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I'm ashamed to say it did make me laugh lol
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"I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet, Tread softly because you tread on my dreams" W.B. Yeats

Right before we start the 'bite mimiminx' option is no longer an option, purely because I tend to respond better to "HELLO". Don't get me wrong, I admit it was fun to begin with in a weird way, but lately it started to make me yawn so if you want to contact me words will suffice.

Enough said?

Moving on swiftly, I'm 35 not 16 and it amuses me that this distressing detail (as I have issues with aging) isn't obvious from my photographs. The secret is good eye cream and the motto "Reap What You Sow" When one puts loads of shit (makeup as in pigs with lipstick lmao) on ones skin then one can only expect it to begin to look like shit .... lmao See theres always a method in my madness

So, now that we have dealt with that lets get the show on the road and get this over with

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Welcome To My Humble Profile & Portfolio

Please Let Me Begin By Thanking You

For Taking The Time To Drop By

Before I Start Talking Loads Of Shit ;)

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*~*Important Notice To Those Who Can’t Be Arsed Reading*~*

1) I promise I won’t be offended if you don’t read it.

2) There are times I can’t be bothered reading profiles either

(so that makes us even lol :)

3) You can always look instead

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*~*~* ABOUT ME *~*~*

So I’m not gonna bore you all with my dark side because I don’t really have one apart from one tiny part of my mind which I couldn’t possibly share with you because I wouldn’t want to scare anyone away........ BOO!!!!!!

Please Let Me Introduce Myself :)

"Hello my name is .............. and my vital statistics are .........

(Yeah right like I'm really gonna write that bit in... lmao)

No seriously lets start again, please feel free to call me MiMi as this is not an online disguise because I do respond to MiMi in the real world also as it has been my nickname since the age of 3.

I'm 3/4 Irish and 1/4 Italian, so if you are the type who likes to stereotype people then add both of those stereotypical views together and you get me. So.....

1/4 Italian + 3/4 Irish = ME

My Irish side loves to drink beer and whiskey and I can occasionally have a short temper.
(but thats very rare hence the 1/4 Italian side and that would be round about the time that you might want to run.... lol)

But in my defense, I am always quick to apologize and always admit when I'm wrong ;P

I am a newly qualified Social Worker and have literally just finished my Degree which has been the bane of my existence for the past 3 years and I have physically aged about 10 years since it started.
Social Work involves lots of reflection. Lets face it, if I don't know who I really am then how am I supposed to go out and help you deal with your life :P Make sense eh? Anyway reflection is mentally exhausting & I really can't be arsed with it because thats what adolescents is for and even then I didn't know who I was, but thankfully I do now ;P

Anyway my plan of attack is to assist and empower those who are in need to help themselves and to challenge oppression on every level

(That would be the PCS Model of Anti-oppressive Practice. For those unfamiliar with it the PCS considers oppression on a personal, cultural and structural level)

(wow how admirable of me.....that really sounded like an audition for the Miss World pageant lol

Hands up if your asleep yet?......... lol

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*~*~* MY PAST *~*~*

Before I decided I wanted to be a Do-Gooder, my previous work was in the world of Art & Design. After school I Attended Art College In Swansea (Wales) where I studied Architectural Stained Glass and I can proudly say I was drunk the entire time

Note to those starting college this is not the way forward
Do yourself a favor and learn through my mistakes not your own lol

On my return from Swansea I rented an Artist studio where I designed and created Stained Glass Windows and Mosaics for both private and commercial clients. I was also the Studio Manager and was responsible for organizing exhibitions and the occasional excuse for a boozing session which helped raise funds allowing the collective to exist.

Hell only knows how my path changed and with any luck it may well change again as I'm still living in the hope that I win the lottery each week ;)

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*~*~* MY HOME LIFE *~*~*

I’m married to a hair stylist and before you even think or say it.... NO ! definitely not as handy as it sounds, in fact its far from handy having a hairdresser because I seem to be the only one who NEVER gets my hair done :(

I am also a mother to a 4 year old boy called Noah who I kiss constantly and love with my entire heart.. :)

Apparently he wants to be a taxi driver when he’s a 'big boy'. However through hypnosis I tell him that being in a band is the way to go. (joke.... no child protection issues here honestly ;-)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Vampire Rave - The Ultimate Vampire Resource and Directory - http://www/VampireRave.com

My spare time is spent selling everything in the house that is not nailed down on eBay including records (vinyl) new, old and very rare.

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Thats Not Me In The Reflection It’s A Man ;)

I love shopping and spending money and I don’t mind whose money. It could be mine, my husbands, my visa card companies or even yours because it’s really irrelevant, just as long as I’m spending ;)

Apart from that I love to do as little as possible as often as possible :)

And in between all of the above I take part in and listen to countless discussions about Batman all day long (Noah is obsessed) The photo below is a regular sight within the home and he has been known to look like this when we go to the grocery store, I try my best to let on he ain’t with me lol No really I do !! lol

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*~*~* MY TASTE IN MUSIC *~*~*

The Cult are my all time favorite :)
I love Ian Astbury, truly I really do :) LOL

As I have matured through age (similar to that of a fine old Irish Whiskey) my taste could be described as eclectic and I would listen to just about anything apart from cheaply produced rave cause I’m afraid I’m just too old for that and It effects my nerves ever so slightly lmao :)

Holy Barbarians ~ The Mission ~ The Damned, ~ Danzig ~ Led Zepp ~ Deep Purple ~ Humble Pie ~ Love ~ The Black Keys

I’m afraid I’m a bit old skool and slightly stuck in a time warp where music is concerned.

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*~*~* My Sophisticated Rating System *~*~*


Traditional 1920’s American Cliché.

Interpretation : Referred To In Social Psychology Studies as Modeling Theory
Where By One Observes A Models Behavior, Imitates It And There Will be A Desired Effect

*~*~* My Interpretation *~*~*

You Get What You Give

or Alternatively

I Give What I Get LOL

And Do Not Fear As I Always Return The favor :)

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Now I want to vent my thoughts and views on the topic of "Friends Lists" Can someone tell me what the hell is that all about? lmao

My friends list does not equate to the number of peoples lists that I appear to be on. I don’t get it why have me on your friend list when you don’t bother your arse telling me or ever contacting me LOL

The mind boggles..... It soooo baffles me and to be brutally honest i find it all a bit CREEPY :) However feel free to add me but for the love of God let me know and I will return the favor. How else can I be your friend?


Right lets wrap this shit up fast, I'm beginning to bore myself now :P

I like to think and would hope that I’m a friendly and approachable person and I love nothing more than a good laugh, because life is hard enough and I’m all for making it as easy as possible.


(Oscar Wilde)

So thats my rant over for the moment and I have nothing else to say for now. I will add some more info if and when I experience more divine intervention. My head hurts now and I'm sure yours does too and I'm very sorry about that. Thanks for reading to the bitter end and no doubt you will be rewarded either in heaven or in another life :)

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