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Your effort to remain what you are is what limits you.

I'm not much. A silent dark person who limits communication with others. I prefer night to day as sunlight kills my eyes. I love rare steak. Mainly for the taste of blood. I am 6 Feet tall and 320 pounds. A mixture of muscle and fat. I am a computer whiz, doing everything from web design to programming to game design to building them, maintenence, etc.

People, well... at least most of them are mistakes that never should have been. Most people are all too Judgemental and I believe that a majority of us should be killed. Although Nuclear warfare will probably do that for us one day.I hate crowded places..... Even if the person is elderly I wish nothing more then to just hit them. Yes I am a bit psychotic, so what. I would love to torture somone and rip their guts out peice by painful peice and cherish every tear they cried.. Believe me, humanity is all but over with. At least the good side

Why I am here on vampirerave is for the hopeful chance somone will understand me and to make a few new friends. I will get along with you only if you decide you can get along with me. I am extremely easily angered if you are an ass. This is one place that I consider home so if you agitate me you will be blocked. I have a tendency to rant like crazy. I love video games. Thunderstorms are a relxant as well as a turn on. I can be a bit kinky but only with my lover.

On to music. As I do love all kinds I wil put my favorites here. Three Days Grace, Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Disturbed, Three Doors Down, Goo Goo Dolls, Tonic, Fuel, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Third Eye Blind, Switchfoot, The All American Rejects, Aerosmith, Avenged Sevenfold, and a lot more. I don't really watch much on TV but if i do it is usually comedy as I almost always need a good laugh. Yes I am a HALO addict. PC though, as I do not have an XBOX. I am a huge fan of MAC computers and yes I am the type that has modded my PC to act like one. I would love to buy one but I dont have the money.

I might update this later I may not, but if you want to or need to know more message me. And if you add me to your friends list please tell me so I may do the same in return. I used to have an old profile on here but recently marked it for deletion as too many people we deciding to judge my personal life. Lets get things straight. I do not need your opinion nor do i want it. I will be respectful, but someone's personal life you should not judge unless you have walked in those shoes and therefor have lived that life in that situation. Dont judge me. Be respectful. I am so over people like that on this site. If you truly do wish to get to know me, message me and tell me and ask away. Unless it is something totally out of the realm of answering I will let you know and answer honestly. If you really wish to know I will tell you my real name once I have the chance to know you.

Yes I have Yahoo and MSN, but you are lucky if you get them. Yes indeed I am in fact a vampire so please don't try and tell me otherwise. Anyhting else and I will update later. I bid you a sweet adue and hope you enjoyed getting to know one more damned soul in this world.

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You are the Hanged Man

Self-sacrifice, Sacrifice, Devotion, Bound.

With the Hanged man there is often a sense of fatalism, waiting for something to happen. Or a fear of
loss from a situation, rather than gain.

The Hanged Man is perhaps the most fascinating card in the deck. It reflects the story of Odin who offered himself as a sacrifice in order to gain knowledge. Hanging from the world tree, wounded by a spear, given no bread or mead, he hung for nine days. On the last day, he saw on the ground runes that had fallen from the tree, understood their meaning, and, coming down, scooped them up for his own. All knowledge is to be found in these runes.

The Hanged Man, in similar fashion, is a card about suspension, not life or death. It signifies selflessness, sacrifice and prophecy. You make yourself vulnerable and in doing so, gain illumination. You see the world differently, with almost mystical insights.

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Don't trust no one.That is my advice.

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