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I dream a dream of you, my love...

All right, let's get this show on the road cuz I'm back and better than ever baby! I am divorced, remarried, and a new mother so let's take a moment to get to know the new and improved VampireMistressKura, shall we?

Guess who kicked the asshole husband to the curb for the better model? That's right, you guessed it. I did. I remarried the man whom I like to refer to as my soulmate whom I've also called my 'dark angel' in my journal entries. On top of all that, I had my baby. I've also moved from Louisiana to Ohio so I should have some more interesting experiences to share.

Anyway, I'm back as I said so feel free to message me. I'll respond when I get a chance. Man it's good to be back where things make sense. Didja miss me? ;)

I apologize to those of you who rate my profile and do not get a response. Please don't think that I'm being rude in any way. I just don't have the internet so I rarely get a chance to view this website. Hopefully things will settle down soon and I'll get the internet so I can respond to all of your kind words of welcome as well as your compliments to my profile. Sorry for any inconvenience. I hope to be back soon. Take care everyone!

I fear the darkness yet I yearn for it. The darkness understands me. It does not pretend to be better than I. It does not condemn me for my choices. It soothes me and comforts me like no lover ever could. I fear the depths of the darkness. I know not how far I may venture before there is no turning back. I only know the peace I am granted for a short time before I must face the harsh realities of the light. The light always comes so fast...

Hm...ok, a little info about me....where to start?

I'm 22 years old, 5'9" with brown hair and hazel eyes. My eyes are my most unique feature. My left is green and brown, my right is green and blue. My friends think it's freaky but cool. I'm married at the moment but that will probably change soon simply because my husband is an asshole and not the man I thought I'd married. A bit personal I know, but if I can't talk online then where can I talk, honestly? Right now I'm about three months pregnant with my first child which is due in late March. I was born and raised in South Louisiana along with most of my friends on this site.

So now I guess let's move on to likes and dislikes:

Linkin Park
Rob Zombie
Three Days Grace
Lord of the Rings (gotta love Tolkien)
Laurell K. Hamilton
Anne Rice
Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb
Hanging out with friends
Meeting new people
Surfing the net

My husband
His parents
Most of his family
Any temperature over 75 degrees (it gets really hot down here)
Cold weather

Anyway, I guess those are just the basics. If you'd like to chat here's how you can reach me other than on VR. All I ask is that you ask my permission on the site first before messaging me.
Also, if you want to add me to your friends list on VR, please ask first so I can know who you are and return the favor. I've got a number of people who have added me to their list and have no idea who they are.

AIM: Kura452
MSN: Meleth_anin@hotmail.com
Yahoo: diana_kitty2002

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for reading.

I am a goddess....bow down and worship me.

You Are A Goddess! You Rule Over The Powers In
Which You Were Given...And Those Humans!

Are You A Goddess, Demon, Angel, or Death Itself
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About Me Personality Quiz

Created by jeffq1985 and taken 93994 times on Bzoink

What is your name?Brianna
How old are you?22
When is your Birthday?July 11
What is your zodiac sign?Cancer
Where were you born?Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Where do you live now?Prairieville, Louisiana
What color eyes do you have?Hazel
What color hair do you have?Brown
How tall are you?5'9"
How much do you weigh? (Be Honest Ladies)I'm pregnant, it's always changing.
What is your race?White
What is your worst fear?Dying alone
Do you smoke?No
Do you drink?No
Do you cuss?Like a drunken sailor on shore leave
Do you use drugs?No
Have you ever or will you ever steal?Once when I was a kid...it didn't end well.
Are you dependable and/or trustworthy?I'd certainly like to think so.
Do you play in a band or play an instrument?No
Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?One piercing in each ear.
If you had a favorite serial killer who would it be?Jack the Ripper
Do you suffer from depression disorder?Not that I know of.
If you had a choice about how you wanted to die what would it be?Peacefully in my sleep.
Have you ever tried to commit suicide?No, but I thought about it several times as a teenager.
Have you ever purposely caused harm to yourself or someone else?Verbally, to someone else.
What subculture do you belong too?
Are you evil?I can be...
Do you believe that you can be possesed?Not really, no.
Are you a paranoid person?Depends on the situation.
Do you ever get jealous of somebody else?Oh yeah.
Are you obsessive and/or compulsive?Again, depends on the situation.
Are you a violent person?No
Do you take your anger out on other people?Unfortunately I do, sometimes, though I try not to.
Do you blame other people for your mistakes?No
What is your favorite game?Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit. The only person I haven't beaten at it is my father.
What is your favorite movie?The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Who is your favorite band?Evanescence
What is your favorite song?Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
What kind of books and/or magazines do you read?Fiction, mostly romance and supernatural.
What is your favorite color?Purple, Black, Silver, and Blue
What is your favorite food?Pasta
What is your favorite drink?Dr. Pepper (even though I can't have it anymore because I'm pregnant *sulk*)
Do you own a pari of converse?No
Do you own a pair of dickies?No
Would you ever kill yourself or someone else?If someone else posed a threat to me of someone I love.
Are you a virgin?Yeah right...
Are you kinky?My lover likes to think so.
Do you like biting?Yes
Do you masturbate?I have no need for it anymore.
Do you watch pornography?Used to a long time ago.
Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color?Yes, I tried to dye it auburn but it turned out to be black, then bright red in certain lighting.
Have you ever shaved your head in a socially unacceptable way?No
Are you hyper active person?Depends on my caffeine intake.
Are you religious?Not really.
Do you have any self inflicted scars?Sort of. Does running into a parked car because I wasn't looking where I was going count as self-inflicted? I was eight and stupid, give me a break.
Does pain turn you on?No
Do you stand for originality and creativity?Of course I do, I'm a writer.
Do you like meeting new people?Depends on what type of people they turn out to be.
What do you like most about life?Getting away from it all and just having time for me.
What do you dislike most about life?My husband and his parents.
Do you believe in love at first fright?Yes, I've experienced it, but only once.
Have you ever pierced a body part yourself?No, I'm too much of a coward.
Have you ever had to beg for dinner money?Yes, on days I forgot my lunch money at home.
Do you own a car?Unfortunately. (It's a piece of shit)
Have you been to jail, yet?No, and I'm not really planning on it.
Are your clothes held together with safety pins?No, but I may have to resort to that once I start getting farther along. lol.
Do you have actual scars from punk rock shows?No
Have you ever vomit while making out?Can't say that I have, no.
Have you held a job for less than a day?Yeah, at a daycare of all places.
Do you own more than two pair of jeans?Yeah, but most of them don't fit anyway.
Have you ever had to fuck stuff up for no good reason?Not really, no.
Have you ever been kicked out of your parents house?No, but it was threatened plenty of times.
Have you ever been fired from your job because of your attitude?No, but I did get fired for attendance problems from one job.
Does the world piss you off?Sometimes.

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The Eye Of the Beholder- You are able to see what
may come. You can interpret the stars, dreams
and symbols of the natural world and read them
as a book to protect your loved ones.

What Kind Of Power Could You Possess?
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As The Oceans That Give Birth To The Land, Your
Dragon Color Is Blue

What Color Dragon Are You?
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Your element is Light: Innocent, beautiful,
kind-hearted and pure. You are so sweet your
almost angelic, you find joy in others
happiness and cannot stand to see anyone in
pain. You want to make everyone around you feel
good about themselves and if someone is upset
you can tend to become rather upset as well
which means you are sympathetic and raise
others above yourself. Being as kind and
good-natured as you are people have most likely
hurt you in the past but you pick yourself up
every time. You may look fragile but you are
stronger than most tend to see. Life is
beautiful no matter how you look at it and you
understand that people make mistakes, not
everyone is perfect. You try to see the good in
the bad which is a talent few posses, dont ever
let anyone change you. You truly have a
beautiful soul inside and a heart of gold.

.:-|What is your true element?|-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
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Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||||||| 53%
Stability |||||||||| 33%
Orderliness |||||||||| 36%
Accommodation |||||||||||||| 56%
Interdependence |||||||||||||| 56%
Intellectual |||||||||||| 43%
Mystical |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Artistic |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Religious |||| 16%
Hedonism || 10%
Materialism |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Narcissism |||||||||| 36%
Adventurousness |||||| 30%
Work ethic |||| 16%
Self absorbed |||||| 30%
Conflict seeking |||||| 30%
Need to dominate |||||||||||| 50%
Romantic |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Avoidant |||||||||||| 43%
Anti-authority |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Wealth || 10%
Dependency |||||| 23%
Change averse |||||||||||| 50%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Individuality |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Sexuality |||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Peter pan complex |||||||||| 36%
Physical security || 10%
Physical Fitness |||||| 24%
Histrionic |||||||||||||| 56%
Paranoia |||||||||||||| 56%
Vanity |||||| 23%
Hypersensitivity |||||||||||||| 56%
Female cliche |||||||||||||||||| 76%
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The Sensual Vampire

What type of vampire are you?
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?? Which Angel Or Demon Are You ??
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??Which colour of Death is yours??
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The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who have a split personality - cold as ice on the outside but hot as fire in the heart.

In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is comforting. You crave a relationship where you always feel warmth and love.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you can get or discard anytime. You're feeling self centered.

Your Birthdate: July 11

Your birth on the 11th day of the month makes you something of a dreamer and an idealist.

You work well with people because you know how to use persuasion rather than force.

There is a strong spiritual side to your nature, and you may have intuitive qualities inherent in your make up, too.

You are very aware and sensitive, though often temperamental.

Although you have a good mind and you are very analytical, you may not be comfortable in the business world.

You are definitely creative and this influence tends to make you more of a dreamer than a doer.

Your Kissing Purity Score: 26% Pure

You're not one to kiss and tell...

But word is, you kiss pretty well.

Take the quiz: "Which Amy Lee (of Evanescence) picture are you?"

You are mellow and easy going. You keep an open mind and don't force your opinions on others. You're probably rarely ever fight.

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You are Aphrodite! Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty. She flirted with everyone, even though she was the wife of Hephaestus, son of Hera, and Hephaestus did not do much to stop her from cheating.

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