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Life is a short journey, so make sure that the one you choose to share it with is someone who is on the same path

Good Evening,

Step into the shadows and join me for a few moments, i want to tell you a story. A Story about the dying arts, in the days of old our numbers were many, but time has changed the world and i fear for the worse. The days of Loyalty, Honour, Respect are fading. There are a relative few who still live life by these age old morals.

You weary traveller i feel still live by these timeless codes, so feel free to enter.

Never Forget,

*Bows with respect*

Ok so here we are, you've come here to find out about me, so lets go.

Im from Central Scotland, its a great place to live, im close to all the things and places that make Scotland great.

Im an Empath, the emotions of my friends and family way heavily in my life, their emotions affect me greatly when they are happy i feel drunk, when they are sad it brings me down with them.

A friend of mine showed me the way to this place a long time ago, she knew enough to recognize what i had chosen to ignore but she didn't know enough to help me so sent me here, and well 3 years later im still here.

The Things i Like:

Early morning ( i mean the early hours) sure its in my journal somewhere if you can spare a few minutes to search through it. if not its here too.

I like it when the world goes quiet, the cars stop thundering along the road, a sense of peace soaks the world, you can think when its quiet, when the stars and the moon and glittering and twinkling. We escape the rat run for a while, everything is forgotten until the daylight hours, we are truly free for a few hours.

Rain, Thunderstorms and Fire,

I love the feeling and smell of fresh rain. The energy leading up to and during a thunderstorm sends me wild, i love the feeling of it the sheer energy, lol as you might guess its kinda hard to put into words. and fire well what can i say im a fire sign...

Music, wow music.. There are so many great songs in the world, I've been described as having a very eclectic taste in music, i have a collection that spans well hundreds of years and literally every genre there is. Im not a fan of country music, and rap is an acquired taste im still not sure about, my music changes with my mood so depending on what day of the week, time of the day, what im up to, will depend on what im listening to.

Films, films are awesome they are a true means of escapism. again my taste in films is eclectic and we really dont have time to go through my 700 DVD collection in the short time we have together.

Art, i love dragons, Gothic art and im getting more into Japanese and Celtic art forbiddens.

Im a writer, (i don't think im a very good one but a few people have occasionally told me otherwise) a lot of my stuff is in my journal. Its very raw packed full of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and WTF moments, but its the way i write. i sometimes type faster than i think hence the mad jumble you sometimes see.

i love writing for me its the ultimate control and escape mechanism, im my imagination i am the king i am safe and most of all i am free, after all who's gonna invade your head and tell you what to write/ think?

I love to read, goes with my writing really it takes a lot of skill to write something that will pull someone into a story and get them to wrap themselves in it.

let us pause here for a moment, take in everything above and bask in the light a moment longer, there are darker things to come.


I don't like clowns, they scare me deep down, there's something very very wrong with clowns.

I dislike arrogant people, there's an old saying i live by "Treat people as you wish to be treated."

I disliked Non Educated Delinquents (NED's, chavs whatever you call them in your country)

and now we move into the darkness proper the dislikes my friend that was only a prelude,


You wont find me using this word often, its a powerful word and an even more powerful emotion, its something you should never sustain or hold onto for long as ultimately its a destructive emotion.

- I hate racism
- I hate abuse of any kind child, animal, spouse its not needed in the world.
- I hate my father (im not talking the lol he didn't buy him a car kinda dislike i mean pure seething destructive hatred towards the man that spawned me into this world) im not going into it, we all have our dark sections in the closet. Mine is in the past where it belongs, whats important is that it dint kill me and im a stronger person because of it.

And there we are my friend the end of our journey, step into the light and rejoin me in the shadows. I hope you found what you were looking for, by all means add me to your friends list but please kindly tell me so i can return the kindness.

I hope you have enjoyed your journey,

be safe

*Bows with respect*

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