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I am not short! I'm fun-sized! ™

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I love to write and explain things in great detail. That means I write a lot and that my profile is long. If you're a bit lazy, I don't mind scanning. But, please, if you are a lazy one, try and read at least a bit of each section. Like maybe a sentence or two. Merci for stopping by anyway! Oh, and welcome to my profile!

About Me:

Well, to start off, I'm Catherine. You can also call me Cath. Do not call me Cat. I'm a dog person and that nickname is way to common for me. You can call me Muffy if you feel like "Cat" is about to slip off your tongue. thedarkx gave me the fabulous nickname.

I'm pretty young. I'm 15 and a freshman. If it matters, I'm proudly strait, happily single, and not looking.

I live with my bipolar crazy momma and my 9-year-old sister, Amy in a tiny house. I love them, though. My mom's amazing. My star sign is Aries, my moon sign is Scorpio, and my rising sign is Pisces.
I'm 5'0" and I'm skinny. I don't have any tattoos and the only piercings I have are in my ears (1 in each ear).
I have medium "scene styled" dirty blonde hair which I've never dyed before. It is not brown or light brown! It is dark blonde or dirty blonde! I'm growing it back out. Lastly, I have blue eyes.

I'm not really goth or punk or scene or emo or anything, either. I'm actually not into that stuff. I just like vampires a lot and I thought getting on here would be great for the book that I'm trying to publish. I'm sure a lot of you would like it and I hope it's as big as Twilight. [Yes, I am a Twilighter!]
I don't label myself but I won't deny being called something if I'm dressed like that particular label. I gave up trying to be labeled and not be labeled. It's no use wearing a style that doesn't portray the real me when that's what I want people to see.
But I guess you could say my own style [the own that matches me] is a mix of scene/surfer/vintage/punk/preppy. I like skirts, dresses, heels, and flats but I also like jeans, converses, and flip flops. I love fashion. It's such a fun thing to play with.

I was born and raised in South Carolina. I have a slight southern accent! I'm a daughter of the revolution and the confederacy. Both sides of my family has fought for America in The Revolutionary War and for the South in the Civil War. The town of Conway, South Carolina was named after my 7th great grandfather.

These images shouldn't offend anyone considering I'm not racist at all and they do not stand for slavery like a lot of people have come to believe. But if they do offend you for some odd reason, just message me and we can discuss it.

I'm not really categorized as quiet or loud. I'm comfortable talking about most things, but I say things that some people can't understand so I keep my mouth shut when I feel like I should. I don't think like normal people. I'm very smart, though, and I have epiphanies a lot.

I take after my dad with my humor. I'm ill-humored and I'm not afraid to crack a mean joke about somebody no matter how much I like them. Kind of like Sai from Naruto except I'm not emotionless.

I get snotty and pissy when my looks are complimented over and over again by a certain person. I have a high self-esteem and I get a little conceded and vain. Compared to most people in the world, I have nothing to complain about and I only have a little bit of time to enjoy my luck.

I'm pretty stubborn but I'm very indifferent at the same time. I'm loyal to people that I want to be loyal to. I'm very trustworthy. And even though I have a kind of mean mindset, I'm pretty nice. I'm very lovable with my happy, cheerful aura. I don't let things get to me. I'll actually pick on myself as much as I pick on others. I also give my fair share of respect.

I'm not a violent person at all. I don't really care what happens to me. I'm not a vengeful person and I see it as lowering myself when I try to equal myself out by trying to "get back" at someone; but that's as long as it's not out of playfulness. I just want to live without having to worry about that kind of stuff. Which is why I don't like being in control of anything but myself. I'm just an easy, laid back, and fun person.

These little pictures describe my personality pretty well. Some of these may not be true, though! XP

I have three major career goals that I want to do: Photographer, Model, and Fasihion Designer. I would love to end up doing a mix of them but I'm still having a hard time choosing which one I want to do if I can't. I think I'm looking more towards photography, though. I have experience, there are enough galleries in Charleston to work for [there are enough boutiques, too...], and my cousin is into it and he says that it's really fun and he's already into my photos! :D

I have my artwork and photography in my portfolio. [Or at least I think so...I haven't been here in a while...] If you go to my DeviantArt, you can find even more of my work. The link: right here!

I'm a huge Christian. I'm Southern Baptist, though I do believe some of the Catholic faith. [Every time I pray to Saint Anthony to find something, I find it! :D] I'm extremely religious and spiritual in my own way. I've come to believe from study and experience and not just family force that there is a god and a devil and that God sent His son to save me. I've experienced dark things in my studies that I believe are connected with the spiritual world that helped me get closer to my god. I seem very sensitive to these kind of things, but it has allowed me to become stronger spiritually.

Please respect my beliefs. I have different views than a lot of y'all so just get over it. I can still befriend you without trying to convert you. I'm not a homophobe. I do have my own interpretations of the Bible. And I do have respect and knowledge of other religions! I'm not closed-minded! A lot of you are always demanding respect for your beliefs so please do the same for me. "Practice what you preach" as my friend says. Oh, and I can be here if I please. I had somebody comment me saying I shouldn't be on this site because of my religion. It doesn't matter! Get over it!

Oh! And I'm a holy baby! I was born on Good Friday which of course is the day Jesus died for me. :D

"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them a light has shined." Isaiah 9:2

I am a total Beach Bum. The beach is my favorite place in the world! I absolutely love the Summer and heat. I can not stand the Winter and cold. I'm glad I'm in such a nice state. It's only freezing here for a while and it doesn't snow. I hate snow, too. And last summer was the best ever! The beach, the road trips, the concerts, the life! I even almost got a tan!!!
I love surfing. It's the best thing ever invented! I love the Hawaiians! I wish I could go more. I ride on a really small short board about 6'2" and it's really old. It's a hand-me-down. But it's better than nothing. Not being able to surf is like not being about to walk for me. I absolutely love surfing! I'm going to live on Folly Beach or Sullivan's Island near the ocean so I can go to the beach and surf all the time.
And Bethany Hamilton is my hero! She lost her arm to a shark while surfing but after recovering, she got right back on her board and took off in the swell. She's amazing! [And I know the feel of being in the water with sharks...]
I'd like to thank Steve and Tessie for teaching me and the whole family up in Jersey for support!


- Alicia ♥
- Charleston, France, Japan, and the rest of the world.
- Surfing!
- Yellow, Pink, and Blue. [my favorite colors]
- Diversity.
- Writing.
- The beach.
- Heat.
- Summer.
- Bob Marley!
- Researching interesting stuff.
- Photography.
- Drawing.
- Singing.
- Puzzles/Problems.
- Modeling.
- Clothes.
- Fashion.
- Shopping.
- Designing clothes.
- Trace Cyrus!
- Coke. [the drink you evil-minded people...]
- Mexican Food.
- Spicy Food.
- Jalapeños and cheese.
- Seafood.
- Meat.
- Lobster.
- ....and just food in general...I love my metabolism. [I actually had to gorge myself to get a figure...I was an ugly stick figure before I got into middle school. Now I'm hot. :D]

- And, of course, Itachi from Naruto! ♥

[Just ignore my fangirlism for him...]


- Stupidity...that pretty much sums up about everything I hate about people.
- The Cold.
- Strawberries.
- Snow.
- Turtlenecks and long-sleeve shirts.
- Winter.
- Bad quality clothes.
- Thrift stores *shivers*.
- Brown.
- Being told I'm hot by guys over and over again. Seriously, what the hell?

I am sooo sorry for the cut-off. I was doing some editing and the thing just cut my profile in half! Now I have to re-write the second half since I don't have it saved....Please, please, please come back to re-rate in a few days...maybe a week. Thank you so much to those that do. And merci pour stopping by! T.T

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