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In The Loving Arms Of Mother Night



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Education Is The Tool Needed For Life

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Ave, and welcome to my lil corner of the rave. Ive been here since 2007. I walk under the path of the moon.
Her sweet light calls to me. Its comforting as a light warm breeze blowing on my skin. Im a hopeless romantic.
I loved the old 80's movies love stories. I always wanted a guy to stand under my window with a boom box over
his head, playing our sweet love song.. or romantic candle lit dinners, walking hand and hand under the moon
along the beach. Movie nights and cuddles "smiles" im a lost poet that spends her time under the moonlight, in
the loving arms of mothernight.
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Most know me as LadyBloodMoon. I hide behind the mask of what only I will allow you to see within me. I have many
layers to my soul. Ive lived several lifetimes. Awaking eah life, carrying a piece of who I was before with me.
Im a old soul.. I feel very deeply, their is alot more to my soul, than what most get to know of me.

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Im different with each person, each soul, calls out to a different part of my soul, and brings out, the part it
can connect with. In this life,im english and native american decent. I have long red hair, and ice blue eyes, that
reach into the very depth of your soul. Im very blunt, straight forward, and honest. If you dont like that, then
you wont like me.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
I look at each soul as a gift to the world, we aall bring something unique to this world, like a
huge puzzle, complete with each soul. Everyone comes into your life for a reason, they can be great loves, best friends,
or simply life lessons. We touch others lives daily, sometimes without even knowing it, it could be just a smile.
Maybe, just a encouraging word, or maybe the higher power uses us for a moment, to pass a message to help someone.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
We were born as someone special, we were a gift to this world, we all have a path, something we are meant to do.
For myself, my life is one of selflessness, im to help guide,and educate others, to help them find their own path,
and inner dragon. Ive been blessed with those in my life, that are family... Family is those with whom you choose to
spend your life with, it doesnt have to be just those your born into.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
The native american that is within me, Is like magick running thru my blood, the energy work, is as natural as breathing.
Im a witch, a healer, a seer.. I follow wicca/pagan it helps me to continue to be one with nature. I do believe in
a higher power. I cant however put into black and white all that I believe. Just that it completes me. I am one with it.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

I am a Regent of the Court Of Mystical Mounatins. In East Tennesse.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

We are building and working on Vampyre Evocatus Halo. We know that stepping out of the shadows can be a hard thing to do, especially in a rural area. We are here and you will be welcome to those whom live in East Tennesse. Come join us in building the structure that this state needs.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Eternal Night is a group of family of like minds. We come together to support each other and to celebrate each others personal growth and enlightment. We know that awakening and personal growth can sometimes be lonely and painful, and overwhelming. We are a group that studies Vampyrism and Paganism.

For those whom ask about lineage. My sire is Lord Ryu. From The Sabertooth Clan Omega Family.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
As a poet, I will show you a few poems that the moon, as given to me...

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


All alone I stand

For what I am

Family, Friends no more

I always knew I would walk alone

Disgraced, disowned, here we go

Pain, rage flows freely out

Numbness, a cold calm comforts

Looking upon the Judgemental I once knew

They never had a clue

That which they looked upon

Its time to move on.

Taking the only ties I have

My children, my blood

Looking back no more

Where Im going unsure

Free to find my new home

Mother Night I cling To Thee

For you will never forsake me



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Lost In the darkness

Afraid of what I might find

Hoping to find you

But never can I embrace you

Years of hearing your call

The longing rips my soul

The self proclaimed love promised to me

all ends in misery...

It always starts with love so pure

then I am left standing alone without you

Where is my true mate

no more of this I can take

I beg thee mother night

Save me from this tright

Give me my only true love

or free me from this life...

For this I can bare no more

The pain embracing me

never seems to set me free

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


Another night passes.

I long to see your face.

I feel you with me,

With each breath

I feel you deep within

Yours and Mine the bond we share

Can never be changed through time.

Your each beat my heart takes

Your the air that sustains me.

The love just between you and I

Will last with me till the end of time

I think of you as the night air

brushes against my face.

As each night passes Im closer

To the night I may hold you.

I cling to mother night

she guides and comforts

While your away.

I lay with hopes

One day you will stay

I feel your thoughts

I feel your pain

I feel your anger

I feel your love

I know what it will take

To break free of your chains

Once more we shall embrace

Oh how my heart aches

To feel your teeth in my flesh

To completly be one

Once again

My Lord, I will forever be yours

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


Once born into night

A childe born of love

Left alone to find her way

I found my strength within each day

Thoughts of how I came to be

Is what truly sustains me

Your Lady of the night

Your Lady of love

I long for knowledge

Crave to be what you desire

To be what makes you proud

Your Namesake

Your Childe

Your Kindred

Your scared lil fledgling

Finding her way day by day

More and more I grow

away from childish things

That were taught to me

The mundane way I lose touch with

More and more everyday

With each mildstone

You check on me

To see more and more

What I will be

Tonight was the latest one

with your strength

With your love

I had what I needed to overcome

The last of mundane innocense

Flowed out of me

As it gasp for life

I gave up the fight

For the last part of

What was once precious to me

In the name of feeding

It came to be

Your lil vampyre

walked away free

From all I knew

To grow has sacrifices

This I know so painfully

Another growth moment

Gone in a instant

I take each step of growth

To one day be

Where you can truly love me

And set our souls free

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Pleasure And Pain Rollar Coaster

Tonight I took a walk with a old friend,

A old craving has kicked in

We havent met in a great while

From his case he begins to call

He is square and shiny, and knows how to touch flesh

I take in a deep breath

I sit in a corner

staring at you, as you shine and tease

your blade so sharp , Im on my knees

The blood I can already tatse

I am on a rollar coaster

Of such pleasure and pain

A taste of passion

A taste of pain

what shall I have this night

The moon she shines bright

I look at you in my hand

the desire so great

My pulse it quickens

One cut I could release the pain

I look at my flesh as I imagine

the blood running from my leg

you and I have seen many times

I can always count on you

To Make me black and blue

The feel of the blade to my flesh

The Craving is hard to take.

Should I have another taste

Of that pleasure and pain rollar coster

Taste of pleasure

Taste of pain

One swift motion

A great release of emotion

You tempt and tease

as I hold you in my hand

taking one more look at my leg

Thoughts cloud my mind

What shall I do this time

I run you aross my lips

aross my tongue

one sharp touch

the blood comes

I lick my lips and think somemore

How much more can this go on

The thoughts in my head

Makes me feel Im better off dead

Everyday Im changing more

The desire within me grows

To be what I havent known

I take one more look at you

Not tonight my old friend

I will hold this all within

I place you safely away

To go on another day

This pleasure and pain

I will continue to take

Craving sweet release from the pain

One day I hope to find sweet pleasure

without all this pain,

Im on a pleasure and pain rollar coaster

with no chance of escape

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Blue Eyes

From afar I notice you

You come to me with eyes so blue

With a longing to serve so true

Something is waking up from deep inside you

The answers you seek, you shall find within me

My flesh begins to burn, from the thought of you

Your desire so pure

Your desire to please me

Its waking me up from deep within

The primal craving

My desire to touch you

To taste you is growing.

What is it you desire of me

The uncontrolable way you please

Can bring me to my knees

As your veins burn and pulsate

There is not much more I can take

To taste your crimson, to feel your flesh

If I embrace you, take you in

Would you truly give in

Would you come to me with your desires

Would you be happy to satisy my every desire

My pulse quickens, Do you truly know of all you ask

As I stand and see you with eyes so blue

I truly want to embrace you.

To feel your flesh, taste your essence

I can hear your calling to me

I am here to embrace thee

To give you the answers you seek

The friendship you desire

The passion you need, I shall stay with you

And be all you shall ever need.


Enlightened Souls (Coven)



I have several profiles, to help out in houses and covens. If you would like help in your coven or house, just let me know.
I will send a profile over. "smiles" Blessed Be

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