I'm back and with my one and only man
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I'm back!!!

Standing at a height of 5 foot 8 inches, I have shoulder length brown hair with a hint of red and I have green eyes. I love to dress in either blue or green. They are actually very appealing colors on me from what I'm told. My family consists of myself, my two twin daughters, and my elderly grandmother that lives with us and that I take care of. I enjoy VR and all that it has to offer.

I adore and collect dolphins. They are wonderfully intelligent creatures. I have statues, paper weights, water fountains, snow globes, figures, magnets, jewerly, and various other things in thier likeness. They are magnificent animals unlike any other to be found.

I have done a few things while in VR that I am not real proud of. At the same time, there have been things done to me that I thought would most certainly turn what friends I had made on here, from me. However, I found, in the case of several people, that that was indeed not true. To those select few, I say thank you. Mainly they would be WolfintheMyst and Terminus. I would also say thank you to Moonie. She took me into her coven without even knowing me and chose to ignore the falsehoods against me. As for my previous coven, I would also like to say thank you. If I had I not been falsely accused of things, been blinded, and then later traded out, I wouldnt be where I am today nor would I be with who I am with. I harbor no ill will toward you. In fact, now that the truths have been brought to light, I have no feelings at all toward you.

I have met the most wonderful man ever. His name, in VR, is Ozmanitis. He and I started out as friends and that friendship has blossomed into a love like I have never known. He and I have become so intertwined that words just can't describe it. He told me, when we first began talking, that he was out to win my heart. I laughed a little and wished him luck. I never dreamed that he truly would. In the end, Ozmanitis didn't just win my heart. He won my soul also. Through our time together, both online and off, he has come to mean the world to me. There has never been nor will there ever be another that completes me as he does. Ozmanitis and I will walk the path of love together for all of eternity.

Glorious Love

It's simply amazing how,
Two human souls you and I,
Rejoice in the glory of love,
As if a miracle has unfolded,
Filling up our hearts with hope,
Lifting up our souls with a song,

by Fion Lim

My Soulmate

My other half of a soul,
My heart goes in search of you,
For the day you and I unite,
We'll have a completed soul,
Helping each other to heal.

by Fion Lim

To those, past or present, that will seek to destroy what He and I have, I simply say. Bring your best game. You will find that some bonds, some loves, some hearts and souls cannot be broken.

I am not a very social person. I often prefer to be left to my own demise or peace and quiet whichever it may be. I do enjoy reading books on vampires as well as witches. I own all of the Anne Rice books as they relate to vampires and witches. I am a Twilight fan although I love the books more than the movies. I have a vast collection of vampire books, the latest being the series by Kim Harrison. I also have a deep love for greek and roman mythology.

I had four cats. Two black cats, a calico cat, and a black and white cat. My two black cats, Fang and lil girl, died due to kidney failure. Both were close to 20 years old. Oddly enough, I still have their momma, the calico, and another cat. I have since gotten two more cats. One is black and named Remington, the other is orange and white and named Chester.

I have twin teenage daughters that are 15 and love to test the waters everyday. They have started the journey of High School and are doing very well. They are wonderful children. One is very much into sports and such. The other has been in the State Choir for the past two years, won trophies for her singing ability, and is a fantastic artist. If she can read the music, she can sing it. If she can see the picture, she can draw it. I also have my seven year old niece living with me for the past year. Hopefully, my brother will be back on his feet by Christmas and will take her back to live with him.

I listen to a wide variety of music. However, older music appeals to me the most. Below are just a few that I enjoy listening to:

My Chemical Romance
Plain White T's
Maroon 5
Lykke Li
All American Rejects
Daniel Powder
Cee Lo Green

Elvis Presley
Alanis Morrisette

I am a pretty easy going person for the most part. I used to take everything I did in life pretty serious but I have learned to slow down and enjoy the things around me more. After all, I have but one life to live on this earth and I dont want to miss a bit of what it has to offer. I strive to achieve in all that I do but at the same time, I don't or won't hurt, humiliate, or degrade others to get there. I am a submissive at heart but dont, by any means, take that to mean that I am a pushover. I hope to make a lot of new friends in VR, although since I tend to keep to myself, I'm sure that wont happen. But, Que Sera, Sera. My brother and I were raised by our grandmother from a very early age simply because our mother decided she was much too young to be tied down with kids. I, now in turn, take care of my grandmother.

My dislikes are simple:
Self centeredness

My likes are:
Red hair (especially on a guy)
Teaching and Learning
Listening to music
Spending time with family

George Clooney is scrumptious
Brett Michaels...well thats a poison I'd enjoy anyday.

As for profile rating, I try to be a very fair person. I try to do the best I can with my profile with my limited knowledge of all things related to the web. I also know that others do the best they can with their profile whether it's because of lack of knowledge or time. If for some reason you dont understand why I rated something the way I did....heres a novel idea....ASK!! Rating me as I've rated you is childish and that's a game I have no interest in playing with anyone. I tend to give nothing lower than an 8. 8's and 9's are given to new profiles with little or nothing on them. 10's are given just for putting some effort into your profile.

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