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Vampire Rave

The Stream is a new Vampire Rave system that was added on July 3rd, 2021.

The Stream is a new way of posting content to Vampire Rave. Similar in some ways to the Forum (but in many ways, much different), the Stream offers members a new Vampire Rave experience. It will not replace the Forum. The Stream is a new addition to Vampire Rave.

Some of the new features the Stream offers:

  • Posts are nested, meaning you can create long chains of replies to replies.

  • You can like/dislike any post.

  • There is no "next" button. Scrolling on the Stream is infinite. You just keep browsing (scrolling) and the Stream keeps pulling older and older posts.

  • There is full open graph, twitter card, and meta description support. If you don't know what these are, when you post a link, it is specially formatted to provide more information about the link.

  • Post times are automatically adjusted, based on your computer's time zone settings.

  • The Stream carries a new 3% status bonus. If you post to the Stream at least once every 48 hours, your status is increased by 3%.

  • Much of the user interaction experience has been modernized by means of a better interface.

    Everything on the Stream is public. However, if you block a user, you will not see any posts to the Stream by that user. The like and dislike buttons are fully anonymous. To post to the Stream you must be at least level 5, or a premium member.

    Because the Stream is more interactive (page contents change automatically when you do things, without reloading the page), your browser back button doesn't work so well with the Stream. You will find many ← back links throughout the Stream. Using them will provide a better navigation experience.

    You now also have a Personal Stream. Your Personal Stream is a filtered Stream. It will only show posts made by members in your friends list, or any posts where you are mentioned (@your-member-name).

    Only limited html tags are allowed on the Stream. You can use: {b} (bold) {i} (italic). That's it. If you post a url, it will automatically be converted to a link, so you don't need the {a} tag. You can also directly upload images to the Stream, so you don't need the {img} tag.

    If you only post a link, it will be converted - if the website you are linking to supports it. For example, if I post:


    The Stream will convert the post to make it look like this:

    Vampire Rave

    But this will only work if you post *only* a URL. You can then make a follow-up reply post. Most sites nowadays support these links (which are called open graph).

    You can also post tweets. For example, if I post:


    The Stream converts it to this:

    Vampire Rave

    If you click on any of these links, they open up in a new tab.

    There is a posting length limit: 5,000 characters of text. So you can make long posts, but not *very* long posts.

    The Stream is emoji-safe, so feel free to use them (or any other UTF-8 characters).

    If you make a post and make a mistake, you can delete your own post - so long as no one has replied to your post yet. If your post has any replies you cannot delete it. There is no edit button. If you need to edit a post, delete it quickly and then re-post it.

    Hash tags (#vampirerave) and @user (@Cancer) are supported. If you make a post with @Cancer, it will show up in my personal stream. Even if you're not in my Friends list, but not if you are blocked. Additionally, when you use the @ symbol in a post, it will auto-link to that user's profile, if possible.

    You can search the Stream by member name or by post. If you search by member name, enter a single member name. It will return all posts by that user. Searching by post will search posts. This is where you can use hashtags to search, or anything else.

    Dominars+ will moderate the Stream, based on standard Vampire Rave Terms of Service and the posting guidelines. If an administrator removes a post, all replies to the post are also removed. If your posting rights are suspended, you cannot post to the Stream.

    I will continue to update the Stream over the coming weeks. Please report any problems or unusual behavior to me immediately so I can fix them. I've been working on the Stream for the better part of the past 3 weeks. I hope you enjoy it.

    P.S. If you're curious, this entire article, including HTML code, is 5,025 characters long. So this article is about the size limit of a stream post.

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    17:31 Jul 10 2021

    I love the new stream thanks Cancer your doing good work and deserve a thank you!

    21:00 Jul 16 2021

    Join me on Facebook! I need some real Vamp input. I am all alone with book lovers :) Which is good. But once I start talking about the real vampyre world...


    21:01 Jul 16 2021

    Or just friend me there...


    01:53 Jul 28 2021

    so far Cancer im liking the stream feature

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