The Celtic Order of the Wolf (Coven)

The Celtic Order of the Wolf (Coven)

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The Dark Kindred
The Dark Kindred

Wolves were regarded as majestic animals who roamed freely in the vast ancient forests of Britain, Ireland, and Europe for thousands of years. The Celtic tribes who lived side by side with wolves both feared and admired them. The Celts were so impressed by the hunting skills of wolves that they were treated as sacred animals who were traditionally associated with shape-shifters.

The relationship between the Celts and wolves dated back to the earliest times of European history. A carving of a wolf was discovered in the Highlands of Scotland dating to the sixth century BC. Wolves became part of the everyday lives of the Celts, particularly forest-dwellers. The warrior class admired wolves as cunning predators who possessed strength and swiftness. Some Celtic tribes claimed to be descendent from wolves possibly because they were loyal, sociable animals who hunted in nomadic families. Some of the tribes may have venerated wolves and assumed their characteristics.

The Irish chieftain, Laignech Fáelad, was said to be half man and half wolf. He sired a tribe of warriors who were known in legends as the werewolves of Ossory. The warriors of the clan apparently dressed in wolf-skins and cut their hair to resemble the mane of a wolf. The tribe of the Lingones in Gaul paid homage to a woodland god called Vosegus during the Iron Age. Vosegus was the protector of the vast forests of the Vosges mountain range in France. He was depicted as a hunter-god wearing a wolf-skin at a Roman-Celtic temple in Le Donon in the Vosges mountains.

This coven is about multiple things. First and foremost this Coven is about wolves and weres, second, this coven will also teach the ways of Celtic magick, Lore, and Druidism. This Coven allows one to embrace their animalistic side, but to do it with honor and not disgrace.

First and foremost, life involves inevitable encounters with events that seem, at least at first, to impose themselves upon you. Fortune, nature, other people, and death itself are among them.

Second, these events also invite us to respond. The response generally involves the development of various human potentials and resources. Some of these are social, such as one’s family and friendship ties, and some are personal and internal, like courage and integrity.

And third, if we respond to these imposing events with excellence, and if the excellent response becomes habitual, they can be transformed into sources of spiritual meaning and fulfillment. This transformation opens the way to a worthwhile and flourishing life.

Code of the Order

1. Every action has a consequence that must be observed and you must be prepared to compensate for your actions if required.

2. All life is sacred and all are responsible for seeing that this standard is upheld.

3. Be a good host as well as a good guest.

4. Take time for yourself to unwind from stressful things. (In other words, unplug from the internet from time to time)

5. Serve your community and family.

6. Maintain a healthy balance between spiritual and real life.

7. Be truthful with yourself and unto others.

8. Check-in with other members to ensure you are ok, as well as check on others if they are ok.

9. Be sure of all convictions before judging or accusing someone, but also when debating. Ask yourself: are you really sure? Do you really know that this the case?

10. Set the example to others and live with higher standards than those that would belittle you.

If you feel this coven is for you, feel free to contact me or one of the assistant coven mistresses.

Coven Opened on 12-7-2020

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