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Welcome to my nightmare, on The Dark Side. You've entered the Twilight Zone. Hello, my name is Mark. I'm a Scorpio. Born on November 13th 1956. I'm a learning challenged, physically challenged, bisexual male. I have a boyfriend in my life now. I also hope I can find friends that are bicurious or bisexual, to write real letters to as pen pals. I'm looking for honesty, and non religious friends, because I'm not the religious type. I consider myself to be a self proclaimed vampire. I do want honesty, and I want to be treated as an equal, by anyone, That wants to be friends with me, and get to know me, but I am an eccentric kind of guy. I am a struggling writer, and I would like to write a great vampire novel one day in the tradition, of Bram Stoker's ''Dracula", The book "Interview with the Vampire," by" Anne Rice," and "Dark Shadows" As I said I'm bisexual , I'm attracted to both males and females, equally, but have a somewhat stronger attraction to males. my partner is bi and we've been a couple 4 years, I'm a very big "Dark Shadows" fan, and also a fan of vampire novels, of every genre, and vampire literature. Ever since I was a very young boy I've known that I was different and not completely normal, but I knew, that I had a feminine side, along with a masculine side, but the feminine side of me, is a bit stronger, than my masculine side. I've also known from the time i was very young, that I was bisexual, and i knew it as early as the first grade. At that time, i had no idea that there was such a word as bisexual and i didn't find out until i was older, in my early teens when i was in school. That's when i saw the word in the dictionary.
Mostly, i love to write. Music is also my passion. I listen to rock, much of it metal, of the dark, extreme type. I'm a big" Jimi Hendrix" fan. I like guitarists, that play rock, blues, jazz, roots rock, and fusion. I'm into "The Beatles" And "Janis Joplin" as well.
I'm talking about guys like "Carlos Santana", "Eric Clapton", "Steve Vai", "Eddie Van Halen", "Jimi Hendrix", "B.B. King", "Al Di Meola", "Stevie Ray Vaughan", "Tony Iommi", "Richie Blackmore", "Randy Rhoads", "Jimmy Page" those are guitar gods to me. I'm a major comic book fan. Most of what i read are "X-Men" comics. I'm a "Spider-Man" fan also. At the moment, i'm writing a comic book story called, "Riot Act". It's about a group of young teens, and kids, with unusual powers, that are teamed up, to fight crime, and super powered beings, and villains.
It's a story that I've had in my head, for a few years, and i finally began to write it. I've already written 4 parts of it, and now i'm writing the 5th part, which is the final part of the first story arc. One thing i'd like, is to be on more friends lists, because i'm not on very many right now, so it would be to my benefit, to find more friends, that are like minded people, like myself. I'm kind of into role play. I've done it, but not all that much. One thing i have to say, is this, to those that thought i was gone and not coming back, well, heard ya missed me, i'm back. The thing is, i'm not into games, head games, lies, or manipulations. I prefer that people be honest with me upfront, because i can't stand liars. Homophobia on the other hand, i don't like it. It's enough that i was called cripple, when i was a kid, i don't want or need to put up with homophobia. There's still alot of it in this country, even now that same gender marriage is legal, everywhere in America. I once had to hide my true self when i was a kid, i was growing up in a different time, and couldn't be the real me, meaning being out and open as bi. I've been out since 95, or 96. It's still kind of hard to be out where i live, so not everybody knows about me, only a tight inner circle of friends know the real me, as well as my partner. At this time, being back in VR, i notice alot of changes to the site, that are different, than when i was here a few years ago. I'm happy to be back. I hope those that see this profile, will message me, anytime. The one thing is, I'm not someone that likes being told what to do, by anyone, because i have a quick temper, i try not to let it show, but you know that every person has a breaking point, and i have mine too, so trying to force me, or threaten me to do something, will only serve to cause my dark side to come out, to do my talking for me. I got into VR, to make friends, that i can talk to at length, about things i'm passionate about. Aside from "Dark Shadows" I'm a big fan of, "The Young and The Restless" I watch it everyday. I've even tried to write a soap opera, but i couldn't do it. I keep a journal, I've written a journal for several years, since graduating high school. One thing i'm into is ghost hunting, I've done it, and find it fascinating, that there is solid evidence, that those that are deceased, still walk among the living, and i have proof, in pictures, and audio recordings, that ghosts are real, and the psychic phenomena is also real. With that said, all i can say is, can ya see the real me can ya, can ya?! Not to repeat myself, but i have to say it again, i'm not someone that likes or appreciates being told what to do, and i'm sorry for that, but that's the way i am, like it or not, i'm not going to change the way i am. I'm hoping to find fans of "Dark Shadows" that may be out there, and i hope there are fans of the show out there, that are as devoted to it as i am. Long live Barnabas Collins! Those people that have put me on their friends list, please let me know who you are, so i can add you to my friends list. Message me, So we can talk. Hope to hear from all of you. I'd like to dedicate this profile to my best friend, Michael, who passed away March 17th 1998, rest in peace. My favorite comedians are "Gabriel Iglesias" "Eddie Murphy" and "Jeff Dunham" If anyone out there has any of those Dark Shadows novels written by Marilyn Ross, please let me know which books you have, and if you have the complete collection.
I'd also like to say again, that i would love to be on more friends lists, because i like making new friends, and i'm a very good listener. The one thing i wish people would do when they stop to read my profile, is to leave me some comments on my journal entries. and the comic book story I've been posting lately. I'd love to hear what people have to say. Please everyone that knows me and wants to know me leave me comments on my journals, i'd love to hear what anyone has to say about my writing. I would also appreciate more bicurious or bisexual friends to talk to, as I've said before very early on in this profile page. I would like more friends from the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ Pride.

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