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in a thought....in a memory............in a dream.........






"As you are now, I once was. As I am now, You will never be!"

OK .. I KNOW its all FUXED up at the moment, and I promise to fix it when I can! CUT me some frikking slack!


~*~*~*~Welcome To Evil~*~*~*~
Just for the record, I belong to someone!
*smiles softly*

The hard fact of that still remains,I was Born alone, and will depart the same way!

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~LASTSUPPER~ ( www.suppercore.com) I "used" to be a drummer,I had a 13 piece TAMA, Double bass set witha "headache" rack! When I was still playing, this was the last band I played with and this is one of my favorite songs that we played! Check out the hard Rock_Rap styles of my buddies "Lastsupper" and "ITIS"! Two of the baddest local bands Colorado ever made! Bar buds, band members ,party Dawgs from way back! "LASTSUPPER has since "disbanded", I miss them .. but at least we still have

~ ITIS ~

This song was always an inspiration to me in more ways than i can admit to !

(lyrics by Pete and Teddy Schroll)

no self control now
just wasting a soul
indulging oneself
Only One place to go

yea well now
i would say
that we have
seen them all
destroying oneself
the loved ones
now withdrawal

yea withdrawal
roll up into a ball now
not gonna lose ya
i've got to make the call now
'cause theres no way
I can take another night of this

Think you've got this licked
but your losing
your fight with this
you gotta come back
come back to reality
life is worth living
why dont you wake up and see
takin it day by day
when addiction is in your way
you gotta choose whats right
you gotta stay in the game

losing control
now taking a soul
back to this place
that i dont want to go

yea well now
i would say
that we have
seen them all
destroying oneself
loved ones
now withdrawal

how could we ever
make it through
that day
cause your not
the only one
crying in pain

No your not
so take another shot yo
I'm takin everyone out
with one punch yo
so jump into the ring
and take another swing
I'll get there this time
if you know what i mean yo
its your life
i'll take a fucking hike yo
leaving it up to you
to choose whats
fucking right yo
takin it day by day
when addiction is in the way
you gotta choose whats right
you gotta stay in the game

everyday there's choices
for us to make

cocaine, heroin
these are the methods
chosen by my friends
And each days a chance
to choose whats wrong
or right
And my friends
keep chosing
to take thier own lives!


Vampire is a CREATURE! Sometimes a Monstrosity compounded of human and animal elements, sometimes a live human being, sometimes a revived dead spirit, in material shape, that draws and drinks blood, often to the point of the victim/volunteers death.The VAMPIRE is deeply and staunchly steeped in history,in myth, in legend and even in fact. Merging into horrendous records, sometimes remarkably circumstancial, of the prevelance of the phenomenon and the tragic culmination caused by the apparition.

Always has the VAMPIRE been the grim protagonist.
The notion and fear of vampires of all discriptions, are evident in almost all cultures, ancient and modern.
A Slavik expression for a VAMPIRE is "Vikodlak", and in Poland their VAMPIRES are called "Upirs" . In Solomonic legend, "Ornias" was a VAMPIRE DEMON. 'Katakhanes" is a Cingalese variant, while the Burmese have thier"Swawmx". In Assyrian demonology, the "Ekimmu" was a VAMPIRE DEMON. In Hindu Mythology, "Ralaratri" was both a WITCH and a VAMPIRE. The ancient greeks knew a Bi-sexual demon called a "Lamia", that stole children and sucked thier blood., and in contemporary Greece today ,in remote valleys and villages , they still appear, unquestioned and accepted as "Brucolacas".

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The BEST bumper sticker EVER!
"If you insist on RIDING MY ASS,.... at least,PULL MY HAIR!!!

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~
The discipline of emotions is in the training of response."
~Elisabeth Elliot~


Allow me this opportunity to share my "epiphany" with you. This is when I became acutely aware of WHO and WHAT I truly am. And by doing so, to express the purpose and design of my creation...however dark, depraved and DEADLY.

~*~*~ My Epiphany ~*~*~

::Sits disheveled and exhausted, my body embraced by the frigid cold that steals my warmth and torments my bones. I tremble and shiver::

I KNOW I should be sleeping .. my body begs me for it. How do you rest when your body is afflicted with such pain?? I did not come here to lament, but to testify! And I am not sure how it will be recieved. I am in utter glory of it .. THE TRUTH REVEALED .... even as I sit and try to express the clarity and profoundness of it, i know it will be futile and feeble. Lacking in the power, and intense conviction that washed over me as I realized the "simple " logic of it!

I was lounging about and indulging myself with some reading, until I grew too tired to see the pages I, willfully, let my mind wander. (interjects with a smile. Not "unattended this time!.. :smirks:: My thoughts settled almost instinctively on you.) I was there comfortable in my thoughts of you and of you for myself. When a word resounded thounderously into my head .. CONFLICT!!! I contemplated it and considered at great lengths why...the constant conflict. I do not provoke you with disrespect, with defiance, or ignorance. I am bound loyal to you and devoted in my service. Have no doubt.

"WHY???," the questioned burned intensely. There must be some logic and resolve to it...no matter how ancient and evident those truths are. So further my weary mind pondered. I knew I would not rest until I had some sort of conclusion and resolution. I knew very well, I would not find it in your patient reassurances, no matter how ethereal. I did, however, contemplate your desire and creation of me, the conditions and concepts of my design, by your hand FOR YOU. This birthed of darkness and depravity, revelled in my beauty and cunning. All through it, the most deadly and ruthless seductress, armed with my superior intellence and arrogance .. vehemently devoted and loyal to your considerations and commands. I warmed to the depraved and demented debauchery that conceived in you the very first thoughts of me. Your passion validated and evident in my very being and existence. You reigned supreme!!!

You had everything you had ever laid claim to and no expense was spared in your accquistions. You could claim with, deep conviction, your every desire or mere passing thought and it was delivered to you willingly, into your very hand, tailored to your exact specifications. In this alone .. I was consumed with pride and belonging! I stand gloriously in that part of your darkest desires that you have brought to me life and legacy....created in and of the abyssal void .. from your VERY thoughts. Each part of me was cast deliberately and perfect. I am humbled and honored to serve you. But my glorious revelation was shortened, when another thought crept forth.

What is dark ... without Light? ... and virtue ?? What fears and terrors would the murky shadows hold? If the light was not cast on them to reveal the hidious and ominous tortures that hide lurking within, the darkness would be void. It would not stand in the glorious forboding of untold and unseen horror. It would stand upon a mute and impotent testament, to the hue of NOTHINGINESS. Would that become my only significance? The simple significance...of Hue? After all of your concerted efforts? None should tremble .. or be lost within me ...... It is insulting to think that I was created to reign with a fierce passion and superiority in my being. When in reality, there was no way to make it visible. So I sat .. repeating out loud the questions, "What is darkness without light? What is Light? without darkness?"

You knew fully, the calculating of your deliberate design and desire for each of us. One cannot exist without the other, but in reality, we can never exist at the same time and within the same place. In certain dimensions and circumstances, we share the blending of our intense and individual charactersistics. We are sisters...celestial...sharing the same sky. But our unique differences, are the very things we covet in each other. No amount of condemnation or conflict will sway us. Alone, we are nothing!!! It is in our contrast of design that binds us together! We are condemned to see each other from afar.

The light can never live in darkness and darkness cannot exist in the light. So by your design, we are bound and bonded, yet, we are eternally segregated...as is the sun and moon. We are each valued and cast in our own separate molds...each of us with a very distinct purpose. That in and of itself is conflicting. The very nature of what we are ..separately threatens the very existance of the other. But without the balance of each, they both become insignificant. I had to understand that you seek balances. This truth was opened to me and I am accepting of it. You are ever so calculating. (smiles at you with reverence and admiration) I

stand before you honored to be in the presence of M'Lord and creator. The conflict is resolved. I pray it is the last time I struggle with this and the last time you have to endure this suffering. I am grateful for your patience with me. You know that I am not lacking in intelligence or in the abilty to seek and require the truth. I may not be promptly astute at times, but given proper time to analyze a situation, I will eventually come to its realization. In your truths, I will gladly wait in anticipation and not waiver in faith of your conviction to plan and and reveal the "bigger" picture. (smiles) I hope sincerely that these are not the demented ramblings of a mind exhausted.

Your ever faithful,
"Solicitee" aka Shyanne Greydove.



I have pleadged my life and love to my Dark Passions and desires!I have claimed ONE for myself but have conceded to my depraved desires and accept the futility of my many attempts at genuine, meaningful,affection. I have been assured of No love and companionship, only duty. I, ALONE shall imprint myself upon the caves of my darkness.
I, still and will always proudly, display "La Marca Del Tercero" It is the vampire glyph of my once Beloved. As I still hold him in the highest esteem.


Random thoughts, a simple pleasure
Behind the veil, a lovely treasure
A word or two, my tongue amiss
Lose my heart, omit a kiss

Watch from a distance, my heart's aflame
Immobile by fear, a losing game
One step forward, three paces back
Silent tears, a torture rack

A broken spirit, a crumbling dream
A stabbing guilt, a muted scream
Declared enough, a lifted chin
Brimmed with courage and strength within

Standing upright, my heart's afire
My words not few, a spoken desire
Sated by triumph, a victory ensured
Her hand in mine, a lover secured

(c)2005 Dominic Angelus

I am native American, 5'4" 116 pounds...with 2 beautiful boys. (They are my priceless treasures, no matter how trying they can be..and ARE!) and one incredibly beautiful (but dumber than a box of hair) demon daughter! She can drive me to distraction and discontent with her rather dubious endeavors and never ending parade of hapless misfits and miscreants that she choses to consort and keep company with!

I have told her Sire many times of this truth: "It was your demon seed and my deviled eggs .. and we made a MONSTER!!" I was told when I was very young, that I would never have "children" and they were absolutely RIGHT! *LOL* After losing one, giving one up for health reasons and burying two, the ones I have are more than precious to me!! I wouldn't trade them for a whole herd of racing turtles! *Beams Proudly*

Next time I decide to have "KIDS"...they will be GOATS. This way they will never complain
about having to MOW the yard. All their sh*t will be worth SOMETHING and if they PISS me off, I can eat them...AND invite the neighbors! (mothers of teenagers, know why animals eat their young! *nod nod nod*) ;)

I am devilishly twisted and depraved. I have a sick, but hilarious sense of humor.
I can be the biggest goof (to the point of wearing panties on my head and my pants
backwards to Walmart just to get a giggle!) I am a voracious reader and I write in my
spare time. I am working on my book at present time. Hopefully, it should be done sometime THIS century! ! *crosses My fingers*

"Time can never be brought back, and like money, it is spent one way or another."
~Edith Shaeffer~

Please don't let all of this "enlightenment" lull you in a false sense of security!
I have the word "EVIL" tattooed on my arm for a reason.
(Yes, I have tats ~15 total~ and all my own art work ) In my case, EVIL is my GOOD side!
Depraved debauchery and dark desires are the very nature of my design and being.
Its the VERY REASON I was created!
"May I never seek in the creature, what can only be found in the Creator"
~Shyanne Greydove~

There are no depths to the venomously deadly and sadistic evil that I
would have anyone within the realm of my seduction to endure!
Or depending on my mood, that I would endure just for the satisfaction, sickness, and sake of it all!
Viciousness and cruelty are my hobbies and I excel at them. If I want BLOOD .. trust me ..
I WILL GET IT, one way or another. It is my single motive.
I am brooding at times, austere, and distant and by all accounts a solitary creature.
(Although I may appear to keep company with many, I am devoted to the duty and desires of only one)

by Dominic Angelus

Ride the snake through the shadow's path
where mortals fear to tread.

Journey through the mists and rain
where beasts rule and blood is shed.

Seduction's fury and the thorns of love
mark the angel's passion where her master bled.

The dark lord reigns in the shadows, in the moon...
in her mind and in her dreams
when she laughs and when she screams.

To resist him futile...the end defeat
So bow before him and beside him take your seat.

I am your Dark Lord and you my Queen
forever on the earth and the world unseen.

You are my magic and my muse
you are my joy, my sorrow and to you I won't refuse
My hopes, my pleasures, my dreams, my love, my blood, my power, my mystical views

For all my virtues and all my sins
For all things hidden and all things seen

One thing is certain...
I am your Dark Lord and you are my Queen.


"There is always some madness in love.But there is also always some reason in madness"
Friedrich Nietzche


*Forgive my brutal honesty when I say:*

I think before I act. I look before I leap. I am a very direct person, which sometimes can hurt others. I am always looking for the truth behind all things. Of all the elements, I am the wisest.
I never forget! I never forgive!!!!

I am devoted until death and my loyalties are eternal! These are the truths I hold with the utmost conviction, and commitment to my Misplaced existance in this time!

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