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Get to know Me and Vampire!


Its nice to meet you again. this is my second account. the previous one i just pass it to someone who i think deserve it. let me introduce you again about myself.

Im Leen, chinese girl from philippines, i went to states, canada vancouver san francisco, L.A hollywood, mexico, taiwan, china Hk and italy before and etc.. Im holding chinese citizenship passport even im in philippines, my mom is from taiwan while my dad from china. i grow up in a very strict and well known family. im about 5'3 height, fit, brown eyes and fair complexion, healty and no negative medical records also a very sweet loving one. I don't have a vampire blood, or witches run in family ancestors, im a pure Born Again Christian and Buddhist.

I studied and graduated two coarses,first one is culinary, then after 4yrs of being a Chief and Dining head supervisor in first class Hotels and restaurant, i take other coarses, i study medicine as veterinarian, a vet surgeon for 5yrs then i quit because i still have to manage our family restaurant bussiness in taiwan and here in philippines..

Why am here..?
well as you could see, this site named VAMPIRE RAVE, site for vampire and for those who believed that they can find one here. i been studying vampire, witches and other paranormal activity this past few yrs. somehow i gain some knowledge and idea regarding what they are. my uncle is a well-known archaeologist for almost 35yrs. and through him, i get interested to know things that exists or may not be. as a matter of fact i learn many things from watching National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel and reading, collecting books from different part of country. i have hundreds of books contain myths legend history culture about Vamps, witchcraft, black magics voodoo, spells and so on..

Since this site was creat for vampire, let me ask you, have you ever met one in real life? have you saw their fangs really grow sharp and longer? let me give you an answer, there are lots of video posted in YouTube, How to make vamps fangs, the easiest cheapest way method etc. those were absolutely fake and plastic even a dentist can make one for you. just like what i did. i got myself permanent vamp fangs...

And why poeple so interested about vampire? They believed being a vampire is so special and unique, they are immortals have some physics ability, they can sense you in certain distance, read your mind (if trained or pass fron ancestors), able to feel what you feel inside. they have a good sights and sucking someones blood to gain energy from certain donor. poeple love those stuff and adore it so much, let me ask you, are you not contended in your life or you think life is boring and need some extra attention or excitement?

Well, everyone has their own believes, i don't know which one is yours, but according to my research, nowadays, modern vampire are not afraid of being expose into sunlight, perhaps some of them enjoying beach swimming, jogging in the morning with friends and neighbors, they can enter churches without getting burn, they're not afraid of holy water nor silver accessories, they don't drain someones blood, like old times vampire wave back hundred years ago, modern vampire live a life like normal people do, some of them maybe a senador, a doctor, an artist and could be your officemate who knows..

While the old time Legendary one, they are pretty unique,they sleep in the coffin, unable to get themselves into direct sunlight which can cause their skin turn red, blister appear and burn to death. they afraid of holy water and unable to wear silver accessories or even silver bullet can kill them instantly. thus, the real vampire don't get use in high tech gadgets frequently such as mobile, radio etc. they preffer remain what they are like the old times.

Other called themselves as PSY VAMPIRE, they can read peoples mind, give and take energry depends on what they want. nowadays, people adore and love vampire because they think they're cool and having some supernatural power that beyond human imagination. Some vampire don't bite just to get blood from certain donors, they simply cut off someones using small knife inorder to drink blood, some said it give them lots of strength and energy,(I DON'T THINK SO) that is SANGUINARIAN VAMPIRE, but take note, there are lots of unknow sickness and deadly virus such as STD, AIDS, HERPS increasing and spread from one to other. and for those people you think is clean and healty isn't also safe, they might be carrier. so why still have to do it? is it because they so called AWAKENING?

Then still why people are so eager to be one of those kind, well they believe if they turn into a vampire, they become immortals (THE UNDEAD CREATURE).

Being a vampire isn't greatful things, a real vampire won't just approach you and simply tell you what they are, they have rules to follow. if they expose themselves to other poeple, they might get into trouble or worst being destroyed. unless he or she trusted you and willing to lay his/her cards on you. but this also may take risk. just like in a movie call THE BLACK VEIL. and so no matter what site we enter, whom we chat, never easiLy believe what they say, only liars, pervert and posers claim themselves as vampire, they did it with porpose, they want us to get their attention, flirting and hook up with ladies or man... either they are real or not, no one can prove it, maybe some will say, yes i saw and meet one, ok thats your conclusion, what about for those people who haven't met one in their entire life? would they buy your story and simply just believe on what you say? NO!

Alright then, after reading my profile, do you or do we still need to search for an answer? is my information not clear enough for you to decide, well the choice is yours!( IT'S ALL IN OUR MIND.).


For all the readers, i just want to say, my information background about me is true even my DOB. so if you want to play with me, Dont Ever think About It! If you want go for flirting, then stay away from me!

my facebook account is Aileen L. Chua
i also have the same photo in my fb, it's easy for you to find me,
free to add me anytime, thanks

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Mar 20, 2021
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Sep 23, 2020

Very pleased to meet you. Feel free to drop by or write any time. We're open all night...

Jul 31, 2020
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

We stand as one, though our paths are many.

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