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Griselda and the Dragon Troubadour
During the Middle Ages, at the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine, there was an annual celebration. Troubadours came from far and wide to compete in poetic contests. (It wasn’t always all about the knights jousting; there was an appreciation of the arts too.)

One year, a mysterious and very handsome young man won the contest. He refused to give his name, but his genteel manners made him a favorite, and he was invited to remain at court. Griselda, the daughter of a lord, fell head over heels for him and begged him to marry her. The troubadour agreed, but had two conditions: She must promise to never try to learn his identity and to never seek out his company. She could be with him only when he chose to see her.

The morning after their marriage, she awoke to find herself in a sumptuous palace. She had everything a gal could want. There were servants, fine clothes, jewels, gardens, and entertainments galore. “All of this is yours," her husband said, “but do not forget your promise.”

At first it was easy for Griselda to keep her promise—her husband spent most of his time with her. However, every once in a while he would disappear into a room she was not allowed to enter. One day, her curiosity got the better of her. She found the door unlocked and she entered.

She watched terrified, as her handsome husband was transformed before her eyes into a huge golden dragon. She cried out in terror, and her husband saw that she had broken her promise.

Griselda’s punishment was to be banished from his castle and his affections. Griselda got off easy because as everyone knows dragons have very bad tempers and do not like to be disobeyed. Her punishment could have been much worse.

We do not know what happened to Griselda after that, nor, for that matter, what happened to the dragon. Perhaps Griselda remarried, a human this time, and the dragon went off to another court to seduce another maiden.

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The Dragon Jilocasin
During the reign of King Charlemagne in the region of France know as Gascony, there lived another dragon named Jilocasin who also liked to visit at court disguised as a human troubadour and entertain the lords and ladies with his poetry. (Dragons are very fond of poetry.)

One day he heard a young woman in the forest crying out for help. (Dragons have a soft spot for damsels in distress.) The lady had been attacked by bandits. Jilocasin was a powerful dragon, and he quickly dispatched the bandits. The lady had fainted from her injuries and thus never saw Jilocasin in dragon form. Jilocasin carried her back to his castle and took human form before the lady regained consciousness.

The lady told Jilocasin how she had come to be out in the forest alone. After her husband died, her family forced her to marry her cousin almost immediately, without waiting for the period of mourning to end. Her new husband was a horrid man who was interested in only her title and wealth. It happened that the lady was pregnant by her first husband, and when her baby was born her new husband wished to kill the child. He did not want the boy to be a rival for the wealth bestowed upon him when he married the young widow. After telling the story, the young lady opened her robe and revealed the baby that she had been clutching to her breast. She asked for the protection of the man who she assumed to be the (human) lord of the castle.

The two spent three happy years together and were constant companions. Eventually, Jilocasin revealed his dragon identity to her, but she was deeply in love and was not put off by this. She became pregnant again. (Jilocasin was evidently human in all details when he assumed human form because there are no stories of a dragon-human hybrid being born.)

Unfortunately, the lady died in child birth, but Jilocasin raised both of her sons to become fine strong men. The young men were loyal sons to their dead mother. When they grew to adulthood, they attacked and seized the castle of their mother's second husband. The story does not say whether or not the dragon helped them in this endeavor.

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Melusine, the Lady Dragon
Even lady dragons were known to dabble with shapeshifting and love alliances with humans. There is the story of Raymond, Lord of Lusignan, from the French region of Poitou who, while out riding, met Melusine, a dragoness who had taken the form of a beautiful young woman.

Dragons apparently have some mysterious allure to humans—perhaps it has to do with pheromones—because the Lord promptly fell in love with Melusine and implored her to marry him. Melusine consented, but she had one condition-- No looking at her on Saturdays. Every wife needs a little bit of "me-time."

Things were just fine for many years. Melusine used the magic powers that dragons possess to bring great wealth and prosperity to her husband. She bore him ten children. Human children—no dragon-human hybrids here either--although the children did look a little strange, with unusually large teeth and brilliant eyes.

Raymond’s brother became jealous of their happiness. He bedeviled his brother with doubt about Melusine's faithfulness, until the lord broke his promise and spied on her. He discovered her in her bath in dragon form. He recoiled in horror and Melusine fled the castle forever.

However, Melusine evidently missed her former family. Occasionally, she could be spotted hovering high above the castle weeping piteously for her lost family. Some say she can still be seen flying above the castle on moonless nights.

Some say Melusine was a mermaid or a serpent or even a fairy, but don’t believe them. Melusine was a dragoness.

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Urband Legends

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The Dark Kindred

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