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Hello and welcome to my profile. First I would like to state that my ratings are never final. I rate as I see using 1 for those that don't have anything on their profiles and 10 for those that just put the 'WOW' in Shamwow... err I mean their profile.

Now onto my life. I am an artist. I am a photographer first. However I enjoy digitally creating collages, small clay sculptures, painting, and last but not least sketches. I have not been actively creating art with the clay or sketching but I have been actively trying to use my preferred tool, my Pentax K10d.

My fantasy vacation would be to fly around the world. I would start here in Kansas, fly to Hawaii, New Zealand, China, northern Europe, UK, Greenland, then back to the US. I would like to spend a week at each locale for a behind the 'sight-seeing' norm. When I shoot photos I tend to see the picture before I snap it. This is a theory that was brought around by Ansel Adams.

Adams was a great man who once said, "When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence." I really enjoy his passion for straight photography. Straight photography is meaning to take the picture as is and to adore nature as nature and not distort the picture by changing your aperture too much or the use of filters.

Ansel Adams was a member of the group called f64. This is a group that shared a passion for the straight photography. If you know nothing about photography, then you might learn something here. The aperture is essentially the small whole that allows light that passes through the lens to get to the shutter. For instance, the pupil of an eye. If it is bright, you need to close the aperture more, as your body automatically makes your pupil smaller. Also when it is dark, you need to open the aperture more. Well I am sure that you get the analogy.

f64 is a group that only used the aperture setting of f64, hence the name. At the aperture setting of f64, the picture is as close to looking at the real thing. As if you were standing where the photographer was, but without the camera and picture in front of you. This was the theory that they were not manipulating nature to enjoy it as it is intended.

Alright, sorry to go into the photography but onto personal life. I am recently divorced. I have one child. She is three years and is going on ten. She is very independent. She laughs and smiles, frowns and cries like any other two year old. However, she is my little girl and she gets what she wants. My wife hates that I spoil her but what is a guy to do?

I enjoy working where I do, however it is very taxing on my time spent with my family and the time spent completing my art projects. I work in a juvenile correctional facility. In essence a maximum security prison for youth ages 10-23. Once they reach 23 years old, they are released either to a probation officer, parents, or an adult facility. I 'manage' any type of offenders from murderers, rapists, drug dealers, gang affiliates, gang leaders, and runaways. I am to treat all of them the same whilst in custody of the facility. As you can see, this is a tough job. I am a responder. That job consists of being able to respond to any disturbance, whether it be a kid refuses to go to his room, or two kids fighting.

To answer some questions I am sure that some of you may be thinking, yes officers get attacked too. No, we do not carry guns. We do not carry tasers, O.C. spray (pepper spray), or any kind of billy club. I am issued a set of keys, a radio for communication, and a set of handcuffs. 1 set of handcuffs when I manage up to 16 youth at once. I feel both physically and mentally drained at the end of the day, as you can imagine.

When I am not at work, with my family, or completing my art, I enjoy reading on my kindle. I have started reading a new vampire series by Morgan Rice. The series is the 'Vampire Journals' I am on the 5th book. She puts a major twist on vampirism. I will not spoil the books but if you are a big reading fan, a vampire fan (obviously because you are on this site) and enjoy new theories, this is a great series for you.

Now is the time to bid you farewell. I enjoyed sharing a little bit about me with you. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about anything I spoke on here. I am open to people asking why I did this or that. I enjoy conversation even if it is a daily 'hello'.

I will say this; PLEASE, oh PLEASE, if you decide to message me, USE PROPER GRAMMAR AND SPELLING. At least put in an effort. I just loathe the messages that are along the lines of, 'hey seen yur profill i liked it lots wut u like bout yur job?' This is very hard to think that you are above the age of seven. I apologize if I have offended some people with this comment but maybe I just needed not to talk with you from the beginning.

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