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Another day, another dollar, get the whip and make you holler!

I have Joined the Coven Eternal Sanctuary and I am so proud to be there as one of my best friends here on the Rave has just opened it and the reasons behind it are of the finest.

His Coven is here to provide sanctuary to those in need of it. We have purgatory for those deserving of punishment and it is good, now we have a place for those needing comfort and healing.

So to my friend Wolvie I am proud to be a part of that and I commend you for your humanity and caring!

Well I feel I should prob say a few things about myself....So let me introduce myself to everybody out there.

I am a woman that has been around many long and hard blocks and am trying to learn and grow from all the past experiences of my life. Not many have been good, but I have tried to learn from them.

I have discovered a side of myself that is dark, though sweet! I am a lover of all things BDSM and have finally allowed myself to put it out there for all to see and know and let this side of me come out to play! More about that later.

I have a deep affinity for nature and natural things. I am drawn towards the forests and especially Cedar trees. When I am by them, my soul is calm and I can center myself and find peace.

I am empathic and feel emotions of those around me. It has taken awhile to build and maintain barriers against them, now I can use this talent to help people and am usually always there to help others with their problems.

That being said, I am fiercely loyal to my friends! Don't mess with them I will protect and defend them always. (No I am not going to curse or kill people, but I will defend with words)

I am a Gemini and have the traits of a Gemini, I can be mercuricial at times (some may say schizo). I tend to have two separate sides of me, the dark and the light side (by the way I am also Gwendolyn, stop by and say hi! She is the lighter side of me)

Here are some of those I care about and that care about me. These are people I have come to know and connect with here on the rave...

Mysticmoon my sister of the heart and great friend! I love her to death!

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xXBlueBloodXx My son, my buddy that I talk to everyday without fail!

Friends here that have gifted me with their protection!

XFoxX My Bestest friend ever!

Wolvie, You Rock! You are always there when I need you!

Mingan (Tommy) "Son" of my heart!

Dragonreborn, what can I say! You know what you are

Immortalprotect My friend and "Son"

Tyrealarcangel, my lil buddy protects me and his "gwenny"

UrialArnauld You rock my "son"

Cherryblossom friend and all around sweetie.

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xxDaughterofdarknessxx (Britt) Friend and cutie!

WinterDarkMoon (Cindy) One of the "Evil" triplets and My friend!

Onikumo You are the best! I enjoy our times together!

Cerebralassassin & knightduchess, my friends and healers!

Craig1459 Great person and great friend always

Maladicta, friend since the beginning!

Hellsworth, new friend that I got to meet real time in Mi. You rock!

BlOOdpricess friend and sweetie!

Minx, friend and giver of virtual hugs

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Immortalxkiss friend.

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My friend Emodemon

Ojos you so sweet always!

Weffie friend and sweetie!

Livingdeadgirl (Kitty) you are sweet!

My friend and protector PenTeculT (Rob)

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My Little friend akasha gifted me with her protection!

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I do tend to have a bit of an attitude at times and It can pop out at the oddest of times! I love to play and have fun with people, so watch out I can switch off and on in 0.5 seconds without warning!

I absolutely think Kat rocks and beautiful women with an attitude are always a pleasure!

Kat woo hoo!

Me and my girls! Attitude is our middle name!

This section is about the "Dark" side (some may say of me), pfffft to them I say, I call this the fun side of me!

I am a submissive by nature and enjoy having someone to tell me what to do in the bedroom and during the daily activities that I do. I have a love of domination, please don't take this to mean you can abuse me in anything but a loving consensual way. When domination is done right it is a beautiful thing.

To whomever I allow to dominate me, consider this a great honor as I have extreme trust issues and if I gift you with my trust consider yourself honored and deeply trusted. It is not a gift given lightly by me.

That being said.....

I have met a man here on the rave and he and I are planning on being together real time. We don't have a "Master/Slave" relationship per se, but we enjoy playing and I have a great desire to please and let him take care of me.

We feel we are soulmates and meant to be together.

He is my soul and life. We have connected and are deeply in love. I wait with empty arms for him to come and share my life with me and fill my heart here on the rave he is Shadowlord420 to me, he is my Scott and my heart.

That is me and my baby together forever.

Chain me baby, you know I like it!

Mmmmmm, doesn't this look good?

Let me serve you

Loving submission is always good

Oh by the way, did you forget I said that being a Gemini I tend to have a dual nature. that being said this shouldn't be to much of a surprise! I can also be dominant in the right situation and with the right person.

I am a good dominant as I am also submissive. I dominate with a gentle kind nature. When you have punishment coming, believe me it will be given and enjoyed by both!

The Music I Listen to!

Cradle of Filth

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Led Zeppelin

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Marilyn Manson

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Nine Inch Nails

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System of a Down

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Type 0 Negative

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Just some of them! More to be added later!

Some of the music I like, hope you do to!

Check out VR's sister site! It rocks!

Feel Free to rate me, add me and Stalk me! Just lemme know so I may return the favor!

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