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"If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them you will not know them and what you do not know, you will fear. What one fears, one destroys." - Chief Dan George

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WELCOME TO MY MAD HOUSE ☽O☾ Goth | Aspranic Vampyre | Hedgewitch | Polysexual ☽O☾

Merry meet everyone. My name is Tiana, but you may also call me by my nickname, Todo. I'm a not so normal Gothic, Psy Vampyre & artist with an uncanny fascination for death, magick, & the paranormal. I enjoy having picnics in cemeteries, ghost hunting, being up late at night to tell scary stories, watching scary movies, and diving into all things anime. I'm in complete admiration of the unnatural and the oddities of this world and have a rather dark sense of humor at times, but I'm very friendly and love meeting new people.

goth candle photo: Dark Candle 193925215547727591.gif


STATUS: Married


NAME MEANING: Beautiful Soul (Cherokee)

MAGICKAL NAME: Midnyte Moonsong


BIRTHDAY: July 25, 1989

SEX: Female

GENDER: Bigender ((Female & Androgynous))


ETHNICITY: Serbian (mostly), Cherokee, German, Irish, Czechoslovakian

NATIONALITY: American I've got the heart of a Britian &/or Romanian

SEXUALITY: Polysexual & Panromantic ((Pretty much attracted to Cis women, both Trans men and Trans women, and Herms. I don't go for Cis males sexually at all, but I will romantically.))

HOBBIES: Drawing, Writing, Reading, Cooking, Gaming, Ghost Hunting, & Magicks

LIKES: Horror, Gore, Skeletons, Graveyards, Storms, Gargoyles, & Nighttime.

DISLIKES: Lairs, Persecution, Intolerance, Bullies, & Thieves

SUN SIGN: Leo & Cancer Cusp - (The Cusp of Oscillation)

Paganism photo: Purple Candles 884ececc3ri.gif

My magickal path is one of my own. I am a Hedgewitch and shaman. I practice the ways of Deborean paganism (a combination of Celtic Paganism and the Native American way) as well as forms of Shamanism, Buddhism, Spiritualism, and Draconian Practices. I love natural and herbal remedies, as well as kitchen witchery, and delight in sharing recipes. The Great Mystery, as well as my patron Artio, my totems, and my various spirit guides, teach and assist me with every one of my endeavors. I believe wholeheartedly in spirits of all kinds, including Angels and Demons. As well as being able to contact and associate with them all.

Pentacle photo: StarPentacleBlueBlinks StarPentacleBlueBlinks.gif


I grew up in a Christian family where you were taught that all things involving witches and any other belief beyond Christianity were evil and there were no such things as ghosts only Angels and Demons. And if you saw any kind of spirit other then those two it was automatically a demon out to trick you. The only exception was my mother being fascinated with many of the Native American ways and teaching me basics of those with my Christianity. Aside from the Native American portion of those beliefs, I always had a nagging feeling that what the church and the rest of my family were saying wasn't right. It felt out of place in what me heart was telling me and because of that I became fascinated with the studies of the paranormal, religion, and vampyrism. Only when I was reading and learning about this stuff did I ever feel like my energies were right. From ages 10 to 15 I was stuck in the middle of what I felt to be right and what I was told was right. It was also through this time that I was very depressed, and all the religious, sexual, and HLV turmoil I was facing was only serving to bring me down further. It was only through drawing, writing, and reading that I found any enjoyment, since I had been doing the two since I could grasp a pencil in my hand.

It was also during these years that I started having dream visions, spiritual awakenings, and experiencing all sorts of paranormal occurrences. And it was at 15 that I excepted myself as believing and being what I am now. I went through lots of hard times with having to hide who I was from my family, knowing they would never understand fully, and to be honest they still don't to this day. It wouldn't be until after high school that I really even met any people who walked a similar path as me. I had, a couple friends that I had schooled with and that was it. And these people knew about as much of everything as I did at the time.

It would only be through more research, finding VampireRave, and meeting others along the same road that I would come to find out who I was, and where I fit into in the world of magick, and vampires. While I still keep the vampyrism hidden from most people, simply for the sake of setting myself apart from the vampire fakers out there that give real vampires a bad name, I am public with my sexuality and religious practices. This has caused me to lose some friends, and be separated from most of my "born into" family aside from my mother and brother. However, I have met the love of my life, gotten married, and met a bunch of new and wonderful people that accept me for who I am completely, fangs and all. And this I am very thankful for.


I am more then honored and proud to be apart of this coven and the alliance that comes with it. It is another home away from home that I feel fully accepted and I'm so delighted to be able to be apart of that family. I feel wanted and welcomed, which is so much more then I could ever ask for.

Wolf Growling photo tumblr_m9t9hct5gY1rxwa6lo1_500.gif

Please don't add me if you just want to hit on me or make lude gestures towards me. I am okay with a little friendly flirtation here and there because, there's no hiding it we all do it. Its apart of our nature. I will not, however, do anything else. I am a happily married woman and a lesbian. I am all for being friends I have no problem with that. Just know where I stand when it comes to this. I ask everyone to simply show me the same respect I would show to them, that is all. Thank you!

In closing I wish to send spirits of peace and tranquility unto all who visit my profile. I wish you all nothing but good tidings and friendship. Also, please tell me if you rated and added me and I will be sure to return the favor with gusto. But know that I do rate fairly. Not everybody will get a 10. So until next time fellow travelers.

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MY PROTECTERS These are the wonderful people who have my back here on VampireRave.
Mess with me and you also mess with them. You have been warned.
So let's all be friends shall we?

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Real Vampires love Vampire RaveReal Vampires love Vampire RaveReal Vampires love Vampire Rave

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Apr 28, 2021

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…

You have been visited & rated by Arch Sire NikkiAidyn....
Apr 21, 2021

Your rate depends on content. A low rate wihen there is nothing there after a week, a high rate when I can read something about you and profile completed. Well come back to re rate if needed.

Nov 05, 2020


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