About Hell: Read CAREFULLY!

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Seems there is some confusion and complaints about Hell. This page will clear up any misconceptions you have about Hell. Read this page BEFORE sending me or my ACMS a message. Otherwise, your messages might be ignored. A few changes have been made due to the complaints.

1. Once a member is sent here, what happens to them is none of the business of those who sent them here. What Hell decides to do with those members is solely up to us. If you do not like this, then feel free to send them somewhere else. No skin off my nose.

2. Hell as a rule does not blind. There are special cases. Just because someone does not like an inmate in this coven does not give them privilege to blind. This has ALWAYS been Hell's rule from the day it was created. It will NOT be changing.

However, I will reserve the right to use the feature in the future if it amuses me to do so. This will be reserved for those who really cross the line. (Crossing the line in the coven does NOT constitute talking smack in the coven, it is what members are supposed to do.) We WANT to hear their complaints, bitching, and whining. If you are in Hell and want to be in a position, then you need to have the ability to not allow things to get to you.

3. Members are supposed to raise Hell (pun intended) within these walls. It helps keep them from doing it in the rest of VR. The inmates are SUPPOSED to be assholes. The most important thing is for people to have fun on a website, not suck all the fun out of it.

4. If you are a Master, Asst Master, or Trade Master, then here is the deal. Take it or leave it. There will be no trades for favor. I am not going to pay favor to Covens and Houses to accept the rejects you have to send. I have to put up with the trouble makers, and I refuse to pay for that. Any requests for members to be traded to you will be ignored. Any requests by members to be traded out will also fall on deaf ears. Make sure you really want to send a member before you send them. As far as membership into the Coven goes, there will be no trades denied for any reason with the exception of those asking for favor. If you don't like it, send them to Purgatory. They MIGHT pay it.

5. Posting in the forum, displaying our banner on profiles, or favor earning is the sole decision of the member who has been sent here. I do not require it. In fact, you can say I don't give a damned if a member posts in the forum or puts the crest on their profile. There will be no kicks or trades out for non-participation. Their ONLY concern is to level to Sire and get the Hell (pun intended) out. Unless they decide to stay, then that is up to them.

6. One more thing: If you think by insulting, my staff and I, rating us 1s, or blocking is going to get to us, then you need to rethink the idea. It will not bother us, and will result in us only laughing at you. You will not get what you want in this way. Feel free to rate and block as you wish.

7. There will also be no alliances with any other coven.

8. I will not be prettying up any pages. Hell is not a pretty place. It is not meant to be. Hell is punishment for the worst offenders who want to break the rules of the societies on Vampire Rave. Hell is a PRISON COVEN not a pleasure cruise.

9. There are no other rules in Hell except no flaming of the administrators. This is only 1 of 2 things in Hell that will get your asses blinded. The other would be you having your profiles suspended or banned or if you have given your profile to someone else who has been blacklisted in the coven. There are no other reasons a person should be blinded.

10. Hell will stand behind its staff. Within reason. If they have done something to be distrusted then they shall be removed from position. There is a damn good reason they are staff. It is because they have proven themselves able to handle the job, and because they have proven they are trustworthy. If they lose that trust, they lose their position.

11. If this page offends you, then too bad. I don't give a damn. I run my coven the way I want. You run yours the way you want, and stay out of Hell's business.

~~Page Created by Saetan~~

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