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So it turns out I have cptsd.....well shit
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among the darkness beauty can always be found

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/904/264/044/proper-ferret-care-within-petco/ please sign this petition to stop the abuse of ferrets in petcos. every signautre counts

i am simply me.

want to know me? then take the time to get to know me, dont just judge me for who you think i am.

the raven should never be feared only respected for they are beautiful and all knowing.

I am a very easy person to get along with, just dont piss me off

my fur babies mean the world to me.

i already know what i am but im not going to say you have to figure it out! i cant work so im home most of the time because i have RA. it is not something id wish on my worst enemies. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system – which normally protects its health by attacking foreign substances like bacteria and viruses – mistakenly attacks the joints. This creates inflammation that causes the tissue that lines the inside of joints (the synovium) to thicken, resulting in swelling and pain in and around the joints. The synovium makes a fluid that lubricates joints and helps them move smoothly.

If inflammation goes unchecked, it can damage cartilage, the elastic tissue that covers the ends of bones in a joint, as well as the bones themselves. Over time, there is loss of cartilage, and the joint spacing between bones can become smaller. Joints can become loose, unstable, painful and lose their mobility. Joint deformity also can occur. Joint damage cannot be reversed, and because it can occur early, doctors recommend early diagnosis and aggressive treatment to control RA.

Rheumatoid arthritis most commonly affects the joints of the hands, feet, wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. The joint effect is usually symmetrical. That means if one knee or hand if affected, usually the other one is, too. Because RA also can affect body systems, such as the cardiovascular or respiratory systems, it is called a systemic disease. Systemic means “entire body.” SO AS YOU CAN ASSUME IM IN CONSTANT PAIN

Fun facts about me

color of my hair/style:weird. goldy,ashy,pinky/blond
Color of my eyes: hazel, but they change with my mood
Height: 4'11
Weight: its a secret
Body type: curvy
Blood type: b positive
First name: jessica
Birthdate: may 9th 1992
Human age: 26
Vampire age: im not a vampire
Zodiac sign: taurus
Chinese sign: monkey
Genetic origins: native american/irish plus idek what
Languages I understand: English
Right or left handed: right
Drugs: never
Drink: hardly
Smoke: daily
Ever been arrested: nope
Do you do magic: nope
What type of vampire: again not a vamp
Immortal: yes, can you guess what kind
Do you like hugs: yes, sometimes
Mind set: all over the place
Favorite color: yellow and purple
Favorite animal: wolves,ravens,pandas
Favorite music: kpop,
Favorite thing to do: I enjoy reading, singing, and writing
Favorite drink or food in the morning: I prefer coffee, or lemon water
My lifestyle: organized-ish
Music I don't like: rap
People I consider friends: a select few

things i like:
writing poetry,
reading(im a huge book worm)
playing facebook games
video games
watching movies(any)
im an animal lover
and music is a big part of my life

 photo 1fc5adf1ccb8c1a4f72b5805f5527465_zpsw1uq3lei.jpg

 photo WIN_20151229_00_03_47_Pro_zpsanpyfxi6.jpg

 photo raven_tattoo_10_zpsj8gourmu.jpg

 photo me 2_zpsujlju3eh.jpg

 photo so busted_zpsjqwfj2kg.jpg photo little munchkin_zps7boho8r0.jpg

feel free to add me on facebook, just message me and let me know:)
follow my ferrets on instagram at fuzzy_ferret_family

A little bit about the pictures:

1. the very first one is of my familar. Her name is Misa. shes going to be 3 yrs old this march and shes the alpha of the group.

2. the next one is of lotus flowers. they are one of my favorites

3. then we have hy albino senior ferret booboo who passed away this passed yr. he loved to sleep in the bed and hog the whole thing.

4. this is my future tattoo. raven are one of my favorite animals. and its wbeen like that for many centuries as i am an old soul.eventually i will own one......maybe lol

5. that was me a few years ago.

6.my tiny runt. her name is kiyoko but koko for short. who will also be turning 3 in march. she apparently was claming something in my purse.

7. koko's innocent face after being busted going through my purse lol

i did just this past june adopt 2 huge boys and they're pictures will be up eventually :)

hope you enjoyed my page and delving into my life

**profile under construction**

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Without reflection one does not know from daily life that their subtle transgressions divulge their true nature. Reflection then becomes the bitterest reminder of who we are and who we will become…~bows~

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