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only 2 and half more months until I hold my son for the first time.
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Oklahoma city, OK



Bite unpretty

Stalk unpretty



And your voice was all I heard, that I get what I deserve. So give me reason, to prove me wrong.


"By request of a good friend, Lord Ryu of house Noctem Aeternus"

"There are many like us, just waiting"


name: is not important

current age: 22

sex: Female

eye color: Tri-color Hazel

Current hair color: Red

body type: Average

Current Existance OKlahoma city, OK
nicnames Bram

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship status: Happily Taken

Religion:My own path

Political View:Independent

Birthday: June 22nd, 1987

"My scars spell out your name and you're paralyzing me. Every time you left me behind."

I am unique.

♥I am beauty, I am strength, I am optimistic enthusiasm, I am artistic and I am who I want to be. I have been told that I am one person that can always look at the bright side of life to the point that it is almost sickening. It's my own inner strength and it's how I cope with the world. There are few things that are complete losses to me and with that in mind I rarely ever lose even when it seems like I am. In the end I am learning a lesson whether it be hard or simple.

♥I have found that after years and years of thinking about it, I don't believe I am human but I don't believe I am that much more than human. I've had the ability to speak with the dead since the age of 2, other abilities such as healing, seeing the future, and being able to read others easily are some of the talents I have developed. Yet, due to my spiritually awakening at such a young age, I crushed my abilities for a long time. I am slowly learning how to cope with it, but it's a long road since the dead don't give you any privacy.

♥ I am highly sensitive to energy, which is something I have attained to my ability to heal. When I say heal, I don't just mean physically, but mentally or emotionally. It's unfortunate that for the most part people have to accept my help before any of that actually works. I am learning however how to raise the power so to speak, being pagan has really helped me.

♥ I think very hard most of time and that can be a good or bad thing. If you think I have analyzed you, then you're probably right. If you think I have over analyzed you, then you might be wrong. I like to leave a little mystery for myself to discover. I like to read people like a book, slowly and very intimately.

♥ I am absolutely terrified of stages, crowds and spiders. I find that it can make my life a little uneasy, but that is what humor and friends are for.

♥ As for me in an emotional since? I have suffered much to gain what I have now. I work really hard on myself to be stable, which is hard for someone that is a cancer/gemini cuspy. You get one part logic and two parts emotional. It does make it easy for me to get along with about half the population on this planet. (Not sure if that is a good thing yet) I do know that I make a really good friend and lover. Truly and Always Unpretty.

"I will not bow, I will not break, I will shove the world away."


Racism: Is retarded.

Beauty: Is turly seen beyond the skin.

Homosexuality: Is that person's choice or feelings.

Friendship: is God sent and should be charished.

Family: Should be charished just as much as friendship.

Morals: Should be agreed upon and stood up for.

College: Isn't for everyone and should be pursued by those that intend on finishing.
Gay marriage: All for it.

Abortion: Pro-choice

The War in Iraq: Bring the troops home!

Religion:Should be more open.

George Bush:Can just die.

Immigration:Should go through the right channels.

"It's like one step forward and two steps back."


Creative Endeavors

♥I am currently in the works to publishing some books. I have a strong belief that I am one of the few people left on this planet that has a way of writing to speak to many different kinds of people. I am very anal about making it to where my work in writing never gets boring. I hate books that have spurs of adventure, then nothing but boredom for a couple of chapters. I hope that when my books do hit the market, it'll make a big enough splash of difference that other's will enjoy it.

♥I love photography, it's probably one of the few arts that still requires a large amount of skill. I have heard other's say it's easy to take a picture, well sure, but there is a lot of other things that factor into making a good picture. You know? Angle, lighting, pose, background, you've got a list...and everyone has a chance to take a photo that is completely different from the rest.

♥ I currently learning how to make my own soap. It's probably one of the those arts and crafts projects I shouldn't of embarked on because it can cost so much. Yet, it is proving to be rather fun. So far I am making soaps that have metaphysical properties attached to it. I have been picking up oils from the local metaphysical store to add in. Some of the soaps I have contracted are those that give you higher energy levels, sleep better, or attracts money.

♥ I am very much into making my own clothes, but not like everyday clothes. I really like medieval, and the light ages type clothes. I have been collecting some, but not I am ready to try a hand at making the clothes. Most of it is expensive when you buy from a merchant, I have seen that it's just easier to make it all your own. I hope to make enough to maybe have a booth.

♥ I have also decided to take a hand in leather stamping. It looks like so much fun that I can't wait to make my own bracelets and belts. If you've ever seen native Americans work on this, it can be very beautiful!

♥ There are plenty of other art projects I'd like to give myself into, but for now I have just have time for the ones I have made mention. Until I decide to overshadow myself with more art projects. I will stop here for now!
Random: Always!

Art: Photography

Movies: Comedy

Writing: Novels and poetry

Language: From the heart

Dancing: depends on the song

People: Through it all
Singing: I can hold a tune

Reading: Any vampire book

Stage: I have stage fright

Through religion:I don't really express this way.

Physical activities:I don't exercise much

To Friends: I express it all

"It's been long time coming, and the tables turn around, cause one of us is going down."


Color: Pink

Music: Rock

Band: Evanescence

Song: My immortal

Comedian: Will Ferrell

Movie: Anchor man

Book: Shattered Mirror
Writer: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Series: Twilight Series

Jewelry: Silver


Activity:Hanging out with friends

Video game: Rockband

"You know that I could use somebody, someone like you and all you know and how you speak. "

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