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Hear my words and write them upon your heart.
You turn away from the face of god you teach others to follow,and you say i do not believe when youre life is at the end and you will grow old,
and death will come.You think in your mind why should i fear god!what is worth more your soul or flesh.you run to witch craft
what power do ye have over god will you cast a spell upon him do you think that the pit of fire you just jump in and thats it.
I've seen and it is enternal you our cut off from the face of god and the heavens all the ones you love.Why do ye drink the blood and think but i am a vampire
of what man made not god or why do you think ye is wolf did not god make all things that walk upon this face of the earth.The ones that follow the dragon
will be no more then the dust under the lords feet.God loves you for he is love and all life is within his hands.You say if he loved me so much than why did he not ever help me things got bad in life but where was you.So you turn to evil and you think
i will live forever and i will be reborn no you will be nothing and all flesh of this earth will be no more repent fort he time is near.
You follow the things of earth can you not see the truth.God never turned away from you he tested you,fight for your crown of eternal life
do ye not see the sighs,do ye really think the dragon has power over god.This world is going to end soon,jesus did not come to save earth,he came to save you from the earth he died for you what king on earth would give everything he has to save the ones he loves
and his loved is eternal you say i want to live in the dark you will.There in the mist of heavens was two books not one in all of the heavens could open the seals but one the one the world hated remember the world hated him first before he hated you,God never said it was going to be easy.His ways is not mans nor women the lord can see all hearts and truth
you can not lie but ye will say all that ye can to get others to follow lies.So in the end you will say she was right.You want real power then be in spirit of the living god for the kindom of heaven is within you and all them that believe he will give you eternal life,
and the right to eat from the tree of life.You drink the blood of fools and cults and you think you will be young do you really think the dragon loves you.He will give you things of earth his kingdom
will fall can the blind man lead the blind what kindom ye will have.God loves you i dont care who you our what you look like or even how many sins God will forgive you,repent and follow a true king
not the king of fools of earth.You will not know the time or hour that the lord will come.All that is dead for they our not dead just sleeping,when the lord comes all that is in christ will rise first.
All that is a sleep will wake.Do not fear for the lord god is with you.The world can destroy the flesh but not the spirit fear the one that can destroy both.In the mist of heaven is a pit and a sea of glass
and the angels of the the lord sings and upon his thrown is eyes all around him.God made all the heavens the moon the sky all that ye see god created not what mans hands created the lord can take any rock and create you.You bow down to rocks you follow the wolfs
looking for blood thats what the dragon wants,you to lose all hope all faith in him so the dragon will do all that he can to trick you he will say look i am of power i will give you eternal what?death.Remember they can hear what you say but not whats in the mind or soul.
When your done laughing you will laugh no more you will become like a flower once beautiful then you will grow old and die.You say way do we die read the first book of the king james.
Look to god for all that ye seek and you will see all things clear.THE LORD LOVES YOU
what is 10000 fol or even 30000 fol what our ye to the power of the lord we're will you run and hide in the caves who is going to save your soul not the dragon nothing on this earth will save you but the Lord JESUS
ALL POWER IS IN HIS HANDS ALL LIFE ALL DEATH ALL THINGS THAT MOVE IS IN THE LORDS OF KINGS,what is blood of man but the water from the hands of the one who made you.
blessed is ye that seek and find.Do you really think man wrote the bible the spirit of god his spirit within man wrote he of and the spirit wrote the bible not man God is perfect.Will your stones of clay save
you from the face of god who made the rocks under thy feet,will you teach your childen to follow your roots will you plant your seed with out water the love in you is the love god put within you.Do you really think cv19 came from bats or man kind its the plags of gods rath and it's just the start to whats to come to thee earth.Hear what the spirit says open your heart
Be kings under god and all power will be givin unto you not the kings clay and of the blind,for god will open the eye of the blind and he will let him see his sin and when he is done
his rath will not be kind he will open the eyes of the stones and break them.the kings upon thee earth will bow in dust from the kingdom they weave of earth.
for gods kindom is not of earth it is witin you a power on the face of this earth could harm you god loves you.
The lord is wisdom and to you that loves him he will give the spirit like of a buring flame that no beast of thee earth can look upon
Blessed is you that seek the lord god


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