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I give a little to you, I give a little to him, I give a little to her
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For words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal, the soul within.

Many thanks to LadyChordewa for helping/actually doing all the hard work on my profile for me.

This is my old House Lunazure, I have kept this here out of respect for a great house with loyal members.

I am Theban

I am the darkest of the night warriors, I am hate, I am


now learning to control what once nearly destroyed my soul.

I can rush in, where many tread with caution!

I'm the fool, I am the wise, I am everything you despise

I can be weak and I can be wrong, I can offend and I can be


Sleep is my only refuge where I'm the master of my dreams

I have honour and forgiveness and I'm learning respect

I have many enemies, I seek but one.

He I must destroy, who haunts me from my darkness

I will never run, I will never hide

I have no master, for to have a master is to serve, and to

serve is to be enslaved.

I fear no man, only time itself, which is the destroyer of all.

I am Theban.

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"If you see me comin', better step aside
A lotta men didn't, a lotta men died
One fist of iron, the other of steel
If the right one don't a-get you
Then the left one will"

What is written and the drawing above are from my distant past, when I chose my name Theban for my first entry into my book, a very long time ago.

I am a proud English, Scottish, Irish, Welshman!

I think that if people actually read this they just may know what the name means or doesn't mean.

I choose to reflect on actions past, present and future...It may also have to do with the maturing process as to why.......I wanted the drawing on my profile because this was my point of change*smiles* Which is also why I wanted the picture, I have chosen under the name. I sometimes feel that I should of had a picture of Darth Vader....I do enjoy the Sith*coughs*

Right a little more about me*smiles*, I love all sorts of music as you can see from the playlist. It's about the words used in the music that I like. I'm the proud owner of a raced tuned Ninja 900cc. I love all bikes, from street racers to off road bikes and even scooters. I have a old picture of my bike on my portfolio.

I never worked hard at school and bunked off loads. I don't worry about spelling and grammar that much, however I do strive to better myself in this as I'm sure we all do.

Probably some of the best days that I've had were spent by having a blooming good time and bunking off. There was a girls boarding school just down the road....Anyway, I do regret that waste of my time in some memorable ways. So much information out there to learn about and experience the world in which we live....

I am haunted by the ghosts of my past.

Japan: Ghosts

When the room is quiet
The daylight almost gone
It seems there's something I should know
Well I ought to leave but
The rain it never stops
And I have no particular place to go

Just when I think I'm winning
When Iv'e broken every door
The ghosts of my life
Blow wilder than before
Just when I thought I could not be stopped
When my chance came to be King
The ghosts of my life
Blew wilder than the wind

Well I'm feeling nervous
And I find myself alone
the simple life's no longer there
Once I was so sure
Now the doubt inside my mind
Comes and goes but leads nowhere

Just when I think I'm winning
When Iv'e broken every door
The ghosts of my life
Blow wilder than before
Just when I thought I could not be stopped
When my chance came to be King
The ghosts of my life
Blew wilder than the wind

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I know nothing about computers apart from how to switch them on and play games on them. Just recently I have discovered how to record CDS with voice and music for my hypnotherapy practice. I now need to find out how to set up my website and downloadable CDS. I know nothing about HTML yet!! but I will find out about it as well as my many other interests.

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I generally keep myself to myself because I like to lurk. I have two children and I'm also happily married to a woman who is very understanding and puts up with me more than she should have to. We are Ying and Yang. Strange that I'm a therapist who doesn't like people ^^

I do attempt to read all about the person who I'm rating and love looking at journals) However I will come out from time to time to talk and to be honest........I guess this is where I mention how I rate a profile and portfolio. I'm a bit of a literacy vampire because I feed off of what I read, so that will also effect how I rate. I tend to rate on journal content and readability if the profile is blank. It's part of the game, I've been here for 10 years and longer, on and off. One day I may choose to complete the game or vanish like so many before me have.

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I started paranormal investigating during my school years A long time ago because of my nightmares and my fear of the dark. I overcame my fear on my very first night of investigating...had little choice really! I don't like investigating in groups because of auto suggestion and because...well I'm simply unable to trust due to experiences that I have had with groups.

I have an interest with all things connected with the mind and it's ability's, so I became a fully trained hypnotherapist. I'm qualified in Clinical and Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP. I received a diploma for my work. What surprised me, was the many similarities that it had with spells. Some of which are for trance work and for circle/bubble /shield/ of protection work as well as keeping a book of shadows...of course called another name in hypnotherapy.....as well as many other similarities. I suppose that it is connected as well with Gestalt therapy ect..ect..

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Why am I here? Well I'm here because I also like the word Vampires. I also have an interest in Mythology and have done since I was a child. What I believe about them is neither here nor there.

I however, still feel this need, to search for answers. I feel that we all have a great power within us. We need to nurture and expand this power which we all have. So I became interested in the process that mediums use, for therapeutic reasons as well as to satisfy my curiosity.

My belief is, it's not communicating with the spirits, it's communicating with the subconscious mind.....so much power in our subconscious.

I have in the past been called many things in my long life, Strange, Odd, and just Bloody Weird are some of the labels that I have been given. It makes me smile, because I am just me. I wasn't happy with me for a long time but I'm getting to place where I want to be.

Some have called me a Witch, : ) don't be fooled by the name. Some have called me a Wiccan, Pagan, Wise One, Shaman. I feel the meanings are the same where as the titles are different....I don't go by any title.

I make tools of magic because I believe that the energy /power comes from the person who makes the tool not just from the tool. I have made my own Tarot cards as well as my own Talking board. I write what others would call spells, which I also believe cannot be used by others as It's my energy that has created them.

I have two boards one is The Talking Board the other is known as the Ouija Board. I use my board to talk to my subconscious with the use of a pendulum and scales. The Ouija board I bought I don't use it to talk to the spirits, because in my truth It is just for mere entertainment purposes. Which is why today it can be purchased in toy shops.

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I follow a middle path because I feel there is no other path to follow. This middle path for me, is the path of the ancient ones. When problems occur in life the only path, the only true path for me, is the path that is true to oneself. It took me a long time to find this path, and even now I still stray through choice. Because we all have a choice in what we do and the way we treat others. This is my path for compromise, It helps me compromise between the dark and the light, and the positive and negative. My middle path for me is truly walking the path between the world of all worlds, the path of the sacred.

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So if I'm feeling the need for it to be a positive or a negative nature, (because, you see it is our choice as to how we use magic) and If I were to choose to use magic for a selfish nature, without thinking of others, and only for personal gain and my own desire, it will be negative in nature.

I believe that to be positive you need to have a selfless nature. When using,you need to have no thought of the betterment of yourself or that of Human kind, Mother Earth, or the Universe. It's about just doing.....

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I don't belong to any Coven in the real world, because you are told to follow a set of rules.....again this is not apart of what I am. So for the time being, I'm to lead my life as Solitary only through choice. Looking for direction in the most obscure places, while attempting not to envoke my negative enemy.

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Black and White Magic

I feel that there is no such thing as a black witch, or white witch, a black magician or a white magician. We know that there is a fascination of the dark, which can give people an air of mystique and people who give themselves such titles are usually people with needs and wants, who feel the need to give themselves titles. Unless this is the colour of the skin lol, rest assured you will be dealing with a (dare I say) egocentric individual. Think about it....Black is bad and white is good...This is such a racist idea because it's trying to say that white holds a supremacy within the natural world, which we know isn't correct. Magic teaches us all about balance. The perfect balance within the natural world explains to us all, that the pentagram is made up of colours containing that balance of black and white.

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I have a fascination with language and body language/mannerisms. Verbalisations are of course useless on the internet! The written word sometimes will be manipulated and humor may be hard to find on the internet but etiquette appears to be harder. However a simple written *smile* is all that maybe required to defuse potential situations.

My two words I dislike the most are try and can't. "Try not. Do or do not, there is no try." There is no starting, trying, or stopping there is only doing and not doing...!Can't is a holding word, it implies to the listener and to the user that the situation for it's use is an impossibility, when in many situations it is clearly not.

It's my belief that Karma, (the law of attraction) is as real as we are. I have been suffering the affects for many years now. I have found that no shield or wall has ever be strong enough to repel the process of Karma. But through the power of great visualisation and sometimes verbalisation and being positive an effect of dampening can be produced.

On that note..I have to mention if your profile is blank, or not much on it, I will be unable to feast. I will give you a low rate. If you revenge rate you'll get a 1. Simple!

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