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Westerville, Ohio


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"the only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain"

Out by 16 or dead in this scene, together forever "ginger snaps

AIM= PirateMonkey9905
YAHOO= xxpinky666xx
MSN= darknightmare22890@hotmail.com

About me

my name is shelia im 15 i live in ohio , i go to bigwalnut high school. I have 5 piercing, my ears my top right ear, My left part of my lip, and my Nose . I have one tattoo on my ankle In chinese saying "freak". . i am well weird i dont like people and i prefer books. i live with my gramps and my moms, i switch houses weekly in the summer then on weekends in the "school year" :( well i love hanging with my friends and buying books. im a juggalette and violent j is my favorite!, three ring circus is my favorite song. my favorite movie is queen of the damned, the craft, hackers, interview with a vampire, all the ginger snaps movies. i like anime like love hina. LESTAT DE LIONCOURT IS TO HOT, my favorite acter is stuart townsend

Bored? ((Over 100 questions))
[x] Part 1 -- The Basics [x]
What's your name? :::Shelia
Birthplace :::Logan, Ohio
Age :::15
Age you act :::sometimes older then 15 but usually 5
Current location :::ohio, westerville, in my house, in my room, on my computer chair
Eye color :::VERY dark brown
Hair color :::Brown, to be black again soon
Right, lefty or ambidextrous? :::righty
Zodiac sign? :::pieces
Height? :::5'4" 1/2
[x] Part 2 -- Describe... [x]
Your heritage/nationality :::im a european mutt, and mostly native american
Your hair :::Flow onto my shoulders, smells like roses, is soft and unbrused at the moment
Your fears :::spiders, and lonelyness
Your perfect room :::A bed and the guy i love.
What you practically do in a day :::go to school, come home sleep, get on computer and talk to dan and samie and jessie, and then back to sleep
[x] Part 3 -- What is/are... [x]
Words you overuse :::FUCK, shit, hell, damn, and my favorites Cock sucker and whore.and...... i say meow alot...
Phrases you overuse :::flying monkeys from hell!!, dick head, your a whore, go fuck yourself, im horny...
Your first thought when you wake up :::DAMN its to early..... SHIT!! i gotta go potty...
Your greatest accomplishment :::satying alive as long as i have and actually not failing a grade in school...
Something you want to do :::See dan. :( i misses him...
[x] Part 4 -- This or that [x]
Pepsi or Coke :::pepsi...
McDonald's or Burger Kings :::burger king...
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera :::Neither, there both whores...
Chocolate or vanilla :::vanilla...
Adidas or Nike :::neither... CONVERSES!!!...
Black or white :::black...
Bills or Coins ((Think $$$)) :::bills...
Burgers or hot dogs :::hotdog...
Egypt or France :::france...
Rock or rap :::rock...
[x] Part 5 -- Do you...[x]
Smoke :::no..
Cuss :::Hell Yes!...
Sing well :::no...
Sing in the shower :::yes...
Talk to yourself --a lot-- :::Yes... * mumbles to self*
Believe in yourself :::no...
Like taking these longass surveys? :::not really...
Play an instrument :::Yes...
Want to go to college? :::yes...
Want to get married? :::yes...
Want to have children? :::maybe...
Think you're a health freak? :::no...
Get along with your parents :::no...
Get along with your siblings? :::only one of them...
Think you're popular :::no...
[x] Part 6 -- In the past month have you..[x]
Gone out of state :::yes...
Drank alchohal :::yes...
Smoke :::no...
Get high :::no, not within the month...
Done any drugs :::do mountain dew count?...
Eaten an entire box of oreos :::no...
Been on stage :::no...
Gone skinny dipping :::no....
Been dumped :::no...
Dyed your hair :::no...
Stolen anything :::no...
[x] Part 7 -- Your friends! =D [x]
Craziest :::Murm
Loudest :::Murm
Most shy :::Samie and jessie
Blondest :::.....katie
Smartest :::Katie
Kindest :::Dan
Best personality :::Dan
Most talented :::alot of my friends
Best singer :::i dunno....
Most ghetto :::Cory
Drama Queen ((or King XP)) :::maria
Pain in the ass :::maria
The one you just want to strangle to death ((Homer Simpson style)):::maria
Funniest :::Dan
Best person for advice :::Dan
Dependable :::Dan
Trustworthy :::Dan
Druggie :::Dan r.
Most likely to end up in jail :::Dan r.
Person you've known the longest :::Tiffany, 11 years and running
[x] Part 8 -- The Last... [x]
Last dream :::Lastnight... i cant remember
Last nightmare :::last week
Car ride :::Yesterday
Last time you cried :::lastnight
Last movie seen :::Ginger snaps
Last movie rented :::i dunno, a long time ago
Last book read :::Cut
Last word said :::corpses ( the song diggeing up the corpses - devildriver)
Last curse word said :::Fuck
Last time you laugh :::30 minutes ago
Last phone call :::day before yesterday
Last CD played :::Resident evil 2 soundtrack
Last song you listened to :::digging up the corpses - devildriver
Last annoyance :::30 minutes ago
Last IM :::2 hours ago
Last weird encounter :::every second of my life
Last person you hugged :::Dan, on thrusday :D
Last person you yelled at :::Josh e. at the JVS
Last time you wore a skirt :::friday before last
Last time you've been evil :::every second of my life
Sarcastic? :::lastnight
Last time you fought with your parents :::yesterday
Last time you wished upon a star :::A longggggggggg time ago
Played Truth or Dare :::a month ago
Spent quality time alone :::everyday
[x] Part 9 -- I swear this is the last one! -- Randomness [x]
Are you talking to someone on AIM :::No :(
Do you feel lonely :::Yes:(
Ever TP'd someone's house :::Yes
How about egging someone's house :::Yes
Do you not like dislike not like me? :::huh...? *is confuzzled*
Ain't Eminem and 50 Cent just fine? :::Hell no!
Yo Momma :::So?
Ever been so hungry you felt like you could eat the person next to you? :::No, i hate eating
What do you think of George Bush? :::Hes a cock sucking bastard
Any secret fetishes? :::Yes... Wouldnt you like to know....
Do you like to wear chains? O_o :::Yes
How many languages do you speak? :::Alittle english and nothing else
Damn.. are your fingers tired? Cause mine sure are! :::No
Glad this is over? ((Say yes and I'll stalk you =P)) :::Yes
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You've been totally Bzoink*d


drinking, monkeys, money, hot topic, boys, saftypins, sharpe things, sharpies, razors, mountain dew, FAYGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! moon mist,having "fun" hehe, garlic cheese bread, squirrels, ICP, Twiztid, ABK, music, my viloin, flute, and guitars, my eyes, eyeliner, bracletes, fire, ice, water, summer break, computers, reading, lenore (the comic), my necklaces, my shoes, my boobs, screwdriver (the drink). lestat!!!!, stuart townsend. phones. my middle name Aundrea. the UK i wanna live there sooo bad.


people, school, chicken, bugs (other then spiders), tom cruze playing lestat EWW such a bad job!.my first name shelia eww, my full name together, shelia aundrea m johnston f ACK such a bad name, wont say full cuz dont want no fuckin stalkers lol had one before rether not again, lonelyness, wiccan haters!


Adema, ABK, Alice In Chains, Alice Cooper, As I Lay Dying, AFI, ANA, Alkaline Trio, Anti - Flag, Atreyu, A Perfect Circle, Apartment 26, Aline Ant Farm, Bad Religon, Blink 182, Black Sabbath, Billy Talent, Blood Hound Gang, Brand New, Brides Of Distruction, Cannibal Corpse, Cold, Chevelle, CrossFade, Coal Chamber, Cross Breed, Cradle Of Filth, Death Cab For Cutie, The Donna's, Dashboard Confessional, Dope, Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Deftones, Earshot, Enigma, Esham, Evanesance, Funeral For A Friend, Fall Out Boy, Fear Factory, Flyleaf, Future Leaders Of The World, Finch, Fuel, Garbage, God Smack, Greenday, Golden Boy, Hawthorne Heights , H.I.M, Here Kitty Kitty, Hate Breed, Incubus, Ill Nino, ICP, Jake Off Jill, Jimmy Eat World, Kotton Mouth Kings, Killswitch Engaged, Kutless, Kittie, KoRn, Lacuna Coil, Linkin Park, Lostprophets, Otep, Ozzy, Mega Death, MxPx, Marilyn Manson, Moments In Grace, Motley Crue, Metallica, Mudvayne, My Chemical Romance, Murder Doll's, New Found Glory, Nirvana, NoFx, No Use For A Name, NIN, Off Spring, Orgy, Pantera, Papa Roach, Penny Wise, P.O.D Project 86, Puddle Of Mudd, Public Enemy, R.A, Rain Coat's, Rage Against The Machine, Romones, Rob Zombie, Rammstein, Rancid, REM, Rise Against, Riddlin' Kid's, Saliva, Seven Dust, Shine Down, Skin Lab, SOIL, Steriogram, Story Of The Year, Suicidle Tendencies,Soul Fly, Slipknot, Sarah Betten, Seether, Smile Empty Soul, Six Blank Stares, Slick Shoes, Shadow Falls, Sugar Coma, Shine Down, Sugar Cult, SwitchBlade Symphony, Thousand Foot Krutch, Thrice, TOOL, Thrusday, Twiztid, Toadies, The Distiller, Twisted Sisters, Taking Back Sunday, Type O Negative, Threeday's Grace, Traped, Taproot, The Used, The Exies, The All American Rejects, Underoath, White Zombie, Zoa. and lots more!

Necrophobia is to fear Death, you tend sometimes to
be pessimistic, when something bad happens to
you, you wonder what will make it go away, you
think a lot, your mind never stops, you feel
guilty easily though you are a strong material
inside you just need to know that.

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