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"The thirst cannot be quenched so swiftly with water, yet the fluid of life will forever satisfy." Vampiress25

Good Evening and welcome to my domain. Let me guide you through my dwelling place, but please do not disrespect me or anyone who dwells here.

Before we move forward, please observe the mirror of etiquette for my domain

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This first room is called the hall of Alucard, dedicated to one of my favorite vampires of all time!

This next room is called Sephiroth's Lair in dedication to the master of all sexy and evil cartoon characters! :))

I am very fond of castles as you can see, here are pictures of castles that I have been to and want to visit. (The first two I have already been to)

About Me

I used to have an "About Me" section on my profile a long time ago and deleted it, but I figured maybe it was time to do a new one.
Well, where should I start. My love is music. I am a singer, song-writer, composer, and performer. I've been performing for the past 16 years and just recently started composing my own music.
I am a classically trained pianist, but just took up Jazz piano lessons with an outstanding teacher who really triggered my sense of composing. He's a real inspiration for me. I absolutely loved to sing.
It's something I've been doing ever since I was a little girl and continue to do it. I'm hoping to record some videos soon of a couple of covers I've been working on. Check out my youtube channel for new updates.

Hobbies: Cooking/Baking - I really like to cook when I have time to do so. Normally I'm pretty busy with other things in my life. ; Krav Maga - the isreali martial art of self defense - I started doing this
about 1 year ago and I love it! Not only is it a great workout but it feels good to know I can defend myself and I am much stronger because of it. ; Gym - I love going to the gym and working out. Although
sometimes it's a fight to get there, once I'm there I feel great before and afterwards! It gives me a pumped up feeling b/c I know I'm doing something good for my body and my life. ; Making Jewelry - this is a new
hobby of mine that I hope to make into a part time job. I really enjoy making things as you can see! I get enjoyment out of using my creativity. ; Gaming - yeah I admit it... I'm a big ass gamer. I bought a ps3
back a bit ago and have been playing a lot of final fantasy IX, REsident Evil 3 and 5, etc. well those are my favorite games lol. I have to admit though after awhile of playing games I get tired b/c I know
I'm not being productive and that bothers me a lot.

Likes: Hanging out with friends, movies, books, games, vampires, Sephiroth! , traveling, playing pool, swimming, clothes shopping, dark chocolate, dark red, fangs, wings, dragons, sexy cars, sexy men/boys,
maturity, fooling around, being immature (at times)( yeah I know I just condtradicted myself :P), honesty, gentlemen, chivalry, Nice people, my lappy, animals, people who don't judge others, Water, and obviously.. (do I have to say it again? Ok, fine I'll say
it again) Music! ;)

Dislikes: People who are : clingy, judgemental, rude, ignorant, selfish, heartless, and anti-everything; pain, bdsm, sadness, death, haters, liars, cheaters, politics, and money (eventhough I'd love to be rich and have a lot of it,
but it's only so that I can help relieve myself and my family of any hardships...money makes people heartless, selfish, and paranoid for the most part.). I'm sure I can think of other things, but right now I can't.

Question of the Week: What would you do if you won the lottery? - Well since I just said I hate money I guess I'd be pretty upset right? LOL... Well, again there are good uses that money can be put towards if
the money is put in the right hands... selfish people would only use it for themselves and not think about anyone else. I on the other hand am not that way. First thing I'd probably do is set up multiple bank accounts so that I know it is all safe.
Secondly, I'd take about 5% of the money and use it to pay off debts... then I'd take the interest that accumulates from the principal and put part of it back in the bank so that my money grows, and part of it I'd live off of. I'd continue to
use the interest for other useful things. I'd love to set up multiple funds for my family and possibly others as well, but my family is huge so I don't know if I'd have enough money to help everyone.. :|. I wanna set up an education fund,
and music fund. So that way, anyone that needs help going to college will be helped by me. Or anyone who is interested in music and looking to further their musical knowledge I could maybe help them with that. And I'd continue to private teach
because it's something I really enjoy doing but I'd do it at a very discounted price! ;-) I'm sure there are a bunch of other things I'd do as well but I won't add them all here.

This is one of my favorite rooms since I am a musician and it has all of the necessities that a musician would need and the beauty.

My life revolves around music. It is my hobby, my work, my life, and my passion.:)))

My Rating System:

1. I give everyone a 10. I don't do this because I don't care, I do it because I think that there is more to this site than just rating people. We are here to have fun right?? So have fun and don't rate down on people! That's my thoughts anyway.
2. I will rate you what you rate me. If you decide to rate me an 8, then I will give you an 8 in return. Don't get mad because you didn't get a 10 from me. You need to be able to take what you dish out.
3. Everyone has their own style of profiles. If for some reason you don't like my profile because my style isn't like yours, well guess what.. we're all different and it would be boring to have everyone's profile in the same style as yours!

I don't know about you, but I am famished... would you care for a drink??.....

Well you have come to the end of your tour, thank you for stopping by. I hope it was as much a pleasure for me as it was for you! (licks fangs)

Watch your step on the way out...

Ciao, La revedere, bye bye

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