Losing the right/regaining the right

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Credit and credibility. 'Confidence in a purchaser's ability and intention to pay' and 'the quality of being believable or worthy of trust'. They both stem from 'credo', the Latin word for "I believe". Taking both words and what happens when you lose them- you have the same outcomes in the line of their meaning.

Credit: Once financial institutions no longer have confidence in your intentions to honor your promises, you gain 'bad credit'. Other companies will not trust or allow you to get loans- and if they do, it comes at a hefty price to protect their assets. If you are buying a car with bad credit, they will put a LoJack on your vehicle to trace it where ever you are in case they need to repossess it for non-payment. It is an understandable thing. In order to make things right and 'get back to good'- you have to prove yourself worthy. This can take years. You have to be honest and timely, slowly clearing up past blemishes. If you keep yourself finances in check, you may one day have a clean slate- however, certain businesses you've 'done dirty' still may not want to sign any deals with you.

Credibility: When someone trusts you, and you lie- you lose the trust. There's no mystery to this. You cheat on a lover, steal something, are simply not honest... you lose trust. Take it even further to compulsive lying. In this case, it's what you do. This is your personality- so much, to where you sometimes even believe your lies. Things get mixed up though, you can't keep the lies straight- you're not sure what you've said to whom, and all's in shambles. Once again- In order to make things right and 'get back to good'- you have to prove yourself worthy. This can take years. You have to be honest and timely, slowly clearing up past blemishes. This doesn't happen in a couple months, especially when you're still lying. If you keep your honesty in check, you may one day have a clean slate- however, certain people you've 'done dirty' still may not want to sign any deals with you.

If you can understand credit, you should be able to understand credibility. It shouldn't be a shock that they both end the same and are dealt with the same. You have to regain rights once again. This doesn't happen in weeks or short months. Even on the internet, we're not living in dog years or soap opera time here. When you are immoral and unethical- ownership and value in you needs to become your new track record. Track records take time. But that record can never begin if you keep the same old/same old.

You have to make a new credo for yourself. Or, we will never believe.

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Page last updated: Feb 06 2012



14:44 Feb 05 2012

A pragmatic approach that more people should consider before using the, "it's online, so it doesn't matter" way of doing things. Our behavior on and off line is our greatest responsibility to our integrity.

14:49 Feb 05 2012

This is an excellent page.

15:34 Feb 05 2012

You hit the nail on the head there.

People who lie constantly often believe their own lies, so no wonder they seem credible sometimes. One lie is never enough though because more often than not, a liar will 'trip' themselves up by forgetting what it was that they had said, and have to fabricate another to cover up their mistakes.

...and...isn't it laughable when liars seem to imagine that the rest of us have short memories? LOL

15:51 Feb 05 2012

Yep, totally what I meant about this not being dog years or soap opera time :P

16:04 Feb 05 2012

This is a very good point. I've found from personal experience that it is much more effective to prove your goodwill and changed ways when you aren't trying to do what you think people will find convincing. It has to come from you and mean something to YOU first before others will truly believe.

If you're doing things to appear a better person, it is transparently phony.

I think in general it shouldn't be about proving to others that you're a good person, it's all about yourself. Your words are very wise and make me think of my past.

17:14 Feb 05 2012

It goes back to a saying I learned while studying Hitler. "If you say something loud enough and long enough, people will start to believe it's the truth." The ability to hide behind a fake picture, a fake name, and a fantasy world makes it worse.

22:50 Feb 05 2012

Good One IIW

Individuals and Business, both are a resource at different ends of the string of life. Burn both ends with incredulous and unreasonable idiosyncratic personality traits acquired through low self esteem, nihilistic surrealism or just plain narcissism and you lose the game. And there are many ways to play the game of life. But the utmost reasonable one, regardless of any individual foible or trait of fanciful, fantastic forlorn falsification, is to simply just be true to self and create no alternate avenue of surreptitious lifestyle that would compromise your individual credibility.

Hope that makes sense.

13:05 Feb 12 2012

I was accused of lying in the past by people who didn't know me well. They said I said things about myself to be a goth and be pitied to be liked. Thing is, I said the truth and they didn't know me from childhood so how could they know? Sometimes people get accused of lying with unfairness. However I know the situation that happened recently, and here you got the proves. You have to be really careful what to say and do, even on-line, because even if it's just a site, people get hurt for real.

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