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i hid every sorrow...with laughter i bore each injustice...i even embraced thorns...and was wounded by flowers...

n a m a s t e
I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells.





red red red



my live journal

l i k e s

intense thunderstorms :: smell and sound of rain :: gummi bears :: angelina jolie :: flowers :: biting :: waking up from a deep sleep :: fresh cut grass :: being in water :: cheese popcorn :: dancing

i like to be touched especially by those that i know and adore. strangers usually come back with a bloody stump.

d i s l i k e s

i stay away from people who aren't open minded. i find that being around those that can't accept others differences make me break out into a rash.

hate : prejudice : racism : ignorance : stupidity

g a m e s i l o v e t o p l a y

:for xbox:

halo :: bloodrayne :: bloodrayne 2 :: dead or alive 3 :: desert storm series :: fusion frenzy(really fun when yer drunk) :: soul caliber :: baldur's gate 1&2 :: hunter the reckoning.

:for pc:

unreal anything :: aoe (all) :: aom (all) :: diablo ii : lord of destruction :: alice:: undying :: baldurs/icewind dale :: dungeon siege :: command and conquer :: sin :: anything quake :: GUILD WARS!!!

yeah some are old but they still kick ass.

f a v o r i t e t v s h o w s

stargate sg-1 :: stargate atlantis :: the daily show :: blue collar comedy :: drew carey's green screen show :: Smallville :: gilmore girls (shoosh)

s o m e f a v o r i t e m o v i e s

stigmata :: underworld :: count of monte cristo :: tomb raider :: league of extraordinary gentlemen :: what dreams may come :: secretary :: brotherhood of the wolf :: the pianist :: pirates of the Caribbean :: amadeus :: dangerous liasons :: priscilla, queen of the desert

m y f a v k i d s m o v i e s

legend :: labyrinth :: the dark crystal :: willow :: the neverending story :: all the muppet movies

b o l l y w o o d m o v i e s

i've seen and loved devdas. it's mostly a romeo and juliet type of film but, maybe i'm biased here, ten times better. kabhi khushi kabhie gham is a beautiful film about the importance of family and also loving them no matter what. be prepared to cry. both are outstanding films. i love the scenery, the costuming, the stories and especially the music/dancing.

just watched lajja. it was painful to see how some women are treated. it is a tragic film but worth watching.

i have dil se but haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

i think i may have an addiction...

these are my three absolute favorite bollywood actresses.

~*aishwarya rai*~

~*madhuri dixit*~


i s t i l l w a n t t o g e t

hum dil de chuke sanam :: taal :: asoka :: dil ne jise apna kaha :: lagaan :: swades :: veer zaara

s o m e f a v o r i t e b o l l y s o n g s

(you can listen to this music at smash hits. easiest way is to type in the movie title.)

from Devdas

silsila yeh chaahat ka :: dola re :: maar daala

from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

say shava shava :: bole Chudiya

from Swades

yeh jo des hai tera

from Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha

bindiya chamakne lagi

from Dil Se

chaiyya chaiyya

from Lagaan


from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

nimbooda :: dholi taro dhol baaje

s o m e f a v o r i t e t r i b a l a l b u m s

six degrees collection: arabian travels :: six degrees collection: asian travels :: david macejka - poi for gadje :: delerium - karma :: wolgemut - danza :: panjabi mc - beware :: cheb i sabbah - shri durga :: oojami - bellydancing breakbeats :: gypsy caravan (just about anything by them) :: solace (once again, just about anything)

u n b e l l y d a n c e m u s i c

collide :: a perfect circle :: and one :: darling violetta :: vast :: johnny hollow :: loreena mckennitt :: offspring :: evanescence :: jane monheit :: disturbed :: ra :: system of a down :: Shinedown :: van halen :: Queensryche :: dream theater :: tons of 80’s hair metal

m y p a s s i o n

i have been belly dancing for over 2 years now. i first started off with american tribal (which i still love). the clothing is beautiful. all the skirts, tribal bras and belts...even the tribal hair.

i decided to take my first bollywood class because i wanted to try something new. i immediately fell in love with the style and how fast paced it was. i had such a rush after the first class that i continued. the music is so upbeat and fun. the clothing is a whole different story. glamorous is the only word i can think of to describe the style. all the bangles, tikkas, cholis, all of it. the first group was such a success our teacher started a bollywood troupe. we are now working on new choreographies including solos and whatnot.

f a v o r i t e a r t i s t s

john william waterhouse :: olivia de berardinis :: luis royo :: joseph linsner :: soryama :: vargas :: cleavenger :: david delamare :: gerald brom

a d d i t i o n a l p i c t u r e s

#1 through #5

these are shots of the domba bollywood team performing at the Diwali festival in phoenix. i loved every second up on that stage.

#6, 7, 8

recent pics...

[From Cancer]

I inserted a picture #10. I call it… Squid Getting Riced.

Yes, that is me dumping the rice on an unsuspecting RabdSquid...

Do you...?

Like your name? yeah. its unique

Color your hair? yes. now i have my red hair again. Yay

Have tattoos? no

Have piercings? ears, nostril, would like to get a septum piercing

Smoke? no, i quit and it’s been almost two months now

Ever get off the damn computer? Yep

Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? uh i'm trying to cut down. it was causing me to break out into a rash.

Like candles: love em and the holders too!

Like incense: yeah

Believe in love: yes

Believe in soulmates: sure

Believe in love at first sight: yes

Believe in forgiveness: depends on what happened

Want to get married: i did

Want to have kids: already have three and i love em to death. i'm done breeding.

Quack? BORK!


Where do you live: arizona

Four words that sum you up: bizarre, goofy, loving, open minded

Some of your favorite foods: east Indian, italian, mexican, chinese, mediterranean

What is your favorite animal? glorious squids!!!

Do you like your handwriting? yes

Are you a daredevil? heh no

Best Girl friends: i don't really have one as of yet. i am taking applications tho. :)

Best Guy friends: other than my hubby, exmarine

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: no bf and don't want one. gf? really interested in someone i know. she is beautiful inside and out. highly intelligent/dark/unique/sexy all these things i find highly attractive. not to mention she’s drop dead gorgeous. unfortunately, i will never be able to act on these feelings.

Hobbies? dancing, drawing, daydreaming, shopping for gorgeous Indian attire and jewelry

Are you the center of attention or the wallflower? it depends on my mood and situation. i try not to be the center of attention.

Like being around people? i don't mind ppl so much. they can get on my nerves especially when they do stupid things. the only ones i can't tolerate are the closed minded, racist type of ppl. ignorance and hate don't settle with me too well.

Who is your role model? not sure if i have one. i pull bits and pieces of things i like from different ppl.

What's your favorite part of your physical appearance? my green eyes

What is your favorite part of your emotional being? i care a lot about the ppl in my life. sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Are you happy with yourself? not always but it's gettin better s-l-o-w-l-y but surely

Are you happy with your life? for the most part yes. could always use more money. a better house. to find that missing part of myself. have a perfect body. all that good stuff.

If you could change one thing what would it be? i want to be filthy rich. i can fix the things i don't like about my body. help out my family. help out my friends.

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