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The Past: The past is the past it is what make you who you are. Stop shouldering all the bad shit on other and for once take the responsibility for what you did.

The Present: The present is my favorite because it is the life that I have now. My name is SilentBlackRose, SBR, or Renee. I was married on October 20, 2006 to my wonderful husband. My daughter was born December 7, 2006 and my son was born August 28,2008, my third child, a son, was born on December 4,2009.

The Future: The future is exciting because I can shape and mold it to my liking, even when negative things happen I still can expect more positive to appear.

I love the scent, the feel, the taste, the way she smiles, the way she flirts, and the way she moans.What makes you so special that even the strongest of warriors fall weak on their knees and beg to be with in the folds of a your embrace? Is it love that makes me stutter like a fool or is it the simple presence that you command when you are by my side? Are you an angel or a devil and when O when shall I be released from the slow torture that is always present? I have come to the conclusion that no matter what battle I face and no matter what stands in my way I will conquer it in your name and be home in time to bow and kiss your feet. For you are woman and mighty is she.

My Inner thoughts... I will tell you what I believe, this is my ideas and they are open to be changed.

Love-is an emotion that can be wonderful and can be death. Love is something that you will experience as many times as you allow yourself to.

Hate-is worthless, it takes time away from you to be mad and disliking to another.

Pain- is common and is worthless; it is something that you have some control over. You choose to cause pain and you choose to take it.

Sadness- is time consuming and worthless, yes there is times to be sad and times not to be. But there are times that your sadness is too much.
Happiness- is just a cover for what I honestly feel.

Every emotion that we have is our choice... we choice to feel them.... well that is not always true... sometimes others inflict on us and we are the ones that are left to deal... we are... what we are and we choose what we feel....

These are my opinions, I know that they are disjointed but that is what I have come to honestly believe.

What you do in life is your choice and you should always think before you make a decision even when you think that it is a small decision and that no one will be effected by it. In most cases the ones that we love and the ones that are closest to us are the ones that we hurt the most.

Always appreciate the finer things in life; and do not be afraid to make mistakes and laugh about them later. It is common and there is no one that has never made a mistake; if they say they have never made a mistake then they are a liar. It takes a shit load of face muscles to frown; but fewer to smile. So smile you scrooge bastard.

When you stop and think back on your life, what do you think that you will be remembered for? Will you be remembered for all the people you helped, all the money that you made, or how you where there when someone needed you the most? I am not sure what I will be remembered for but that is my biggest fear dying and no one remembering at least something I did for them. If it be my daughter remembering me holding her and singing to her, if it be the millions of times that I annoyed my husband by telling him “I love you” or even smiling at someone when they needed a smile. Life is important and no matter what you should hold on to it with ever fiber of your being. When someone yells at you, says hurtful things, or hurts you, you should be the bigger person and forgive them no matter what. Life is to short to hold a grudge.

"Religion can never reform mankind because religion is slavery."Robert G. Ingeraoll 1833-1899

I am not one for religion, I just have never come across a religion that in one way or another does not contradicts itself. But due to my beliefs in self, I will never discriminate against another individual that believe in a certain religion.

Respect me and I shall respect you!

What is it that you seek? Do you seek the closeness of others like you? Do you seek the knowledge that lays before you? Do you see that which is unknown to you? Or do you seek the world in a whole with ups and downs and turns? When and if you update feel free to message me for a re-rate.

This is my stamp, but it does not mean that I would not like to hear some people's answers. No one seems to answer them.

Since I have been back I do not use the stamp anymore but I love it. I just read a profile and hit a number that fits.

If already a VR member please disregard this entry.

Are you interested in joining a community based on the knowledge of Vampires and other true myths? Are you willing to meet thousands of individuals and make so life long friends? IF so please join the Rave. Sign up is easy just make sure to read The VR Manual. It is the bible here on this site.

Provided is a link to join the Rave. Please ensure that you are 13 years of age, no multiple accounts unless they are all Premium Membership, no copyrighted material unless your own, no illegal material, and no pornographic or obscene material.

Please understand there are 13 year old members on this site and any inappropriate actions will be reported to the correct authorities. If I find that a member that has joined using me as a referral and breaks any VR Rules I will personally report you to the correct administration!!

Vampire Rave - The Ultimate Vampire Resource and Directory
Vampire Rave

Every rating on VR can be redone, so if you think it is time that I re-rate your profile, please feel free to drop me a message asking for one. But if you have only a few words, quizzes, or other material that is unbearable, I will leave the rating intact. DO NOT ask for re-ratings of Portfolios every rating given is a ten already, I feel that if you are willing to add a picture of yourself then there is no point in giving you anything but a ten. Everyone is beautiful and there is no denying that.

Rant - 7/9/2010

I have recently came back to the rave from, as you would say, vacation. In no means does this mean that I am back for good. Honestly, I have no f-ing clue as to what to do anymore on this site. Rating profiles is down right blah. Most profiles that I have seen since my hour back, on the rave, have been flooded with images. Come on people, be a little more creative. For f-ing sake. It will not kill you to take 30 minutes and write out something interesting. Radomness is good people. Write about yesterday, today, or tomorrow, but to Gods sake write something. F-ing protection stamps are just a dumb way to create a profile. I could careless, who gave you an image with "Protected by dumb dumb." Okay I think I am done for a while. Later loves. *kisses*

Rant - 12/5/2014

Holy moth balls batman everyone's profile is full of stinking protection pics. WOW! I think I will not follow the in crowd and stick to my own protection.

Please do not steal anything from my profile, if asked I am willing to share any with anyone. I worked long and hard on this profile and put my time into. DO the same..

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Enjoy the darkness..
Feb 22, 2024

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…


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Jan 04, 2024
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