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"My identity lies in not knowing who I am."
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Clinton, Arkansas



Bite Morgoth

Stalk Morgoth


I die every dawn just to be reborn again at dusk.

Zomfg Update
So some of you may have noticed that I've been online more, well actually just my old supporters have noticed my return, either way don't go get your under pants all in a twist. I most likely will not be updating the information on my profile. I'm merely lurking. Taking a look at what has change, and a whole lot that has not. ((6-23-11))

It has been brought to my attention that a large part of the Vampire Rave population is either blind or dumb. I have my profile organized in a nice neat compact fashion. Yes I can understand no one being used to that, as everyone's profiles all look the same, one long cluster fuck of stupid pictures that have nothing to do with anything. What ever. I don't care.

To see what is on my profile, click the links to the LEFT of these words. It's really not that hard folks.

At this moment in time, I am pretty much DONE working on my profile.. It's HIGHLY outdated, but due to the fact most of you won't even bother to read it, I won't bother updating it. Clearly a fair trade.

VERSION 1.2 w/ MacroMedia DreamWeaver MX @ 8/2/07 4:30AM

1.2 Changed a Few pages.

1.1 Fixed a scrolling bug.

1.0 Changed to this format.


Name; Morgan (a.k.a.) Morgoth

Height; 6ft

Weight; 165

Body type; Average?

Eyes; Hazel

Location; Arkansas

Blood Type; O+

Age; 19

[†] Who I am is what I choose to be. How you judge me is how you label me. Choose carefully. Better to be hated for what you are then loved for who you aren't. [†]

[†] Time heals all wounds, unless, of course, you're
a vampire. Cuts may heal, burns vanish, limbs reattach, but
for a vampire, the wounds of the heart sometimes stay open and
raw for centuries. [†]

[†] I wanna do a drug thats gonna make my dick shrink, brain melt, and make my heart beat like a drum. I wanna be as far from reality because I can't stand society. ~MySelf [†]

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This is my younger brother Matthias.

Sadly, everyone always thought I would have been the one to have a kid first from our group.

HA! I win.

I will have to also say.. Mess with my whittle bro and I will fuck
with you. I don't play nice. Fair warning. ggKthxbai!

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Cheese Cake..




Chinese Food



Desert Punk

Ghost In The Shell

End of story.. Naa I'll add more later on

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People who drive slow

rap crap

country crap

Tila Tequila (Only thing worse than her, are the dumb asses who worship her.)

People who repeatedly make spelling errors in the Vamp box.



old people

Slow drivers

Did I mention people that drive slow?

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My 07 Yamaha FZ1

STOCK Horsepower; 125 bhp @ 11,250RPM

STOCK Torque; 66 lb-ft @ 8250RPM

RedLine = 12,000RPM

1st; RedLine @ 85MPH

2nd; RedLine @ 102MPH

3rd; ?? Didn't Look

4th; ?? Didn't Look

5th; RedLine close to 150

6th; 172MPH

Top Speed; 172 So who has balls enough to race?

MODS; Yosh TRC Ti Pipe and Relocated my rear turn signals and plate.

Wish List; FCE(Fuel Cut off Eliminator), PCIII(Power Commander III)

Racing is life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.

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Are you single?

WTF? Sadly yes, if you must know.


I don't know.. Maybe the girls around here aren't attracted to me?
Or I'm not to them? Your guess is liable to be better then mine.

What kind of taste do you have in women?

Um, well, they must be women? Errr.. I kinda like older girls over
younger ones but younger ones are fun too. Long and dark hair is
always a plus..

Why do you have long hair? Is it shaved on the sides?

Why? Heh, why not? I just like long hair. Yes, the sides of my head
are shaved. Just how I wanted my hair cut. Looks interesting when
put it in a pony tail and hide it under my hat. Also gets some interesting
looks when I pull my hat off and get ready to fight. Tends to make
others leave me alone.

What type of vampire are you?

Well, I would say hybrid, I enjoy the taste of crimson as much as
any sang, though I don't require it; but can also feel at ease while
spooning like any other PSI. Guess that would make me a Hybrid/PSI.

Any faults you would admit to?

Hmm, Yeah, I'm not a big people person. I have a fetish for gothic
girls, I don't care for the weekend goths, they're personality sucks
and give the rest of us bad a name. I'm always looking for new people..
Err... Mostly women... To enlighten me in the gothic scene more
then I am now.

I like sex. I like it a lot. Sex is good. Everyone is always happier
when their getting some action. I am addicted to sex. Though this
is typical of men, I still call it a fault, b.c I couldn't go cold
turkey if I wanted..

What's your favorite food?

Cheese Cake.. What got a problem with that? Wanna fight about it?
I've stabbed people for less.. My cheese cake.. MINE! Ok.. I might share this once..

Name a song off the top your head and explain why that song.

Bright Eyes - Lover I don't Have to Love

Any disorders?

Yeah. Insomnia and a little bit of A.D.D. though I think a lot of
people have that so nothing new there... What was I doing again?

Pirates or Ninjas?

Pirates only because I am a modern day pirate.

What's your opinion on Bi-Sexuals, Gays, And Lesbians?

Well, if you want my honest opinion.

Lesbians: I don't care for lesbians, their fucking rude and hatful.
95% of them seem to have something against all men, even if we are
Gays: Not a problem one from gays, their a lot nicer then lesbians,
and as long as they don't hit on me, there won't be any problems.
Bi-Sexuals: Hmmm, got a friend that is Bi.. Always wanted a bi girl
friend.. So.. Bi-Sexuals are ok in my book.

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I rate what ever I feel like rating.

I don't always leave a comment when I rate, most the time I have nothing to say.

Don't get bitchy with me just because I gave you a 8.

Maybe I didn't like your profile? There is only 10000 other profiles,
why don't you try harder to make yours look unique?

I don't do this whole I'll give you a 10 and you give me a 10 in return bullshit, but I do give you the same low rating you give to me. Before you call foul, you rated me lower first, its only fair to return the favor, and when you rerate me lower in regards to me returning the favor you gave me, that make you the revenge rate. Not I

I been here since 2004, so kiss my ass you newbies.

Due to the fact I have a life outside MY house I don't have all the extra time to waste on here senselessly working my level up. At the end of my day, I know that I own a house, a few vehicles, and a brand new motorcycle, and all you have is a meaningless number beside your name showing you have no life. Congratulations.

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Advanced Global Personality Test Results

Extraversion |||||||||| 33%
Stability |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Orderliness |||||||||| 40%
Accommodation |||||| 23%
Interdependence |||||||||||| 50%
Intellectual |||||||||||| 50%
Mystical |||||||||||| 50%
Artistic |||||| 23%
Religious || 10%
Hedonism |||||| 23%
Materialism |||||||||||||| 56%
Narcissism |||||| 30%
Adventurousness |||||||||||||||| 70%
Work ethic |||||| 30%
Self absorbed |||||||||| 36%
Conflict seeking |||||||||||||| 56%
Need to dominate |||||||||||||||| 70%
Romantic |||||| 30%
Avoidant |||||||||||| 50%
Anti-authority |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Wealth |||| 16%
Dependency |||||| 30%
Change averse |||||||||||||| 56%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||| 56%
Individuality |||||||||||||||| 63%
Sexuality |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Peter pan complex |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Physical security |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Physical Fitness |||||||||||||||| 70%
Histrionic || 10%
Paranoia |||||||||||||||| 63%
Vanity |||||| 23%
Hypersensitivity |||| 16%
Indie |||||||||||||| 53%

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Random Words From MySelf


Whee, let's dance tonight, but too what end?

Who cares, it's on a razors edge.

Take the mace from the little black case, remember,

nothing in life worth doing is easy,

so spray yourself in the face.

Greave not, the pain is only in your mind.

In due time people will tell you who they are, if only you listen to them,

but the more you know, the shorter your life gets, trust me I know.

So nothing in this world could replace what you have taken from yourself,

besides, we could die at any minute, the tragedy is we don't...

Death is merely a new beginning for those who aren't afraid.


Let's call a spade a shovel,

your royal flush is a bluff,

put away your game face,

cash your chips in now,

the games over,

the bird just shat on your shoulder man..



Down the shine,

hope the shit had no gas'O'line

an you don't go blind.

Turtles roll down the stairs in a hollowed house near by.



Anything for anyone isn't the same as something for someone,

Take a pretty penny,

put in your nose,

see who is there,

see who laughs.

Stab them in thee thigh.



Sit and spin,

make the world turn into a blur,

bounce a ball off a wall,

crawl up a flight of stairs.

Remind yourself it'll be fun.


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Enjoy the darkness..

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