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I'm female.
I'm 20-something.
I'm married to the sea.
I drink at least 8 cups of water daily.
I'm on my own "friends list" so that I can avoid the website telling me that no one loves me.

Sometimes it takes the site a minute or two to realize that I'm online...and I can't help wondering if it just thinks that I dont love me.
Even VR is a fuckin shrink now.

Hobbies include: Running, Sewing clothes for me and for my toys, Doll Tea Parties, Drinking (alone or in good company, I'm not ashamed), Knitting, Doodling, Watching movies, Bitching about how I could make better movies, Stalking local bands

Fav Things: Cats, Luke-warm cloudy drizzly days, Black Cotton T-shirts, Sharpie Markers, Clean Well-made sex toys, Cherry Chapstick, Spiders, Flowers, Dragons, Elves, Turpentine, Good Animation, Aquariums, Exfoliating skin products, Eyeliner

Least Fav Things: Cold sunny days, White vinyl, Shitty crayons that don't work right, flavored lubricants that are too sticky and have a nasty aftertaste, Constipation, Stupid aggressive people, People who get in my way.

There's nothing very distinguishing about my appearance. I'm neither paper-thin nor obese. My height has always been exactly average for my age and gender. I have hair and 2 eyes. Totally human looking.

I wear a lot of black, but not so much tight shiny black. Mostly matte cotton items in different shades of black so that I can blend into shadowy corners. I like to keep a low-profile, but I'm pretty damn weird. If I look normal and act bizarre, the two balance eachother out in most people's minds and I can stay below the radar.
Yes, the murderer is usually the quiet unsuspected one, but people still point for the obvious weirdoes because it's too hard to figure out which quiet normal person to point the finger at. ..and in our ass-backwards society, the way you look is taken to mean much more than the way you act.

Re: Vampirism
I'm not a vampire. I've got too much meat on my bones to claim to be sustained by a liquid low-fat diet. I don't think I'd want to be immortal. I look forward to death too eagerly and too often. I'm more of a vampire enthusiast. I'm interested in vampires, vampirism, blood, the myths. It's all sexy. I want to be around vampires.

Re: Blood
I haven't yet had a taste of anyone else's blood. I'm curious, but the intimacy that I see in the practice scares me. I'd like to try, but since I dont seem to require it for life, I'm not in a big rush. I haven't saved sex until after marriage, I might be saving blood-drinking for then. Gotta do something to make marriage special, right?

Re: Cutting
The pictures of bloody arms from some people's profiles caught my attention, so i took the "why do i cut" quiz...didnt really see my reasons as answers to the questions...
I started cutting, way back when, mostly to prove to people that I was HARDCORE weird/ depressed/ morbid. Sure I was realistically depressed, but I wanted to show that I was fucked in the head to the point where I wanted to slash up my flesh. Then I realized that I didnt want to be limited to only being able to get naked with people who were turned on by a bunch of freaky scars....but I couldnt shake the urges...so I've now gotten very good at channeling them into socially acceptable acts of self injury, like bikini waxing

Re: Revenge
I feel I'm in good company here in this respect. I try my best to keep my temper in check because when I get angry, it consumes me fully. I have an awful time letting any insult to myself or my beloved go unpunished. I dont normally get violent, because people are good at responding to violence. Assault is illegal and can come back and bite me and I'll only resort to it if I have a knife handy and I feel it's the only thing that my offender will understand.
Usually I punish people by just...nudging them in the direction that they're already heading. I find that people whose lives are working out well normally either stay away from me, or learn how to behave real fast. THe ones who really hurt me are usually headed down anyway and I just put my efforts toward making sure they hit bottom fast. I try not to be petty, but when I feel that a great injustice has been done, people get fired, arrested, and institutionalized.

Re: Online relationships
I'm here to interact with a large group of somewhat anonymous people. I'm not here trying to get laid. I've found that when I turn online relationships into real life affairs, it leads to disappointment and worse. There are too many factors that can't be assessed online...even with pictures, you dont know how the other person smells, moves, talks...what their face looks like when it's moving, what their skin feels like.
When I meet someone in real life, all of these things go together to determine how I'm going to act toward them. I'm not saying that it's a horrible thing to end up hooking up with someone if you dont quite like the way they talk, but it works out much better for me if I stick with people that I meet face-to-face from the start.

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