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Sticks & stones may break my bones, but whips & chains excite me!

I am a proud member of

I have been on Vampire Rave for 10 plus years now, so please know & understand that I am a veteran at this ;-)

Please feel free to friend add me and journal add me. Message me to let me know that you did and I will return all favors :-)

Fair is fair--I give what I receive on rates!

Hey all

Nice things about me.....Hmm.
I am loyal to those I feel are deserving. But I am quite cynical and sarcastic.... Is that weird to consider that a good thing?

Not so nice things about me......
I'm an instant gratifacation girl, not alot of patience. Except in bed : giggles snarkily.
I have a dirty mouth pretty much all the time.

Me right this second.......

I am always obsessed with Jacqeline Carey. A Michigan author who blows my mind. For real, if you have never heard of this woman. STOP! Go now and get her books.

Also, I am totally digging some Damien Marley. Reggae is not my normal musical choice. However, this is some seriously cool stuff.

For those of you interested in things in the physical realm.....
I am a tall {5'10"} brunette with green eyes of Irish descent. Somebody wave a shamrock at me. Also, some Gypsy, Scottish, French and Chippewa thrown in for some spice.

While some may feel the need to list hundreds of bands, books, movies etc. I think by now the entire social networking scenes are over the boring task of scrolling through vast listings of meaningless drivel.

I do not define myself by the music I listen to or what I watch on the big screen, but by my actions and words.

That being said, I am a huge bookworm. I think every book we ever read contibutes to making us the person that we are and will become. My favorite authors are Jacqeline Carey, Laurell K. Hamilton, Elizabeth Peters, Piers Anthony, Roger Zelazney and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

I also LOVE playing hide Schedule1's face :-)

I love animals very much & am an advocate for them. I am a vegetarian & proud of it!

In my spare time, I am very busy spending time with my husband. Also, since I was a chef at a fine dining French restaurant, you know I'm always cooking up some tasty treats. I am very into gardening and decorating our lair as well.

Ooh, I am a libra scorpio, so anyone into astrology will know I'm all about the cruel {bdsm} loving. HASH(0x8de1500)

??Which colour of Death is yours??
brought to you by Quizilla

This is my fav. poem of all time. No I did not write it, but the authors name is escaping me.


The heaving, sweating, cento per cento heat broke today
asif it can break as unexpectedly as a car breaks,
or as the large glass demijohn that shattered on the tiles
when I bumped into it while carrying an armload of books
from one bookcase in one room, to another bookcase
in another room: the heavy inhale of heat into my own lungs,
my bare feet surrounded by sharp glass.

Which brought me to "booklungs"
{what the dark hallow lungs of scorpions
are called}, lined up their own bodies
like blank books.

All week an inch and a half long scorpion,
has stayed in the shower,
not because of the heat but because
it has eaten a slightly smaller scorpion,
who had come in earlier,
perhaps looking for water.
The one ate all of the other, except for
three of it's eight legs,
still scattered on the porcelain.

I remember hearing the woman
at the restaurant, her overly large
white teeth crunching through a plateful
of chitinous shrimp.
The scorpion carries it's carapace too.
It too proved it could continue to eat,
to chew through shell,
to decisively end it's quarrel with the other,
which was surely nothing important
enough to die for.
The one has the other completely
inside itself, it is running on two histories.

I was reminded of Kronos eating
his own children, lungs and all,
crunching through skull, into brains,
and then Zeus tricking him into
vomiting them all whole and alive.
But the proof is in the eating-
better to eat than not to.

which brings me to my father,
who ate his last on August 8th,
and felt his lungs, sacks of cheap cloth,
let all the air out. Now the coffin is his
new carapace, shiny steel-
we could see our faces distorted in it.

Here I hear the pears drop in late
August, skins pierced by sharp wasps
and armored iridescent beetles,
and theres a heavy sweetness under
the tree when I rake up the
bruised fruit: Rake as in harrow,
as in hearse
{the one I followed August 12th}
from the Oscan for wolf-
because of it's teeth strong enough
to break even through bone.

I am happily married to an amazing man, so I am not here to try to score with people. He keeps me VERY happy and obeys me whenever I want him to. He is very territorial of my neck, so don't try to sneak something by. He is Italian/Sicilian and can make you disappear without a trace.......
Feel free to check out his profile under Schedule1. I LOVE you completely baby, you totally amaze me more every day.

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