the stars, what a truely manificent sight! The only thing better then gazing into the stars would maybe be who your doing it with. I also love to watch the Sun rise and set over the ocean tides or watch the harvest moon in its full glory cast its light upon the earth below, I love to look at the fresh new fallen snow during winter and watch it glitter in the sun/moon light, winter can truely be a beautiful season to behold.

Other things I like on a less majestic note that I am also proficient in is: MMA, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Golden Glove Boxing, Medieval Martial Arts (Specialized in Sword & Round Shield, Dual Wielding & Two Handed Sword), I am a Hand to Hand Combat Expert and a HUGE WWE Wrestling Fan, fake or not it takes skill and balls to do what they do, I am also related to a Legendary Pro Wrestler by blood, lets see if you can guess who? My family including myself is HEAVY into MMA, We love it :). I am a Master of the BDSM lifestyle and have been for many years now, I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corp. I served in Desert Storm/Shield in C Company Marine Force Recon, Well I would go on to tell you more about me here but then you and I would have nothing left to talk about if I were to tell you everything about me now :).

The Pentagram of Sire Wraith is reserved for the elite few whos loyalty and unwavering friendships have endured the ultimate test of time, it is indeed a rare honor of the highest degree bestowed only on those who are worthy of its label, This honor is also bestowed upon Sire Wraiths personal benefactor the herald of filius obscurum (Son of Darkness).

Besides that the word "Everything" is such a cliche' , there are people you have known most your life and there are still things you dont know about them! right? Thats one thing I have learned in life is that everyone has a little dirt in their house....if you catch my drift lol. At first I take everyone I meet at face value and it gets more complex as time goes on the better I get to know you, I make this last statement in good manner by the way :), I am however Anti-Social on a very bad level, even though I am a people person, I hate being around people in a major way, not by choice though, it takes me a long time to get to know someone and to give my full trust to them due to my anti-social disorder, I do however have to admit that I do have some friends here I have become pretty close with so if you are looking to be friends your persistance may pay off.

Many people have asked me if I am truely a Satanist....well.... let me first start off by saying this profile has been a labor of love for me and then let me finish by saying "YES I AM", I was a member of thirteen leaders who formed a Satanic order known as the Dark Apostleship, the Order was known as the Esoteric Order of the Arcane Shroud, we presided over approxamently 16 covens, just to clear up any misunderstandings we are NOT devil worshipers, we believe in the freedom for one to make their own moral decisions so as to not be tied down by any tyranical or overzealous religious organizations, doctrines and view points, if you wish to know more about what we believe then please......feel free to ask me what you wish and I will educate you, our order is eclectic on our views of Magick and Ritual, we practice such doctrines as conjuration/summoning, energy manipulation, astral projection, blessings/curses and so much more.

UPDATE 2016: Over the course of several years my journey of self discovery has lead me to the rites of passage of several spiriyual ascensions, I have developed to a higher state of being and currently practice my trade as a Sorcerer, I live the lifestyle, I practice the three corner stones of God like power Evocation, Divination and Spirit Traveling. I am friends with none other then E.A. Koetting, Timothy Donaghue, S Ben Qayin and Nate Bales the founders and teachers of Become a Living God. I have also trained and mastered the magick of Psionics and I am also a friend of non other then Charles Cosimano AKA Uncle Chuckie.

Another labor of love that I have toiled much blood, sweat and tears over is The Order of The Onyx Cross formerly The Coven of Victus Mortuus, I started the Coven on May of 2010, It is my home away from home, I love my members and I am dedicated to their growth and developement. Many styles, cultures and techniques of Magick are taught within the walls of Victus Mortuus and shared among its members, if you would like to join us please feel free to fill out a membership application and message me with the results.

Visit The Order of The Onyx Cross / Membership Application / Rules & Requirements / Mission Statement

This is the part of my profile for which I must constantly fight my inner demons as I find it difficult to merely tolerate such infectious rederick as the people and things in which I lothe, for it is the duality of man that one must embrace the love and hate of his persona to truely be complete, it is here and now that I distainfully share with you the vivid details of all the things that I shun with a perfect hatred.

I dispise Fairweather Friends and those who claim they love you but speak only the words, you are the silent enemy, you are selfish and you only use words like Love and Friendship as an Illusion to get what you want but when it is your turn to give your words are as shallow and meaningless as you are, they always say when the going gets tough the tough get going, you who have corrupted my trust and have stolen a peice of my heart vengence will be mine, you will pay dearly as I am relentless in my vindictive pursuit to destroy you and inflict the pains you have inflicted on myself and others 100 fold, I promise you no matter were you go or try to hide I will find you, revenge is a dish best served cold!

I dispise drama with every fiber of my being and if I wanted to be any part of it I would have become an actor in a daily television soap opera, people who thrive on drama are pathetic little creatures who thrive on the pains and sufferings of others with no regard for their actions, maybe mommy and daddy didnt show them enough attention as a child but one thing is for certain if you bring your chronic social disease to me I WILL make you pay DEARLY, I will waste no time making an example of you and if you doubt me it shall be your undoing, I promise you that from the bottom of my little black heart because I love to hate you so much.

I dispise those who steal, lie or conceal the truth and corrupt the world with their infectious words and actions who spread their social pollution to cloud the minds of others, it is your sins of jealousy and insecurity that make you pathetic and weak, I can and will see threw your jealous envy and putrid lies and reveal you as the charlatan you are, do not attempt to beguile me or defraud me or I will reveal your deceitfulness and you will stand naked before the world, I will give you nothing and will take from you everything.

I dispise those who do not harbor the hardened courage and fortitued within themselves to stand up for what they believe in, your sin of slothfulness has made you mentally weak, your procrastination and timidness shall allow all the values you hold sacred and dear to be cast before the swine and be trampled under cloven hooves, do not preach to me of your beliefs and values that you yourself do not hold steadfastly to or I will test your metal and reveal to the world your hypocrasy and false beliefs, I admire courage and conviction in the face of adversity and crush the infidels with the inadequacy their own empty values.

I dispise those who attempt to peer pressure or control others, bullies on or offline are the lowest form of human refuse, your superiority complex and inability to manage your own needs brands you a coward, you target the weak because you fear the retribution of the strong, they say there are wolves and sheep in this world and that the wolves prey upon the weak, I am an alpha and challenge only the strongest adversaries, your failure to pick on someone your own size stands as a testiment to your cowardess and lack of self confidence, if you entertain any feeble attempts to manipulate or intimidate me you will be writing checks your ass cannot cash, I promise you I will stop at nothing to beat you down, brake you and humiliate you in front of all those you chose to victomize, think twice and tread lightly before you regret your actions.

It seems to me everyone on Vampire Rave has a "Personal Rating Policy" these days and it makes me intellectually sick, I assure you that I do not follow the same trend as all of the sheep here on VR, I will rate you whatever I feel like rating you plain and simple! I am however generous the majority of the time and generally give out 10s to those who have deservingly put genuine thought and sufficent effort into their profile Pages.

I do not recommend that you unjustly down rate me as you will trigger a gauntlet of consequences that will have serious repercussions upon your status level and rating score, I do not tolerate hate rating, revenge rating or jealousy rating, by the time all is said and done I assure you that you WILL learn a valuable lesson from the experience, if you are rated by me with this stamp and given a "1" then you certainly have drawn my attention with an unjust rating score. I also do not take kindly to newbie down rates on my profile, beware of the inevitable raging storm that blissful ignorance can cost you in the end. I will not tolerate prejudice!

Besides the drama we call a rating system we have another penalty that some people like to exploit, its called overblocking, overblocking happens when three or more Vampire Rave Members block your profile which results in a penalty to your status level, it was originally designed as a penalty for those members who are constantly causing problems and as a result they become blocked by multiple Vampire Rave Users, however the very trouble makers it was designed to penalize have exploited this feature to block innoscent VR members multiple times as a means of payback or revenge, I have had people litereally block me for no reason! people I have never even spoke to before, to be honest with you I do not even use the block feature as I feel it is a spineless and cowardly way of dealing with your social problems, it doesnt fix the problem at all since most people have multiple user accounts making it a waste of time, in my opinion if everyone acted responsably we wouldnt even have a need for an overblock penalty or even a block button for that matter, all I can say is if you block me for no reason or without telling me we have a problem and first trying to resolve the issue I will make sure I get the blocked section of the status update report filled up for you :), if you have an issue with something I say or do grow some nuts and be man or woman enough to approach me in an adult manner and we will workout the issues.

Friends, Guardians & Protectors Link.
(Click Here!)


Since I have joined Vampire Rave few people have made an impact on me personally, there is a small percentage of people you meet that you just know are special, they hold back their greatness with humility and respect for others, it just so happens my best friend MeanMeanMrTu is just such an individual, he is generous, extremely talented, highly intelligent, extremely motivated and he is a prime example of what a true friend represents and as a matter of fact he raises the bar constantly, he is always there when I need him, he is always in just the right place at just the right time, my best friend MeanMeanMrTu.


What can I say, ATYOURWINDOW was one of the very first people I meet on VR years ago, he has a rather particular sense of humor, hes extremely intelligent and a very honorable and loyal friend who I am proud to call one of my best friends, he has proven time and again to be there when the chips are down, his significant other Racheal since they have been together has also demonstrated his same fantastic qualities, it seems we dont talk much these days but the bond remains strong and I would have it no other way, his character as a man speaks for itself, he is truely among the diamonds in the rough.

Member Since: Jun 30, 2006
Last Login: Apr 04, 2017
Times Viewed: 47,282

Times Rated:168

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Jun 14 2021

I had to apply some security updates. I needed to take the site down for a few hours to complete everything. I did it in the middle of the night.. When hopefully, most of you wouldn't notice :)

Superior Sire

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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