Hello, and Welcome Coven members of THE CRY OF THE BANSHEE. There are various ways you may have ended up here. You are either inducted when you hit level 20, or traded by your CM for some reason. Do not take this personally, it may happen numerous times while you are on VR. This isn't a site where you get to make the decision on where you want to be, because that is how Cancer, The Prince, and owner of the site set it up. Here is info taken straight out of the VR manual from him about Inductions.

Induction into any House or Coven is forced. You do not have a choice as to whether or not you will be a member of a House/Coven. An exception to this rule are members who hold the rank of Sire. A Sire cannot be forcibly inducted. A Sire can join any House/Coven (with the Master's permission) and leave any House/Coven at any time. A Sire can also start their own Coven.

Your Master can sell or trade you to another House/Coven. You do not have a choice if you will be sold or traded.

Induction Requirements

A prospective inductee must meet the following:

Be at least level 20
Be free of affiliation
Not be a Sire.
If you do not understand the underlying concepts behind forced induction you should not be a member of Vampire Rave.

OK that pretty much says it all I think?

If after a while of being in my coven, you feel you are not happy, well too bad, so sad. lmao. Seriously though, you can either Sire out like everyone else does, or put in a request to a different Coven that you're interested in. But there are no guarantees a trade will be agreed on by the 2 CM's, they may not want you, they may not be willing to offer an agreeable trade or favor. So my suggestion would be, suck up it buttercup. :D You're no exception to the rules of VR or this Coven.

1. Coven crest must be on profile within 24 hrs of induction or trade. If crest is not on profile that profile will be blinded until problem is resolved or issue removed.

2. Members must earn 30 favor a week and post at least 3 times a week in the coven forum. If you can be even more active, that would be great!

3. What the Coven Mistress says goes. Her word is law.

4. All respect shown to Coven Mistress must be shown to my ACMs and they speak for me if I am not here.

5. All Vampire Rave TOS must be followed.

6. Do your best to try to make a nice profile, and if you need some help ask. Your rating affects the coven's ratings. Your images on your page, or rating stamps should not stretch out the page.

7. As a courtesy, please rate, add, stalk, and add journals of all your fellow coven members profiles.

8.Also we have something nice,if you are active here,we have have Favor awards stamps and Forum post awards for your profile,but before you earn that,you have to be alot be posting and active as you can,then can i awarded you.:)

9.No down rating or blocking a fellow coven or alliance member

10. No drama will be tolerated, and do not try to drag me or other members into any drama. If this appears to be a problem, you will be blinded at first offense. If problem continues, you will be traded off quickly. And no, not to a coven that you want to go to, but one that I choose. If you want respect, then be respectful. This is your home on VR, and we are family. We are here for fun, so lets have fun. :D

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