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"Mind is the master-weaver, both of the inner garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance" --James Allen, As a man thinketh

My Lords and Ladies,

Greetings. Welcome to My umbral Hall, a place where some of My thoughts, as well as elements of who and what I am, are displayed for all to see. However, I must confess that such candor is rather unprecedented; because for longer than I care to admit, the path I have walked has caused Me to be reclusive and reticent in the extreme, when it comes to sharing anything of a personal nature. As a result of being closed off for such a prolonged length of time, while I am always polite and courteous, I am frequently told by the few who know Me well, that I come across as unapproachable, distant, and cold. This is something that I am endeavoring to change...to a degree; so I ask that You please bear with Me as I slowly rise from this languid torpor, and My undead heart begins to warm and flicker with life...once more.
In the wake of such ardent sentiments, perhaps You are curious as to who I am. Even if I did not feel that my faculties of self expression have atrophied from prolonged disuse, I sense that such would be notoriously difficult to convey; for We are all so much more than the mere sum of Our parts...to say nothing of a few details briefly enumerated within the limited confines of an introduction. Such are akin to seeing only the shadows of a thing dancing upon the cave wall of Our minds-eye, rather than the thing itself. Nevertheless I shall attempt to sate Your curiosity by sharing a few details of Myself in three aspects: Mind, Body, and Spirit.
MIND: I possess a da Vincian thirst for knowledge. As such, My studies and interests encompass a broad array of subjects including, but certainly not limited to: history and mythology (with an emphasis on Norse and Indo-European); philosophy; physics and cosmology (I am deeply fascinated with Astro, Theoretical, and Quantum physics and the concept of life on other worlds); genetics, Neuroscience,and Transhumanism; and out of necessity, rather than genuine interest, real-estate investing and Corporations (with an emphasis on the L. L. C. )...the list goes on ad nauseaum.
I am generally One of few words, as I prefer to listen and observe--after all, One seldom learns while One is speaking. I am polite, courteous, and well mannered, but I would not go so far as to say that I am...civilized. I have spent years as a hunter, living off the land, deep in the Alaskan wilderness, and I have survived other equally hostile environments; and each of these experiences, in their own way, have left an indelible mark upon My Spirit. This, among other aspects of who and what I am, contribute to My Nature being somewhat...feral. As a result of this strange melange of experiences and innate characteristics, I am a dichotomy of extremes: for I am both a gentleman...and a savage.
BODY: I am 6'1" and 215 lbs and descend from Northern European blood. I am a life-long martialist, a practitioner of several disciplines, as well as functional fitness, and a part time instructor of both. It should go without saying, but for clarification, I do not smoke or do drugs of any kind and I will only drink during rare social events, but never to excess.
SPIRIT: I am an avid student of esoteric theory and practice with an almost exclusive emphasis toward the via sinistra. Although I am rather eclectic, and draw from many different sources in My spiritual path, I would say that I have the most experience with, and affinity for, the Northern Current of Heathenism--specifically, of the Odian Path. Of particular interest to Me are the study and practice of Valgaldr and Valseiðr--runic and shamanic Necromancy, respectively. For as long as I can remember, I have always been deeply fascinated with death and the macabre, and the transmigration of the soul, and other spiritual phenomena, as well as how cultures the world over venerate and commune with the dead.
In closing, many know Me as a scholar, fewer know Me as a warrior, fewer still know Me as a dark Heathen, and only three know Me as a Sanguine Vampyre...now You know Me as all of these things. However, I would simply say that I am a quiet philosopher, whose only real conclusion thus far is that he knows nothing. I am merely Someone that seeks to empower and uplift others who are willing to empower and uplift themselves--especially Those of the Vampyre Community, whom I hold most dear to My heart.
And now, from the cold, gloom shrouded depths of anonymity and solitude, I have risen to reach out and connect with other Kindred Spirits. Those who possess an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the inexhaustible Will to apply that knowledge in a continuous effort to evolve into an ever more powerful Being. I seek Those who, with unrivaled sincerity and unwavering dedication, embrace their Vampyric Spirit with such unparalleled decorum and distinction, as to serve as eternal Exemplars of True Nobility and Power. I seek Those who not only embrace, but exalt, Their predatory nature; who, with a perfect balance of grace and savagery, choose to seize life by the throat...and drink deeply. I seek Those whose Blood thunders with the same dark rhythm as My Own...I seek the True Lords and Ladies of the Night.

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