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Lupus parvulus of atrum cruor luna

Learning The Ropes with Minxy
Assistant Mentor Master

You are faithful and cautious. You tend to run with a group of others and like to have others around you. You are brave and also gentle.

"Once we howl with the wolves, we are changed forever..."

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Ever since I was a young girl, I was the odd one out. I had very few close friends. I much prefered to spend my time alone or with the family pets or chatting with what everyone thought was my "imaginary friend" whom I called "Libby". It wasn't until I was much older that I discovered she was very real. She is one of my guides and guardians on the other side and her name is "Olivia".

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She would show me flashes of my past. Gruesome images of blood and death. Suffering. Sadness.
Scattered amongst these visions were memories of profound love, family, loyalty, and loss.

Today I struggle to find meaning to these visions. To understand what lesson I was to learn from them. To balance the dark and light within me. I tend to keep people at a distance as I find that easier than trying to explain what I myself cannot comprehend.

Yes, I am a Witch
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Spiritually I am polytheistic. I honor all Gods and Goddesses of all pantheons. I am particularly drawn to Celtic and Egyptian Deity.. although I have yet to determine why.
The Moon is my Mother ... My Father, the sky. I am in tune with the Elements and have a profound respect and admiration for all things in nature.

I was raised in a Christian home with very open minded parents. My father was southern baptist..my mother, lutheran. My sisters and I were not forced to go to church but were permitted to go if we felt we wanted to. I tried many times to understand the Christian faith and simply decided it wasn't right for me.

Spirituality comes from within, not from whatever is impressed and engraved upon you by others. As an adult, I dedicated myself to the study of Wicca. After my year and a day of study had expired.. along with much personal reflection.. I decided Wicca was somewhat confining as well as freeing. I rededicated myself to the study of the Old Ways... The Craft.. without the need for labels or judgement. My ways are eclectic. My path is in constant redirection with the Lady's light to guide my way.

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The Love of a Witch

The love of a Witch knows no bounds,
Of heaven and hell and earthly sounds,
A witches love, you swore you need
But now you cast her aside like the spring’s first seed.

Be warned of the Witch you did scorn
Living without her will be dull and worn
She can use the moon to her sway
And make you wish you hadn’t betrayed.

She stood before you and swore
She would never leave you
No matter what for
Her love and devotion which does run deep
You gave it away like a wolf to a sheep.

The love of a Witch
a prize to behold
For she loves you, your body and soul
be careful of the Witch you say no longer need
her hurt, her sorrow, her soul does bleed
For when it passes you will then know
That what lies you told will comeback threefold

The love of a Witch
gentle and true
Just remember she loves only you.
In dead of night, or by suns early glow
You will feel her need, as you do your own

The love of a Witch
strong and pure
Were you ever really sure
Of your love for her?
A mortal man’s touch
Is all that she dreamed
Was it ever really the way it seemed?

The Love of a Witch
One must know
She waits with grace and
Silently so.
for the one who truly loves her
To own her, her body and soul.

She stands tall with her head held high
For only her goddess, knows only why
What was the truth? And which was the lie?

To love a witch
Comes with a great price
Of heaven and hell
Or fire and ice

The love of a Witch
Has passed you by
Listen, as she silently cries.
With Her last kiss that she has given you
reminds you of the new morning dew.

She slowly fades from your eyes
As she softly says her ending goodbye.
The spell she cast is only for you
And in time, you will know that this is true
You will always remember, she loved only you

by Cindy Brehm
November 2007

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The Kiss

His words, soft and seductive,
Yet leaving her powerless.
His promise of eternal love,
She so eagerly accepted.
Breathing in his essence as he leaned close,
His lips brushing hers ever so gently...
She was flooded with emotion and desire.
As he pulled back, she lost herself in his eyes.
It took only a moment, yet felt like a lifetime
The cold darkness that is beyond the usual fire blazing there,
Unmasked now, his truth revealed to her.
Eternal anguish flashed within him.
Then nothingness.
For the first time since they began to dance,
She feared him.
A chill passed between them as she turned to walk away.
Some time has passed now, but still
Echoes of his mocking laughter resound within her soul.
Alongside the image of his pain she witnessed there in his eyes.
He'll return for her one day, she knows.
She'll be ready then, to surrender her soul to him,
As his eternal bride.
Until that time comes, She is haunted by the memory.
The memory of
The Kiss.

Real Vampires love Vampire Rave

My Heart

**This section is intentionally disabled at the moment.**

***Just a note to the would be antagonists who seem to love to toy with people's emotions and/or the drama hounds who can't seem to keep their nose out of other people's relationships....SORRY!! I'm no longer allowing my happiness to be your latest object of obsession.
Be safe, be well, be blessed..

Just be somewhere else about it ;)****

Have a nice day!

I'll be adding to and rearranging this profile daily most likely until I'm satisfied with it.. so feel free to drop back sometime :)

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