The Damned

This is the page where we are going to list certain members who have became known for being jackasses around VR, and their dirty deeds go on display for all to see. If their name makes it here, then they are some of the worst of the offenders.

May They Burn Forever in These Fiery Pits

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09/26/2019 ConcelledShadow....A.K.A. ShroudedDarkness
You harassed someone to the point where they blocked you. However, you couldn't leave it alone. You decided to message people you didn't know to ask them to relay a message to the person who blocked you. I think I was fairly civil in what I told you. However, you stated that ...."I shall respect you wishes but you best approach me in a more respectful manner bud, you do not know of whom you are speaking too and with all due respect I shall have no one speak to me so , so I implore you to watch your tounge and check your attitude with me or there shall be greater conflict than you may want to embark in , and you are correct there is a block button and it's for circumstances like this , and for buffoons like you have a pleasant afternoon and be more aware of your approaches when you reach out to one, as someone else may not be as forgiving as I am."

Now... While you were correct in that I didn't know to whom I was speaking, there is NO excuse for harassing women on this site. There is NO excuse for asking people you do NOT know to get involved. It wasn't just 1 person, nor 2, that you begged to relay messages for you. It was, by my count, 5. I may be an asshole. I don't have an issue with that. I DO have an issue with you harassing women of this site and WILL step up. You want to DEMAND respect, yet can't give it? I think not. You are, and shall remain, a prisoner. You can self delete or Sire out. I DO wish you all the best HELL has to offer. Oh, and PLEASE, feel free to bring any conflict you think you may have to offer. We do so love that here.

One more thing, while I am at this. This is what is on your current profile.

"Vampiric individual seeking knowledge, friendship, and who knows. Perhaps more...I had another account by the name of ShroudedDarkness, however I seem to have forgotten my password, so now have this instead. Not to much about me, partially because I prefer the Mysterious persona, I tend to be very empathetic towards other's understanding their insight and perspectives more so than most. I also have a very strong tie with nature and have for as long as my mind could ponder."

Now, let's see.... I don't know why ShroudedDarkness was suspended until infinity but it was, indeed, suspended until infinity. That ALSO makes you a Liar, as well.

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Jan 22,2019 ReaperSoulMate
were sent to hell for violations of TOS. Creating Multiple free profiles. General Drama. Later She was found guilty of using glitch to hack the society system freeing them from covens through duplicating profiles. She was bragging and were caught. She tried acting innocent and lying to the admins. She was found guilty to due an audio file being collected off of Skype supplied by another member of this site. Shealso have lost the privilege of having a coven and having free profiles. She also are known for stealing accounts from other using the lie of helping others with coding.

Their other accounts are:

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mrandmrsimpaler4ever & Lavenderlace

So, where do we start with this disrespectful *coughs* lady?

She, like Lana and Julie has been guilty of a lot of lesser drama though even though it is warned against in the VR Manual has given out her password- one can't really know what the intention truly was but allowed a ToS violator access to her account. More trouble came from her, and that is what got her sent here.

However, the admins of the coven may have left this alone if not for a disrespectful pass wasn't made in a message to Dakotah.

"When Liliancat is gone, I want a chance at you".

This action is rather unforgivable. This while she was already in Hell had seen her permanently blinded until she self deletes or reaches Sire. Her comments towards Sire xXBlackenedxWingsXx since will keep her that way.

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June 24, 2011 - Fale - From Twizted Souls,
Sent here for the reason given below by MindxBender:

I have had this guy for a while. He has made quite a reputation for himself on VR by making perverted comments towards under age girls. He told my sister and I quote that her 2 year old daughter will make a good cock sucker when she is 14. I am sure y'all will enjoy having him.

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KhalidTalon From WhisperingWolf of Crimson Wolf Moon Coven
February 11. 2012

This member got a serious attitude with my ACM, as well as myself. He also got very rude with another CM on VR. He refuses to accept VR rules about force induction, and refuses to take part in the coven.

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Let's see what can we say about this one, lol?

Vladdyboy was sent here by LadyPayne. He was enamored by her beauty, and once she turned him down, he became a belligerent jackass around the site. Then he moved on the VvvVampireKisses and was once again rejected. Since then, he has made an ass of himself around the site. He teamed up with Purgatory's IamTHEWITCH and went around rating everyone 1s and blocking spree before he was suspended for a week for making multiple free profiles. He was warned one more time and he is gone. So he couldn't hack it in Hell, so he went "Rogue" and decided to "wage war" on the covens and houses of VR. Vladdyboy doesn't live in reality. He thinks everything on this site is real life. He throws temper tantrums like a two year old girl and screams like one when you show him that he is an idiot. He likes to send verbally sexual harassing messages to 14 year old girls, so lock up your daughters and make sure you watch them very carefully, since Vlad likes women he can control. He has a complex and deep hatred of women.

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Sent to Hell via xXGothicRoseXx with the following message:

Profile for xXGothicRoseXx
Venerable Sire (138)

Vampire Rave Coven Master

Vampire Rave Mentor

May 09 2013


Block User


To Saved

Email to Self
Hey sexual pervert needs to be taught a lesson vulgar mouth as well need help watching him for induction to send to Hell .

darkfear99 wrote:
Leave me the fuck alone u bitch ur dead and blocked

Message To: darkfear99

lmfao little boy stfu

On 15:06:11 May 09 2013 (-0 GMT) darkfear99 wrote:

U are nothing but bitch I run with the hell angles u now have hit on ur head

Message To: darkfear99

You need to stop harassing women or I will induct you and send your ass to hell .


This guy is not only a sexual pervert, but likes to harass 14 year old girls.

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Scrape - Let's see what we can say about this little tick turd.

He was harassing a female member of VR. Posting kismets, journals and the like saying she led him on. This man is married and living with his wife and her mother and looking to hook up on the internet like the piece of cow dung he is. Not only that but he also pretended to "die" like Aracon and then came back with a new profile pretending to be a woman. Then proceeded to harass the female member. Threw a fit when he found out she had a boyfriend and whined and cried like a bitch.

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Ok this one is a real winner ladies, so steer clear!

On 03:34:39 Jun 24 2013 (-0 GMT) LadyPayne wrote:

I was just contacted by Kaligula...who informed me that the crest on my mentorship had been changed to a pic of me in my bra and panties.

I have fixed it but this was done by Agony...formerly Lordwolfson who was an ex and then got caught lyig...then came back pretending to be someone else...I blasted him in my journal...and he posted that

And now Sis....I gladly hand him over to hell...ARe you REady?

My response: Send that little shit!

This is just the tip of the iceberg this pansy little cockroach pulled. He has a fiance, but wanted to play around with other women - By the way, his fiance is also on VR. He is a liar, a cheater, a player, and general all around piece of shit.

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