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schwenksville pa


Bite deathspasm

Stalk deathspasm


i hope never to become a ramen noodle (ask me. it makes sense really)

Here's my myspace if u want more pics:
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i have been thinking about becoming a nurse. i've had baby fever lately so maybe if i deliver a few i won't want my own. they're only cute when they aren't urs i've heard. for me anyway.
i live for caffiene. i need that little boost in the morning.

i'm the kind of person who although will be deathly silent, will say anything that needs to be said, even if nobody wants to hear it. i'm the person in the corner watching everything and i will say what everyone is thinking and what no one has the guts to say. you can find out a lot more from watching than asking.


i'm 21 and in school. 5'2" 110lbs. i have green eyes (funny thing. they change color, which is not uncommon, the don't jsut change randomly, the change from blue to green and back to blue every 6 years or so, but they change shades within that color based on my mood, which i think is pretty cool., also, and as far as i have found there is only one other person with this ability although i'm sure i'll meet tons more, when i get very angry , and i don't mean upset i mean ANGRY the get several thin, but obvious red streaks flying through not the white, but the colored iris. cool huh?)and i have bright blonde hair. got bored with the blue. and a number of piercings, mainly just my ears, and 1 in my nose and tongue. i usually dress dark, but once in a while i'm forced to be a "girl" as my mother calls it. i don't wear much makeup, except eyeliner. i love eyeliner.

My "Type" (not solid)

i'm bi, so yes, girls turn me on. i love red heads (hit me up). i love people in general. if ur cool with me, then i'm cool with you. i do like boys too. generally the tall skinny type, with dark hair, little bit longer, makeup, the works, and don't get me wrong. i'm not shallow. it's jsut the kind of guy i gravitate to in most cases.

some people call me a tease, but i think ur only a tease if u don't follow through

I Hate People Who Judge

i love comments, of the nice variety of course. everyone needs a bit of whipping into shape now and then, but i'm totally against pointless random bashing of a person based on a different opinion they may have had, or the fact that they have typed something in such a way that it has been misconstrued. it's just mean to judge someone on something u have read about them, especially since ur judging based on something u may be totally wrong about.


i LOVE music, and i have to admit i've gotten some comments on my selection. most of my friends listen to stuff like mudvayne, bush, slipknot, metallica, nirvana. ya know that stuff, and it didn't occur to me as a big difference till vlad went through my cd collection and said "wow. you are emo aren't you". i guess it's true.

*good charlotte
*simple plan
*All american rejects
*avenged sevenfold
*hawthorne heights
*panic at the disco
*blink 182
*plain white t's
*armor for sleep
*hidden in plain view
*the spill canvas
*jack's mannequin
*fall out boy
*unwritten law
*papa roach
*listed m.i.a.
*starting line
*my chemical romance
*letter kills
*something corporate
*the academy is
*as i lay dying
*rise against
(i'll add more as i think of it)


i hate people who are fake. for example. for anyone who has a myspace knows how people will add friends they never talk to jsut to get their friend count up, and oops one of them jsut happens to leave a comment on one of ur pics and didn't like the comment. then the person changes the comment. are they afraid of pissing people off or somehting. it goes back to the whole false interpretation thing. for instance i once said that i thought nose rings were cool and that studs were prissy looking, and that was once interpreted to mean that anyone with a stud and not a ring was a pris. i did not change my comment. you can't keep everyone happy all the time. to make it worse, this was someone who i barely even talked to in highschool. she wasn't a bad girl, i didn't dislike her, we jsut never got around to getting to know eachother let alone becoming friends. when she left the offended note i thought..."she didn't care about what i had to say in highschool, so why should she or i care about what she thinks of me now."

My Opinion On Labels

i won't say i don't believe in labels. i do believe in cliches defined by genre. for instance although there is a few amongsth them, most of my friends don't listen to rap, and i'm sure among my rap liking friends i am one of the only emo chicks. i don't think you have to dress a certain way to fit into a genre, although i've found through experience that when i listen to punk more often i tend to where more chains, and emo i wear more black. i think one just goes with the other, though not always intentionally.


i know i've babbled on, but i think it was all kinda interesting.


like any breathing human being i love sexuality. i love watching and participating. it is the ultimate expression of emotion, unfortunately not always love, but most certainly passion, cause even if ur fucking some person u don't really want to be u must have had a good reason. even if u were drunk. they looked good at the time right?

~~~~~i am a very sexual creature by nature. and i can be into some pretty crazy stuff. i love having sex when i'm drunk. i jsut like how carefree and tangled it gets.
kink wise...
*tie me up
*cut me open
*rape me
*hot wax
*autoerotic asphyxiation
*dominate me
*hit me
*blood drinking. (if ur squicked...don't comment)

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