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xXBlackenedxWingsXx carries the Mark of The Prince. The Coven Of Shadowed Angels

Please add, rate and favor NoctisLucisCaelum
Set at 08:28 on December 15, 2018

Vampire Rave member for 10 years.

Status:  Noble Sire (163.98)
Rank:  Member
Honor 75    [ Give / Take ]
Affiliation:  Master of The Coven Of Shadowed Angels
Mentorship Mentor of Legacy.
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Male
Birthdate:  May 16, 1980
Age:  38


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It is impossible to suffer without making someone pay for it; every complaint already contains revenge. Friedrich Nietzsche

The Coven Of Shadowed Angels

I'm gonna start by saying this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not ask me to turn you. I am HUMAN like EVERYONE ELSE on this site! Vampires are fantasy, not reality. I'm a fan of said fantasy, and that's why I'm here like a lot of us who come here most likely are. If you're interested in the lifestyle, there's plenty in the database this site has. I don't really role play either, so please respect that.

If you're new here and this is among the first pages you have viewed, I recommend the VR Manual be your next stop. That will help you understand things about this site, especially the point of forced induction. If you think that being in a society is an option, you REALLY need to read the manual.

I have had many names here and many faces. Since August of 2008 I have been many places and done a lot of what I wanted to do on here but I still dare say I'm not done. I've been a member of 20+ societies, and master of over 6. I have held every position there is to hold in a society and have been serving as an Acolyte for nearly 6 years. Sire? Been there 13 times but I'm done leveling accounts like that. It got boring. Quickly. Made me wanna scream and throw my laptop. Okay, maybe not that. No one with a brain throws a MacBook but I just don't have the desire to do it anymore. :)

Now, a few observations and facts about me.

I'm a huge anime fan. I find it to be more entertaining than most live TV anymore. A few I'd really gotten into are Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art Online, A Certain Magical Index and Durarara. There are plenty more, but those are just a few of my favorites.

The Society System is as interesting as it is crowded now. Since gaining membership in my first coven I have been learning the complexities of the system and how to negotiate running my own while helping other run theirs. It's the society masters on here that think they're admins or untouchable because of who they know that I choose not to deal with though. My prerogative, of course.

I'm also a dedicated professional wrestling fan. Yes, I know it's staged but I like it anyhow. 30+ years watching it, so yeah it's fair to say I simply never outgrew it. Probably won't either.

Obviously, I'm a multiple profile user but I'm allowed that so long as I follow the rules in how I do. Lifetime members are allowed 3 free accounts, even though I prefer premiums so my accounts are both lifetime memberships. My secondary (and only other) is Sire KurokuTsubasa and I'm not considering taking up another any time soon. No time for it anymore, much less a desire.

I do what many are afraid to do here because of the repercussions of such- I rate honestly. I base how I rate on content, not fear that a low rate will get me 5 more of the same number. It's a number, no more no less. I will however, do re-rates if requested. Block me for that rate, and I won't return though- it will remain.

Occasionally I will write in my journal venting about what someone says or does here. Unless told by an administrator that my entries are inappropriate I will continue to do so. Don't like what I have to say? Then stop reading. No one is forcing you, after all.

I am loyal to myself first, my friends second. My friends know who they are, and I stand by them 100% in their decisions. I may not always like them, but I stand by them anyhow- that's just what friends do.

I have noticed the changes here over the last 8 years- be it the drastic changes down to the ones admins barely notice themselves. With the new update even as an Acolyte I'm the learner again. But then, I'm okay with that realization. The more you know, the more you still need to learn. That's the reality of being the one seeking knowledge, after all.

As a Coven Master on this site I do not need to watch for 'Promised' stamps. This has to do with a part of the system known as Forced Induction- and NO it is not against the rules. Want to claim a member is 'yours'? Be quick enough to induct before someone else does. If not be ready to offer a trade RESPECTFULLY.

Now for some more about me as a person, but simple and small facts that I care to share with you:

Religion: I am agnostic, though my beliefs mirror those of a LeVayan Satanist. To clarify, being a Satanist by Levay's teachings is not 'devil worship' anymore than Christianity is without fault. Fanatics killed in the name of their God, and wars were fought putting millions of lives in forfeit. Let's just say I exercise the beast within me instead of attempting to EXORCISE it.

Do I drink? Yes, I do but on occasion. I don't get drunk and stupid like I did before the age of 21, I have a few and stop there. I had my fun when I was younger, it just doesn't seem so appealing to me to get wasted anymore.

Drugs: Other than smoking marijuana as a painkiller I do not do any drugs, I have seen the harmful effects over the years in those I have known and I never want to see that happen to me.

I am a fast learner, however I don't learn by reading as much as hands-on. I learn by doing so much faster than being instructed. That's how I constructed my old desktop computer and I have other projects to work on that interest me.

I am empathic to a point, and I have been told that I feed from emotional energy, though the most toxic in my opinion is hatred or anger.

I have been severely injured in my life, twice actually. When I was only 15 years old I was hit by a car requiring surgery on my left knee. In 2009 I suffered severe injuries to my facial extremities, resulting in 75% of my face being broken. When I look at pictures from before the accident I can barely tell my nose or facial bones were broken though.

I registered as a Republican but I don't 'vote with my party'. If a Democratic candidate offers a better idea I will vote for them- if they fail I don't again though.

I do not trust easily, if at all because of being lied to from the point that I could understand up until now. I will not say who did so- that has to remain for me to know. Sorry, but you really can't know everything about a person.

HONOR: I do not give this freely or if someone asks for it. If I do not consider you an honorable person I will not give it. Asking for it will get no response whatsoever. It does not mean that I consider you without honor or even that I lack respect- I must know you to make such a judgment.

I do not rate fairly. I don't see the need. But, here's what I base my rating on:

1-4: Little or no content. Try harder than that. I'll also rate low if your page offends me in any way.

5-7: Decent, I'll give you that much. Not blown away but you've done more than what some on here to make it presentable.

8-9: I'm impressed. Really, I am. Not perfect, but nothing is.

10: You have a phenomenal page, and deserve the rate you got.

I however, will no longer rate constant member name changes. Pick a name and just stick with it. No adds for your journal either.

Those who get offended by the fact that I decide not to rate- or rated them low are urged not to message me complaining about it. I won't respond with more than to work on your page and get back to me.

Lastly, I don't demand a 10 for this. Rate what you think is fair, not what I do. I don't 'rate what I get'. It's a number on a website, if it affects how I level or not.

Member Since: Aug 01, 2008
Last Login: Dec 15, 2018
Times Viewed: 82,556

Times Rated:582

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Dec 14, 2018

Dec 14, 2018
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Dec 14, 2018


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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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