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well... where to start. im sure everyone is wondering just a little bit about me. we'll start on simple background as like where i was born and stuff... the boring things. haha.
was born in washington, yep im a northerner and a yankee... damn proud too! if thats a problem piss off. i moved to idaho, lived most of my life there... great place to be. then moved to texas.... im a military brat, moved only twice in my life. had not very many friends but i dont care.... people where i live are mostly bitches anyways.

Im happily married to the love of my life!! got married febraury 4. hes a cav scout in the army and im very proud of what he does. so dont trash talk the military or the war and president to me cause all your gonna do is piss me off and become my enemy. i'll talk political with you as long as it dont get dirty. there are NO children on the way, i find them to be too obnoxious and too much work. there the devil. lol. but if it happens it happens, unplanned. haha!


i am 5'3 and loving it. my wieght fluctuates in between 105 -110. no im not anerexic, high metabolism... love it too!! i have black hair with brown highlights and green eyes. i have 18 piercings--6 in each ear, all guaged except the 4th ones. the 1st hole is a 00. 2nd hole is also a 0 but im in the process of gaugin that one to a 00 as well. and the 3rd is a 4. the 4th, 5th, and 6th hole are normal holes. have my nipples pierced, lip, belly button, tongue(6 gauge) and eyebrow. i also have 4 tats--- a nymph on my chest, if your unware what that it is its like a faerie but naughty and mischevious, fits me quite well. a dragon fly on my hip and a maltice cross on the back of my neck...we have the same so there for its very special to me. my fourth tat is a tribal design going straight down my back and branches off on the lower part of my back. IT KICKS ASS!! it turned out wonderfully!! YES i love my art.if you cant tell already, im real big on art especially of the body. ive had several paintings in shows and compitions.


i have a cat named charlie. have a dog named shasta, we call her dingus.... shes not very bright.... that name dingus means dumb or retarted in northern terms. and a miniture daschund named odie. My husband has also got a minature dashund named Rasha, she is the mother of odie. very protective dog! i also have a younger sister(15) if you should know. shes very opposite from me and we dont get a long that well... theres days that are good, but that comes once in a blue moon.


i come from a french canadian/irish/german background.... so im quite the mix. hahaha. theres alot more, but those are the majors.


the music i like to listen to is rock and some heavy metal. nothing special...gotta love the rock... its the only good stuff these days. heres just a taste of what i like... Aerosmith, ACDC, metallica, deaf leopard, van halin, motley crew, bonjovi,collective soul, godsmack, disturbed, korn, maryalin manson, (yeah i sluagtered the spelling i cant spell worth a shit) off spring, linkin park, train, red hot chilli peppers, foo fighters, velvet revolver, seether, nine inch nails, theres a whole lot more but theres just way too many to mention.


ive only been overseas once. me and my husband went to australia for a month. went camping, yes theres places to camp in the states but this is where we wanted to go. took lots of pics hope to get em on here soon. it was a gradutation gift to ourselves and a wonderful time for us to have some alone time. we went to brisbane, we plan on going back sometime but this time we're going to Perth.heard so many wonderful things about perth. the bars were pretty good. not like most here. but it felt good to sit and drink in a bar and go into a liquour store by alchol and be legal. if youve never been to australia or new zealand we strongly recommend going. very beautiful and the people are wonderful!was in new zealand for a little, just to switch planes, we still got to see quite a bit, i strongly recommend going.... while being there went to the steve irwin zoo.... expensive as fuck to get in but a nice zoo. didnt see the man himself, hes usually there around x-mas time. also went to the alma park zoo, expensive as well... but nice little zoo to see.


my favorite holiday of all times is halloween. if you dont like it... too bad... you dont know what your missin. best time to fuck with peoples head and prowl. plus everything comes out too play....


Just been married to the love of my life!! and loving every moment of it!!

CLIFFY (age 17, date of death:08-15-2005)
my first pet, lived a great happy and wonderful life. i'll continue to miss and love you!!!



How old are you?:19

When is your Birthday?: 1987

What is your zodiac sign?:capricorn

Where were you born?:washington st.

Where do you live now?:tx

What color are your eyes?:green

What color is your hair?:black hair with brown highlights

How tall are you?:5'3

How much do you weigh? 110

What is your race?: white

What is your worst fear?: clowns

Most terrifying moment?:theres a couple, when i was in my car accident, passing out in the hospital, and when my lil sis almost drowned on a fishing trip when we were little. thanks to me shes still alive.

Do you smoke?: no, bad habit, tastes bad

Do you drink?: yes, if you dont, your crazy, its not a daily habit, just once in a while to relieve stress. lol

Do you cuss?:who doesnt, thats a dumb ass question to ask

Do you use drugs?:no

Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?:yes-4 tattoos, nipples, tongue, lip, eyebrow, and ears are pierced (6 in each)

Have you ever tried to commit suicide?:no

Have you ever purposely caused harm to yourself or someone else?: yes

Are you evil?:hell ya... very!

Do you believe that you can be possesed?: no, that i consider satinic... that im not even close too!

Do you ever get jealous of somebody else?:no, to be jelous of somebody else is plain stupid anyways... and very selfish

Are you obsessive and/or compulsive?: at times i can be, depends on what it is and the mood i happen to be in.

Do you take your anger out on other people?: yes, sometimes

Do you play games?:love too

What is your favorite movie?:cruel intentions

Who is your favorite band?: aerosmith

What is your favorite song?:Broken by amy lee and seether. me and my husbands song. :)

What kind of books do you read?:horror-mostly by stephen king

What is your favorite color(s)?: green

What is your favorite food?:my famous all most better than sex cake that i make for my man.... mmmm.....

What is your favorite drink?: russian vanilla vodka and vanilla pepsi, its also good with sprite. i also came across my new favorite but its not in the states... drank it when i was in australia... its called a Vodka Cruiser Ice. i love them bitch beers.

Do you watch wrestling?:no, its dumb

Can your tounge wrestle?:yes

Would you ever kill someone ?:if i had to yes

Are you a virgin?:nope, havent been for years

Are you kinky?:oh yeah!!;)

Do you watch pornography?:not really,cant get into it, its too fake in my opinion

Do you like modeling and/or acting?:depends what for i guess ;)

Do you have any self inflicted scars?:no, there werent bad enough to stay the rest of my life.

Do you believe in vampires?:yes

Does pain turn you on?: yes

Do you believe in witchcraft?:yes

Have you ever played a oiuja board or used tarrot cards?:no

Do you like to rave or go to clubs often?: never been to one

Do you go to many concerts?:only been to 3.

Do you like meeting new people and hanging out?: sometimes, i tend to be antisocial at times.

What do you like most about life?:my husband. hes the love of my life and my best friend.

What do you dislike most about life?:preppy ass fuckers. wish they would all die!!hahaha!!

Whats your favorite wild animal?:tiger

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