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It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. ~Aristotle.

Revised Version 5 - The Constant Evolution

About Me

I would say I am not the average person, but then again who exactly is normal in the world. I came up with a title for myself long ago. ~Chaos' Masquerade~ I even wrote a poem to it. Two seperate beings, yet the heart beats one. I am not a human (mentally at least) or a vampire. I do believe there are folklore vampires out there, after all every myth has the glimmer of truth to it. I also would feel like a hypocrit after stating the fact I believe in fairies and unicorns to a friend.

I like to think of myself as an ancient soul who has seen much, but still able to keep up with the modern day. I believe in reincarnation and I have had birth charts that have given me glimces into the important lives I have led. I also think I remember things about my first life. It seemed to be full of sadness, but I don't know why. I still feel the tears wet upon my cheek, and my heart shattering like a mirror thrown against the wall. It brings such rage into my soul that I fear loosing myself into the overwhelming current.

I like to try and help people. I will sit and listen to the problem and hopefully guide you to the right path. I have been through some dark times in my life. If it wasn't for my rage and refusal to give in to anyone or anything, I would have probably sank into that darkness to dream. I have to admit part of me did and still does desire that dream of dreams. However, I am not going to give out all the answers. I don't have them all. I believe we all have the answers we are seeking. We just don't know how to see them or we just need a hand to hold to confront them. I will at least give you a hand and help guide you along the path of questions until you get those answers. I also have an uncanny talent for knowing personalities.

I am a researcher and pretty much a permanent student. I don't really think anyone stops learning, but I am continually trying to finish formal schooling. I am a pyschology-sociology major at Saint Leo University. I am in my final year and will hopefully graduate next year. My favorite topic is Intelligence. What is it? How do you measure it? What pieces of the brain do we use for what? I believe humans and animals are no different in mental status. We just lack a comman communication.

I like to think of myself as a goth. Not one of those idoits that shops at hot topic, but a goth who is fascinated by the dark and morbid aspects of life and constantly trying to find my path to true enlightenment. I follow a goddess. I won't tell you anything about her. If she wants you, she will lead you to her on your own path. I dabble in magic. I am fasinated by the chaos. I also do astrology. I was thinking of offering charts and profiles for donations. The software and books are expensive.

I spend what little free time I have on a range of hobbies. I spend time reading. I absolutely love fantasy and those horrid little historical romance sex novels even though my heart takes an emotional dive at the end of them. I think of myself as an artist and a writter. I keep telling myself I need to practice more. I don't do them often, but usually people like what they see when I do complete something. I am currently getting into watercolor. I am trying to finish a koi, but the scales are taking forever. I also do a lot of outdoors stuff. I have a bike and try to use it during the nice weather. I like to hike out in the mountains. I have a horse. I ride when I can. I think everyone should ride. It's like flying.

I game a lot. I play d&d, D20 future, marvel, star wars, vampire, etc. If I can roll dice, I will play it. I also am one of those World of Warcraft addicts. I play an alliance hunter Reiann on Draenor.

Activity Levels

My activity levels will go up and down with my boredom/attention span. I probably won't update my page with a coven picture just because I am probably going to be making the rounds when I am not active. Email is the best way to get to me.

Why I Joined VR

No cat out of its firrrrrrst skin, everrrrr gave anyone a strrrrrraight answerrrrr.

Houses and Covens

When I first read the rules about the houses and covens. I couldn't help but laugh. I am highly indivdualistic. I don't think anyone could really force me into something I didn't want. I won't repeat my entire rant on some of the things that won't impress me to join your lil club, but I will say this. Blinding has to be one of the most misused misguided things on VR. No amount of blinding is going to make me want to comply with your rules or want to be apart of the group. In the end, it would make me pissed enough to do the exact opposite. Ratings is another issue. I am not rating a blanket 10 on anyone. I put a lot of tweeking and effort to get a nice page. I take suggestions and critizisms with seriousness. I want to present myself with diginty. I would hope that covens would want the same of all their members. I rate honestly so fellow members can improve themselves in order to get 10s from everyone.

Profiles and Rating System

I believe that simplistic is best. I try to keep a clean layout with a balanced color scheme and READABLE LETTERS. To many people have put to many graphics on their page with a color scheme that makes my eyes bleed. Bright red is not a good color for a background or letters. Place your images in your portfolio and your quizes in your journals. I am looking at your page to learn about you. To those who say well it's my page I can do what I want. Yes you can, but in reality a profile is a page about you for everyone else unless you tend to forget things about yourself a lot. I think my favorite so far is the profile of Anann and imagesinwords. Please see her newbie guide - The Newbie's Guide to Vampire Rave.

My rating system is in my journal (march and april 08). It is pretty simple. I rate honestly. I don't rate based on what you pay on the site. You can make a nice profile without paying anything. I judge on content. This is your first impression on other people on this site. What type of person do you want to represent? As some people already know, I am willing to take time, look at your site, give you honest answers and help you tweek your page. If you have that ignorant saying I give what I receive, it means to me you didn't read my page at all. I am also always looking for improvements. If you have suggestions, send a message my way.


I use my journal a lot. I research all kinds of topics and usually will copy them into my journal for prosperities sake. Websites come and go, but hopefully VR will last forever. I also post poetry and my own thoughts and questions in it. Please feel free to respond. I love a good debate. You don't have to worry about offending me. I might laugh at you...um...i mean laugh with you at something, but never get offended.

Random Musings of the Chaos

~Friend List/Stalking~

Read my journal March 08 on the Friend List. I really don't care if you want to add me, so you don't have to ask. Doesn't mean I will add you back. I actually made it on someone's friend list. I am not yet sure how. I lost my stalker. Bummer.


I actually will reply to messages almost daily. Don't message me some hate mail then block me. It's rude and childish.

~Approaching Me~

I am actually quite the adult age. Please don't approach me with the attitude that I need mentoring on VR. I really honestly could care less about your status. Really.

~My Graphics~

Please don't steal my graphics. ESPECIALLY MY FLOWERS!!! I worked hard on them and I don't want to see them floating around the web.


It amazes me how many people are ignorant on this website. Lack of knowledge isn't necessarily a problem, but these people also lack the capability to learn from any enlightenment. It just makes me want to grab a pie fork and start sticking people in the eyes. If your going to follow a religion have the decency to read some credible sources on the subject, and not just some random website you found with some happy fluffy bunny picture on it. Wicca isn't ages old. Satanist don't worship Satan. Hel, Satan doesn't even exist, except for those few christians who still seem to believe in him. Lucifer isn't a fallen angel. Paganism is a generic term with no inherant belief system. In the end, all I can say is for the love of something, read and get educated!


Before you have some sort of thought to question the references I use, know that I am a psy major dealing with medical type research. I have written enough documents to judge the quality of a reference. Also, most of the papers I am required to write need no less than five references and I spend an enormous time researching in order to find that many quality references. I use the same amount of detail in any type of work I do regardless of subject. I also am not here to do your homework for you. I am not going to a library to prove your existance. I will find credible internet articles and post them in order to give a general overview. If you want more, you need to take some initiative and do it yourself.

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Sep 17, 2021

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…


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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Aug 05, 2021
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