Coven Induction Policy Debate

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Here lately I have been noticing a
huge flood of new members joining the website and it seems that
none of them are even reading the site rules and they are
bitching about being forced inducted. I have even had one person
tell one of my ACM'S that apparently she had no clue about
what coven they wanted and she is going to get in trouble if she
forces him into the coven without his permission.

It would be a good idea to have a reminder message sent to all newbies reminding them they do not have a choice when it comes to joining covens or houses quoting the induction rules from the rule book.

These rules are:


Induction into any House or Coven is forced. You do not have a
choice as to whether or not you will be a member of a
House/Coven. An exception to this rule are members who hold the
rank of Sire. A Sire cannot be forcibly inducted. A Sire can join
any House/Coven (with the Master's permission) and leave any
House/Coven at any time. A Sire can also start their own Coven.

Your Master can sell or trade you to another House/Coven. You do
not have a choice if you will be sold or traded.

Induction Requirements

A perspective inductee must meet the following:

  • Be at least level 20

  • Be free of affiliation

  • Not be a Sire.

All Houses/Covens are limited to 5 inductions per 24 hour

If you do not understand the underlying concepts behind forced
induction you should not be a member of Vampire Rave.

I am getting tired of theses newbies trying to tell me that I am not allowed to induct them or my ACM for that matter saying it is against the rules.

I know I am guilty at time for getting pissed when someone force inducts someone I am after because they was faster at clicking induct but I get over it and pay the favors to get them or get lucky have them to just give me them for free, but like I said I think out would be a great idea to have a automatic message sent to them when they are close to
level twenty warning them air three forced induction policy.

My main argument is that they keep complaining to us and telling Coven Masters and Assistant Coven Masters that they are the ones who are breaking the rules by force inducting them into our covens against their will. I have had other Coven masters contact me telling me that many people have deleted their profiles when they are forced into the covens. So I believe that it would make it easier we should have a message sent out once they reach level nineteen to remind them that they have to accept the induction policy to continue and if they disagree then to save time the profile is deleted because
that is what ninety percent of the users are doing anyways if they do not get what they want.
My way of thinking is if Cancer did not want forced inductions he would of made the link invite not induct. I remember when all of this was not even a part of Vampire Rave. I been a part like most since the beginning. I delete my original profile back before we could change our names but like you say this had been an on-going issue since covens
came into being.

My questions to all of you is what do you think And, what are your ideas, as well as, what is your input on this topic?

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Page last updated: Aug 18 2011



19:25 Aug 18 2011

well...it's a newbies own fault if they don't read and understand the rules set out in the VR Manual. They're there in plain sight for all to see.

23:48 Aug 18 2011

Personally, I think one should have to read the site rules before being allowed to sign up.

This is not a new problem.

00:38 Aug 19 2011

I agree with both of the members above me. One should know what they are getting themselves into when joining a site such as this. The VR Manual is there for everyone, and if someone doesn't read it, their ignorance is their own problem.

I don't agree with sending out warnings to all new members, or those close to hitting level twenty. If you're that invested in the site, you should know what's expected.

20:44 Aug 19 2011

I agree with Immortalxkiss, if you join any site, you should be prepared to know what's expected of you and that means reading site rules and being familiar with how things work.

This is from the Getting Started page:

You do not have a choice as to whether or not you want to be in a specific society. Once you hit level 20 you're free game. Any society Master can induct you. Forced induction is a core component of Vampire Rave. You're on a vampire site after all.

05:15 Aug 20 2011

Read the damn rules I say.

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