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gods just a kid with an antfarm, he's not planing anything

“Only your true friends stay with you forever no matter what happens they will always be by your side to help you up when you fall. Dont let anyone hold you down because in the end they are not worth it.-me”

Everytime i hear the song taps i think of my uncle Rick and start to cry. This is a very emotional song for me.another song that i always cry to no matter what is celine dions- fly because they played it at my grandmas funeral and i just fucking lost it when that song came on.

Little fun fact about me lol: I do not wear make up, it is not that I do not know how to put it on and all that it is just when I was younger I used to like put all this black around my eyes and now looking back on that I feel that I do not want to be a raccoon haha.although some look very good with all that stuff on there face I do not feel that it helps my features any/not that they don’t need help though.I do wear lipgloss though that is about as far as I go with the whole makeup thing, I just want people to see the real me and not something that is artificial.


i have a nephew as of 4-28-07, yea im an aunt now!yikes!His name is Zachary Allen DeHaven...he is like my life right now and it sucks that i cannot watch him grow up because i am in this boarding school.he is the cuties baby doll i have ever seen.i am proud to be his aunt.i only got to be with him once and i wish i would have had more time with him but i guess i will get to spend this whole summer with him. i miss him dearly and want to be at home with him now but i guess i will be with him soon. i do have a picture of me and him on my portfolio.He is everything i want in a child and so much more, i cant wait to have my own.

Im Rebecca but most people call be becca.I have 30piercings as you can see in my pictures.I do all my own piercingsand no it does not hurt, i just know what my threshold for pain is.I like to bite as well as be bitten.I love to cuddle and snuggle, just wish i had someone to snuggle with at night, well i do its just they are kind of not here.um yea i have 4 tattoos i did myself and one on the back of my leg that i got done for my 17th bday lastyear.i am very shy and i blush alot when someone give me a compliment or talk to someone i like, thats just how i am.i laugh alot to for no reason around people that i like cause im nervous but eventually i creep out of that habit.

My fav bands are alot!! i like alot of like dance techno/trance music, a step behind, hidden in plain view,funeral for a friend,LOVEHATEHERO, hand in hand,apocalyptica,new years day,
ashland,the presets,circle takes the square,tila tequila, kidney theives, dead 50's,2 pac ,marilyn manson,Flyleaf, the wedding, cold, staind, korn, metallica, the startingline, dashboard confessional, slipknot, mudvayne, box car racer, straylight run,icp, twizted, abk, marz, mozart , beethoven, lacuna coil, otep, kittie, atreyu, blue october, dmx, jarule, neYo, ciara, rihanna, liquid gang, the frey, weezer, greeley estates, aiden, a7x, the misfits, tiger army, nekromantix,Static x,zeromancer, blutengel, the distillers , the ramones, social distortion, angels and airwaves, rammstein, 36 crazy fists, him, bush, Alicia keys, kc and jojo, daddy yankee, pitbull, anthrophobia, akon, dope, crossbreed, silverstein, between the buried and me, bullet for my valentine, tool, stone sour, mazzy star, jim croce, bryan adams, rancid,sublime, and many many more

I am very angry that my last stuff I typed about me got deleted so I thought I would add other stuff in here.

My favorite movies: Constantine, the omen(original), waiting, domino, Romeo and Juliet(modern version), hellraiser(all of them), Halloween 5 and 6, see no evil, Donnie darko, saw 3, resident evil 1 and 2, hostel, high tension,the last unicorn, little man, silent hill, devils rejects, house of a thousand corpses, Madagascar, over the hedge, corpses bride, chronicles of narnia, employee of the month, bedknobs and broomsticks, bring it on, stick it, wrong turn, little monsters, beetle juice, eragon, and steve segal movie, die hard with avengence, and many many more!

Tv shows: will and grace, dark angel, kaput and zosky, jimmy neutron, csi, law and order:special victims unit, the tribe, impact, top model, blow out, top design, top chef, fosters house for imaginary friends, family guy, futurama, deal or no deal, thin, work out, charmed,catdog, wild thornberries,rocko’s modern life, invader zim, corneil and Bernie and more!

about my hero and my love for the bagpipes even though i cannot play them:

I love the bagpipes especially when I hearing amazing grace on them, it makes me think of my uncle that shot himself and me being at his funeral.He was a Vietnam vet and earned a purple heart. My aunt told me that he was very proud of me for everything that I have accomplished and said that I would do great things.i miss him very much, he was always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need he worked for the fire company in churchtown and helped do a lot of other stuff. He was a great man and I wish he was still here today so I could tell him that I looked up to him and he was a hero to me in my eyes.

Well there are many things that I do not tell people about me because I am afraid that they will judge me for how I am.yes I know that should not bother me but it does and I try so hard to get peoples approval. I do want to go to college for graphic communications and maybe start my own business or something of the sort. I do want to maybe get a side job as a body piercer since I already do my own piercing and other peoples that ask me too. At my school this one girl calls me the piercing queen.

I love to draw and paint…and I might say I can draw rather well.I do write poetry as well and I have had like 2 or three of them published in a book called American authors so I guess that’s cool.I like to come up with things and just write it down.I can spit out poems like noones business I think of it as a gift kind of.i think I got my artistic side from my mommy cause my sister and dad can not draw at all.

I love math!!!! Any type of algebra I love! Next year I am taking college algebra and I want to take calc and pre calc in college even though I really do not need them for my major, I just want to do it for pure fun.Im not a geek I just like math lol.

Apocalyptica- " Bittersweet"

I'm giving up the ghost of love
in the shadows cast on devotion

She is the one that I adore
creed of my silent suffocation

Break this bittersweet spell on me
lost in the arms of destiny

I won't give up
I'm possessed by her

Break this bittersweet spell on me..
lost in the arms of destiny
I'm wearing a cross
she's turning to my good

Break this bittersweet spell on me
lost in the arms of destiny
Break this bittersweet spell on me..
lost in the arms of destiny

I want you
I'm only wanting you
And I need you
I'm only needing you

Break this bittersweet spell on me
lost in the arms of destiny
Break this bittersweet spell on me
lost in the arms of destiny

LOVEHATEHERO- a last farwell

Everyone's dying, I feel it inside me
I wish I got to say goodbye, still there's no more time
you'd wipe the tear off from my eye, and soothe me

I'd call, to tell you how I'm doing
and you'd smile, to tell me you're alright
but you're gone, and starting new beginnings
just wish I got to say goodbye

To safely say that it's not right, it's not your time
and turn back time so you're alright, tonight
To hold your hand, stand by your side
stay up all night, and feel your heart beat close to mine

I'd call, to tell you how I'm doing
and you'd smile, to tell me you're alright
but you're gone, and starting new beginnings
just wish I got to say goodbye

I wish I could have seen her leaving,
Wish I could have held her hand
I wish I could have seen her leaving
wish someone would understand

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