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This page will display recent art, poetry and essays of talented members of House Madadh, both past and present.

We will start with WendigoWolf:








The pain of that flame lingers

As the fire dances on my feathery wings

The smell of sulpher on fingers

I lay in a ball on the chopping floor

Pulling that blade from my chest

The red hot steel drips molten rock

Darkness lit by an amber nest

Regretfully broken by the divine one

I look up to the opening above

They circle me like vultures over dead

Glowing like glimmering doves

I hate them all for their superior pride

As I pull myself to my feet

I am approached by a horde of life

Demons that come to greet

They all bow to me like their God

They pick me up on their backs

Six-hundred and sixty six loyal beasts

Carrying me over the cracks

Then place me on a throne of sin

My pride grows like a giant

I will exploit the weaker of His children

Then make them all my clients

They will sell me their sweet innocence

I am God here now

And the world will not be the same

I still do not know how

But the divine will see me again





Genesis pt2..






A existential poem from the lovely schweinhagen and a personal photo of a beautiful baby.

"planet hell"

what is this place?

is this an undiscovered planet?

i think its that planet hell that is in the stories...

"welcome now..to my planet hell"

*walking around*

yes this place could very well be the planet hell that i've heard so much about...

*sees something*

wow...this place really is planet hell...

welcome signs help often on figuring out where you are....

this one seems like this place is meant for one person...

*thinks a little too hard*


this is my hell....

this is my planet hell and i have found it wondering and walking...

i thought that there was only one planet hell....

and you had to be part of some club to get into it...

i guess all people have their own planet hell...

and there must only be one way into it...

but you must have to truely believe that you can get to it...

and eventually you will get there...

just like i did...

and its just a shame that you couldnt come with me...

this is my own little world....

and you don't care...

but that's ok...they know me here....

i don't need you here to keep me company...

this is my own planet hell...

and i'm happy to be here


The Demon

Once there was a demon

He went through life alone

Day after day he had no one

No one to love

No one to love him back

The demon wanted what most his kind did not

He wanted an angel to love

Wanted to find his other half

The demon found this angel one day

But was thrown off

This angel was not alone

He sat back and became friends with her

Months went by and the this angel was alone

The demon then sought out this chance

The chance to make her his own

A day went by with the demon and the angel talked

He then realized he loved her more then before

The angel then admitted that she loved him too

From that day on

The demon had his angel

And he is not going to let his dark angel go

Goth Night

When darkness falls

a smile crosses my face

could it be

that im craving those dark nights again?

All my senses tell me

my goth man is back

he has been near

the way the night has become darker, he is here

he lives in the nights, The Goth Nights

He beckons me nearer, with a song written for me

he has found his way back to me

to finally make me his goth angel

could this be why im craving those dark nights?

these Goth Nights

are why i live

without the dark nights my Goth Man wouldnt be here

I wouldnt be here

for i am now

and forever will be

his Goth Angel


these dark nights are getting hopeless

where are you?

im waiting

cant you see that?

these dark nights are long without you here

will you come back?

are you there?

awaiting me in the shadows?

i think i see you

but that could be just my eyes

playing games with me

is it true?

are you really gone?

but your shadow still lingers

i can sense it

please come back

theres room to make it right again

i miss you.

Demon Vamp

I walk the nights

Sleep away the days

Being alone all the time

Never finding company

Etching names of enemies into sides of bullets

Planning who my next victim will be

Wondering where my next meal will come from

Scared of what my next night will bring

Wanting someone to share my nights with

I sense another being

So I stop for a minute

This is no ordinary being

He is different

A handsome demon vamp

He gets closer

But i dont let my fears show

Something tells me he needs me

He gets even closer

He starts closing in on my

But stops

I let him know I see him

He moves out of the shadows

And lets me see him for all he is

I stop moving

He sees the fear in my eyes

He moves in close to me

Taking me in his arms

Kissing me lightly on my forehead

Lets me know Im safe with him

Prose poetry and lyrics from Deathwalker253

"Just Listen"

Music makes me happy, just listen to the words, though they can be saddening, just hear the minor thirds. Listen to the flow, let it invade your mind, strain to hear its slow, yet active in its time. Now, hear it comes, the run, moving up and down, technical yet simple, flowing with the sounds. Climbing evermore, the tempo it increases, the volume it maintains, to tear your heart to pieces. Tension is afoot, as it amplifies, multiply the sound, and then it shall arrive. Bursting on the scene! The climax has been reached! Now tell me that you don't love, that slow and gentle piece!

"That Day"

I had to stay home on that morning, that day,

While thousands of souls were drifting away.

That day went by so quickly, so fast.

I felt like I didn't get the chance to cast

off the feelings of nausea now,

it was something my day just wouldn't allow.

That day began as I quietly wept

That day began as the towers began their smoky descent.

The Will

Silently empty the room stood still

quietly watching the man and his will.

Judging his family and spreading his wealth

noticing sadly the greed and the filth.

Wanting through nothing the fighting began

when many slight lambs were then so condemned.

Not with their fists but with their words and their lies.

The words were absurd as were the gleams in their eyes

The man with his money knew not what to do

when his family was fighting they had not a clue.

He thought about what could be done to resolve

the problems that had come from his saddening call.

Come the next morning he knew what to do.

The man with his money had come from his gloom.

Nothing was to go to those who had come

with greed in their eyes. What had they become?

Wonder in its forms

I wonder what to do, I wonder what to think, I wonder all the time till my face is flush with pink.

Wondering while working, wondering at home, wondering all the time I think I’m on my own.

I wondered when it was, I wondered when it is, I wondered at what point I became like this.

No longer do I wonder, the wondering is done, the thoughts I wondered no longer do they come.


Licking wounds and stamping feet

beating cold and winding streets.

Falling snow is white like death

while many perish beneath the dress.

Numbing words and stinging face

burning lies and deadly lace.

Rising ash is fighting strong

though it's not hard for they're not gone.

Blinding sights and crying hands

figured minds and warring lands.

Covered bodies lying still

while many more are falling till.

Violent acts and seeing eyes

We're not right until realized.

Double Glass

Looking through a thin black glass

straight at me he stares right back.

His side white and very clean

it's what is called the perfect scene.

In his hands I see a sight

familiar to me my hands held tight.

Holding what I like to dream

he has those very precious things.

Ambitions which I want to hold

in my hands he sees but mold.

Straight past me he sees my need

what I want but can't yet reach.

The Book

A fickle mind with slight of hand

checking times by counting sand

he saw a book of warring lands.

The saddening book that caught the eye

happy people sighed then cried

while the man looked to the sky.

Shocking rain upon his face

coldness fell with chilling grace

in that very sorrowed place.

A counting sheep that would not sleep

jumping though it could not leap

that man collapsed into a heap.

Maddening sights laid before

he found to look was quite a chore

and this is why the man had sworn.


I believe there are answers to all my questions. I believe dreams come true but with discretion. I know that I'm naive and that's okay. I know I'm happier when I'm this way. I'm pessimistic and cynical to boot. I over think my precarious pursuit. I can not wait 'till I succeed. I can not wait 'till I exceed. I have fears of that which I do not know. I have strengths to overcome within me though. I philosophize the world that is today. I philosophize but I do not stray. I think that the world lacks respect. I think that decency is what's correct. I wish that things were different now. I wish that this could be allowed.

A Mad Old Man

A man with his mind was claimed to be mad.

He's kind like a dreary mocking old man.

He sat upon a funny looking rock,

looked strangely like his lumpy cooking pot.

His mind was a mess and contained all sorts

of thoughts for inventions, most made of quartz.

One lacked propulsion, it was hard to use

as it had fins where instead should be shoes.

Neurotic, nautical, nerve-racking thing.

I know I am strange but this thing had rings.

With its abnormal flesh and glaring eyes.

The being with things made me feel my demise!

The thing stares with thoughts that can scare bold men.

The mad old man drew it all with a pen.

I ignored the man's maniacal plot,

rumors had it he was a wizened sot.

Sampling of the artworks of the lovely Lugaru.










Haunting image from the talented Jocelyn.


Two incredible short fiction pieces from the incomparable Bloodmother:

Retro Reptile

Slender shoulders, blades jutting out like wings, Lydia walked through treacherous high school corridors after first period, head held high, looking neither to the left nor to the right, straight out the door to her ‘56 Ford. She tossed the parking ticket in the glove compartment with the others, giving no thought to the future. No one knew who she was, or where she was going.

She drove past low, pink hills dotted with piñon, and adobe homes camouflaged in the scrub. Lydia felt abandoned by the relentless blue sky filling the void above until she reached the vineyard. Well-tended and deserted as usual, she walked barefoot through rows of twisted vines, squeezing the crumbly black earth between her toes, and listening to the shadowed creek down the hill.

A little snake darted across her path, and stopped.

Lydia froze. She’d not thought about meeting snakes, only murderers or rapists. They wouldn’t find her body for weeks, probably.

The snake turned its head cartoon style to take her measure. It was bright green under the blazing sky, and it was more frightened than Lydia. It took off at a fast clip down the hill to the water.

The day turned hopeful.

Retro Reptile appeared in Silhouette, 2009, an anthology published by WriteGirl.org, a mentoring organization for high school girls.

House of Two Seasons

I come from a house of secrets, dark and hopeless. Corruption and betrayal rot the foundation.

In the summer, lightening reflects my anger. Electric fingers touch down in the velvety night, pointing the way. I know there is more in the world for me.

In the winter, cosseted inside, breathing the decay, the snow washes the outside world white. I make tracks away.

Published in Lines of Velocity, 2008

A moving poem by the talented EternalSpirit.

For Him

She walks alone in the night

He asks to be at her side

Does he know that of which he asks,

Her veins burn with thirst and desire,

His heart beats with pure desire,

She could take him in her embrace,

At what cost does she have the taste,

He comes to her with heart so pure,

He longs to be her hearts desire,

She craves him to hold,

but her senses tell her no

what shall be fate,

Time is what it will take

she has lived many life times

betrayed many times

content to stay alone with mother night

He comes into view, with a longing so true

Not much more she can take, His veins pulsate

She longs for this to be true

His heart skips a beat or two

She will have him when the time is right

When he can give all of himself to her

She will embrace and make his darkest desire


Powerful poems and a drawing by FallenAngel:

Lonely Lonely

I've been lonely for the past few years,

Lonely enough to cry out tears,

My friends like me no more,

But I still knock on their door,

Harder and harder I try,

But Still I wish to die,

Lonely Lonely everywhere,

But all I receive is a glare,

Wherever I go,

I walk real slow,

Cause there is nothing for me to see,

There is no where for me to be,

Is lonely my destiny?

No no not at all,

I just haven't been called

Dream A While With Me.

I dream of rainbows, Bright in the sky,

I dream of lightning, together we cry,

I dream of flowers, I feel such delight,

I dream of spiders, and I scream with fright,

I dream of fish, swimming in the sea,

I dream of sharks, coming after me,

I dream of lambs, frolicking around,

I dream of wolves, Hunting, no sound,

I dream of children, several of them ours,

I dream of them waking, Being up for hours,

Stay with me forever and together we’ll cope,

Because when I dream of you, I dream of hope,

Dream awhile with me and together we’ll see,

Not all dreams are bad, so dream along with me.

"I Lost"

I lost my first thought in the morning

I lost my prayer in the night

I lost the only joy of living

I lost the direction of my life

I lost what eased troubles of the day

I lost what gave weekends most pleasure

I lost what is constant in yesterdays

I lost what was to be the future

I lost confidence in my ways

I lost the swagger in my walk

I lost what parts all colors from gray

I lost whom I loved most

I lost you.

Family I love

Love my family with my hold heart.

My love is Joy to love my family

Family is sad and happy and love.

Family is fun and painful and pretty.

My family is like all families we have

love and we have happiness and tears

I love my whole family

My family is like angels who fly in sky

I am grateful that I have family that loves


My family are kind and nice and fun to be


My family is painful like all families are and

heart breaking and Evil sometimes

My family is heart breaking and deadly like

everyone else

Hey I can't stop loving my family not matter what

it costs in the family.

The way my family is just makes me want to have family

with someone be as good as they are.

But God know I love my family

and our love is great to have in life

and even know they leave he world they still

a live in my hearts.

Wolf Prayer

Follow me down the path

I will walk beside you

Guiding and showing you the way

I will not leave you

I will be standing on the path watching you

If you ever feel alone

Close your eyes

You will see 6 sets of foot prints

2 belonging to you, 4 to me

Then you will know that I have not left you


Poems from DarknessWithinThee that will make you think.


All alone I stand

For what I am

Family, Friends no more

I always knew I would walk alone

Disgraced, disowned, here we go

Pain, rage flows freely out

Numbness, a cold calm comforts

Looking upon the Judgmental I once knew

They never had a clue

That which they looked upon

Its time to move on.

Taking the only ties I have

My children, my blood

Looking back no more

Where I'm going unsure

Free to find my new home

Mother Night I cling To Thee

For you will never forsake me


Another night passes.

I long to see your face.

I feel you with me,

With each breath

I feel you deep within

Yours and Mine the bond we share

Can never be changed through time.

Your each beat my heart takes

Your the air that sustains me.

The love just between you and I

Will last with me till the end of time

I think of you as the night air

brushes against my face.

As each night passes I'm closer

To the night I may hold you.

I cling to mother night

she guides and comforts

While your away.

I lay with hopes

One day you will stay

I feel your thoughts

I feel your pain

I feel your anger

I feel your love

I know what it will take

To break free of your chains

Once more we shall embrace

Oh how my heart aches

To feel your teeth in my flesh

To completely be one

Once again

My Lord, I will forever be yours


Once born into night

A child born of love

Left alone to find her way

I found my strength within each day

Thoughts of how I came to be

Is what truly sustains me

Your Lady of the night

Your Lady of love

I long for knowledge

Crave to be what you desire

To be what makes you proud

Your Namesake

Your Child

Your Kindred

Your scared lil fledgling

Finding her way day by day

More and more I grow

away from childish things

That were taught to me

The mundane way I lose touch with

More and more everyday

With each milestone

You check on me

To see more and more

What I will be

Tonight was the latest one

with your strength

With your love

I had what I needed to overcome

The last of mundane innocence

Flowed out of me

As it gasp for life

I gave up the fight

For the last part of

What was once precious to me

In the name of feeding

It came to be

Your lil vampyre

walked away free

From all I knew

To grow has sacrifices

This I know so painfully

Another growth moment

Gone in a instant

I take each step of growth

To one day be

Where you can truly love me

And set our souls free

Four haunting, primal images from bethazmaveth.

A poem from Cadrewolf:



A warm summer night,

Not to long ago;

The moon the stars,

The night did glow.

A small breeze sang,

Of an uncertain love;

A lone wolf did sing,

Caring to heaven above.

A look from her eyes,

Told him it was right;

Their hearts did race,

Filled with delight.

Hands did caress,

Bodies so warm;

The scent of skin,

Emotions that swarm.

A sweet gentle kiss,

On lips so fair;

Vibrant and red,

That matched her hair.

Their mouths explored,

Every inch of their skin,

From top to bottom,

Without any end.

A nectar so sweet,

A taste so true,

Bodies entangled,

Love on the move.

Moans of passion,

Fill the night air;

The moon and stars,

An unrelentless stare.

He looks up at her,

For she’s on top;

Dance of her body,

As it sways and rocks.

A feeling deep down,

Something starts to stir;

An explosion within,

Warm, cascading surge.

A sigh of love,

She falls into his arms;

For on this night.

They did you no harm.

A lovers moon,

Fair and gold;

For on this night,

Their love is told.

The love of a century,

Two bodies in the night;

For they will vanish,

Come morning light.

Is this a fable,

Of an undying passion;

Or a ghost story,

Without any ration

Art, photoshopping and poetry by quintavollie -- a new and talented member.








To meet a stranger

To meet a stranger within the cloudy moonlit night is a deceit of yourself beckoned my eyes, dark fornication...

The red hot blood dripping down your thigh, gasping air, never forgiving, when you end your deceit what is left?

You turned your back, bending over easily, on longer mine to hold on to, yet you return with the sent of a stranger tempting pent up rage as if you were its tamer...

Darkness Falls

The darkness falls upon thy face enlightened through hellish gates... you wish to see me through closed eyes expecting me to rise for your desires yet your heart is darkened to me... wet desires are never met, open your heart and seize the moment for deep inside you'll reach enlightenment through hellish gates... you wish to see me now your open for me no longer expecting arise, heart now open wet to touch, never ending desires forever dripping from your tongue chapter closed till the next darkness falls.


Tears down your saddened face, staining with its clear drippings. your sadness heating, filling with white hot anger, spreading like the plague, deep down whispers giving way to true meaning, tingling deep sadness, hating yourself for the meanings behind... running to the case like moth to flame, forever flowing deep passion extinguished...





Art and poetry by BadwitchoftheMidwest -- a particularly beloved member.





The Remedy

Still, even now

as only threads of her memory cling to your being;

her tongue manages to speak your name.

With its last wisps still lingering you feel

the softest of heart breaks.

And as night falls with it goes every fiber -

every fiber that separates us man from morals.

And the only thing left is memory in shadows

you can see, feel her heart crying.

For this is what centuries feel like

to a young soul so eager to have loved.

With every day passing she hopes to find

the strength and courage to shake you.

But still then the sun sets and yet again it rises.

She can feel in her heart and soul the ache you have.

The wonder and wish of ‘what if’ and ‘maybe’

call it dense, naive whatever you may please.

But her only way of making it through those

fleeting hours is to pray and wish upon

every fallen lash and shooting star.

That you still whisper her name in the darkness.

Candied Kisses

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.

I could have made you happy; I could have been your girl.

I would have listened to all your troubles in the world.

You just shook your head and turned you back on me.

You closed your heart with a lock and key.

Tonight I’m lying here on the floor.

I can’t tell up from down or right from wrong any more.

My only thoughts are on how I loved you

So now I don’t know what to do.

I can’t think straight everything is all foggy maybe my timing was wrong.

I didn’t mean to inconvenience you.

The prodigal daughter DarkSorcha has returned to Madadh, bearing an amazing poem.

Behold! Man of Unbelief! Behold!

“Lanyon, my life, my honor, my reason are all at your mercy. Think of me in a strange place, laboring under a blackness of distress that no fancy can exaggerate: yet if you will punctually serve me, my troubles will roll away like a story that is told. If not, you have seen the last of your friend Henry Jekyll.”

~Henry Jekyll, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

He only is to blame:

Jekyll is in deadly peril.

You are in my power now.

The greed of curiosity has

Jekyll in deadly peril.

Remember your vows, Lanyon.

The greed of curiosity has

Too much command of you.

Remember your vows, Lanyon,

And you shall see and know all

Too much command of you;

Learn marvels of which

You shall see and know all.

Sleep in peace:

Learn marvels of which

Hippocrates never dreamed!

Sleep in peace

Now, to settle what remains.

Hippocrates never dreamed;

My impatience has shown its heels.

Now… to settle what remains:

You are in my power now.

My impatience has shown its heels

And only Jekyll is to blame.

Poems from the fabulous Feralia.

Immortal Goddess

Black hair and wicked smiles

Eyes so deep her soul for miles

Winged angelic god-made whore

Dream invader wanting more

Sanguine goddess, ancient demoness

Made an offer, and promised bliss

Incantations mix a spell

Vampyress majick, god-like hell

Forbidden secrets of fangular kind

Share the blood, ruin the mind

Take you back to ancient times

Beware dark children, her lustful crimes

She can break you like weakened fools

Turn you into slave-like ghouls

Wife of Adam, should've sat on his face

And took him in her vampyre embrace

Perhaps she wasn't as stories are told

And maybe her character not so bold

When lover's are crossed, anything is said

"I tossed that bitch straight out of my bed!"

Garden of Eden, Paradise of Pain

Heartbroken Mistress, Lover of Cain

Immortal Mother, Eternal Flame

Sympathy for Lilith, Her spirit remains


The moon is my guide

Your blood is my wine

In the red mist we live

I'll charm all your senses

Throw down your defenses

Eternity is mine to give

© Angel H.

Now some poems from the thoughtful Rangiku.


Consumed by hatred and fear

She walks alone in a world

That could never understand her

She wonders alone in the darkness

Wishing someone would find her

Wishing on a false dream

The darkness surrounds her

protects her from the outside world

That has hurt her.



Into the darkness that surrounds

Into the night of internal darkness

Into the future of the bloods

Into the end

I will not fall

I shall stand tall and rain victorious


Darkness runs through her veins

The sacred book in her hand

She sits alone wondering

s what I am to do right

Should I devour my enemy

Who threatens me

Should I let crimson be my revenge

Darkness covers me in a blanket

Hidden from the site

I jump into the night

Following my pray

And attack in the dead of night

Powerful and elegant drawings, followed by some thoughtful poetry from the amazing Amarante.














Can you feel the agony

is it real or just a theory

can you feel it rushing in to your head

maybe you are just dead

the feeling can be mutual

but most of the time not at all so brutal

I found my life

I found my love

I found the way

I found you

One little shot

One eyelash flash

And all was there

for me and you

One little dance

Two sides i see

Only you is what i need

Hair flowing around

Hands finding their way

there we are

We are bound

for each other to be found




An insightful poem from another member, Strawberrymoon.

Hey cut a girl some slack,

i ain't your doll on a rack,

i can bite and hit just like you,

your nothing but a piece of shit on my shoe,

or do i mean heel because after all,

i'm not the one about to fall.

Your the one who's a whore,

i'm not the one that sleeps with chicks i find outside concert doors,

Go to hell you make me sick,

with all your high ideals and super male kicks.

I don't dream of a white picket fence or even a little house with flowers,

I'm past the stage of daddy's little princess and silly little sugar coated towers,

I'm a new kind of monster who loves her enemies covered in BBQ sauce,

Cooked to a crisp if you please, cause i'm not into medium rare horse.

Silly man with such a little brain,

can't you see i'm a head of you in our little game,

Stop bitching and moaning i'm sick of your shit,

Get off your ass and do your bit.

If anyone's getting tied up its you,

i wonder if i should use my whip on you too,

So sweet your cries are to my ears,

i think i like to see your tears.

When i cry you think i'm playing,

But really i'm thinking of going storm chasing.

Moral: If you sleep with a asshole your gonna get shit on.:)

A gripping short story from LimitlessNikkie.

Caught in the Rain

I duck under a gnarled oak tree to escape the down pour of warm rain. I smile like a child at Christmas giggling with abandon as I watch lightning wraps around the sky sticking awe in me. I'm tempted to run back out into the rain and dance around like a child to lose myself in the pure happiness I used to find in the wild abandon of dancing in the rain worshiping the earth and sky as pagans must have in a time near forgotten but I don't. The memories of the last time I danced in the rain with you are still too fresh in my mind. Though the memories are bitter sweet one I smile to myself remembering.

I remember how your car broke down in the along the highway as you drove me home. Black silver smoke drifted out from under the hood making you cuss and me worry. How we parked beside the orchard and you tried to call triple A but had no reception. You were miserable, you hated the cold and the wet. You complained endlessly about your shitty car and the shitty weather. How annoying it was that I lived way out of town and how inconvenient it was that I’d gotten off work late so we left just as the storm was moving in.

You grumbled and complained stomping around the car fiddling with something under the hood only to slam it down cussing again. You blackened mood hung around us but I didn’t take part in it. To me the weather was perfect and the car meant little. The rain was soft and just a bit colder then the warm spring air. It was the first rain so it had that smell you know the one that smells like water and warm concrete. It sounds like a bad smell but it me it’s wonderful. It’s my favorite smell in the world. A smell that would forever remind me of you.

So as you stomped around complaining trying to start your car I stood in the rain in a pair of shorts and a white tank top getting soaked but not caring in the least just smelling that fresh rain smell feeling the electricity in the air and smiling. I felt like laughing and running around like a little kid playing worshiping the earth, the sky and life in the only way I knew how, but I held back. We were new, you were new and I wasn’t comfortable acting like an idiot in front of you...yet.

You paused in you grumbling and complaining long enough to notice me standing in the rain. I could tell you were about to start up again probably directing it at me for being all wet, probably you were going to complain about me getting the seats all wet but I stopped you. I walked up to you and wrapped my arms around your weights and lean into you smiling into your eyes. You wrap your arms around me and smile down at me. It was a loving look that made me feel treasured and special.

You call me an imp and tweak my nose making me feel like a little girl again. I laughed and twirl out of your arms acting childish but reveling in the freedom of it. You ask me what I was doing already charmed by my childish enthusiasm but rather then answer you I just laughed pulling you with me into the orchard. I twirled away from you dancing between the trees making you follow me. You laugh at my antics and soon your chasing me.

We laugh and play and you chase me trying to catch me. I run screaming and laughing and you catch me, an outstretched arm catching me around the waist pulling me against you. Pinning me to one of the large walnut tree that surround us we share a kiss that was startling in it’s intensity in it’s passion. I slip out of your arms and pull away making you chase me again. You call me a tease and run. You catch me again, it was just a matter of time.

You tackle me into a mud puddle and I scream like a girl soaked and dripping. You laugh and fall into the puddle beside me pulling me into your arms. I snuggling into your arms feeling the chill you’d been complaining about a few minutes ago. You whip muddy water from my face and smile the incredible smile down at me that makes me feel breathless and a little giddy.

You pull me closer then close and kiss me again and butterflies take wing in my belly making me feel like I’m falling in love. I smile at you brightly feeling content and happy. We lay there for a while under the outstretched branches of the walnut tree with the random raindrop hitting us. After a while you stand up and pull me up and holding my hand we head for a house seen not to far in the distance.

You whisper things to me as we walk, like how beautiful I am and how I looked like walking temptation that you can’t stop look at me because of the way my wet clothes leave nothing to the imagination. I giggle and blush as you run your hands over my curves making me feel giddy and desirable.

You turn me around and press me into a tree kissing me hard making me breathless and a little weak in the knees. We kiss and touch and end up making love under that tree. It wasn’t my first time but it felt like it. Everything felt new and magical. I knew this time would be the one I remembered the one that would actually count in my mind.

The rain had stopped by the time we were finished and the clouds were breaking up. The dappled sun light was shinning and it was sunset. The sky looked like it was liquid fire, bright reds and oranges that countless master artists had tried to capture and never could. The scene was made all the more beautiful because parts of it that were hidden from view by the clouds.

You held me close and whispered that you loved me and without second thoughts or hesitation I told you I loved you too. We walked back to the car through the dripping rain and we drove home. It seemed like such a promising beginning, so magical and perfect. But life isn’t a fairy tale and like most teenage loves ours wilted and fell apart.

It was almost a year ago on a rainy day just like this one that I laid in your arms and told you I loved you. The break up was painful but I treasure that memory, the day in the rain when I had enough courage to tell a boy exactly how I was feeling and risk my heart in someone else's hands for just a moment of perfection.

Smiling to myself at the memory I stepped out into the the rain and with the memory of your day in the rain fresh in my mind and your name on my lips I danced in the rain thanking the world for that one moment of true perfection.

An illustrated poem and some other great work from the amazing Ashterah.


Dark are our eyes

Our fur soft and thick

We howl, night skies

When full moon's quick

We're one of many packs

Like the wind we run

Down new and beaten tracks

Then rest in harmony, once done

The bonds shared

Watching our prey

Nothing compared

Patience, ready to stay

Like the predators we are

Stalking, Hunting, Prowling

The nature we all bare

Never fight, never cowering

On a lonely crest

One howls at the moon

Calls our kin abreast

We'll all gather soon

Our pack is all powerful

Our den is all might

We protect our kineful

In darkness or light

Down by the rivers

Along the streams

We're takers and givers

In moonlit beams

Our territory, we patrol

We are hunters o'the night

We support and control

Never with might

We rest only to sleep

We wake only to hunt

Through underbrush, we creep

Our actions are blunt.

We never get slack

When all said and done.

We run as a pack

Our pack run as one

We are the House of Madadh-Alluidh!

© Ashterah 2010.

In respect of Meeper.

There was only darkness, until out of the deep black, a light emerged: the first wolf, Meeper. But she was alone in her existence, so out of her great loneliness, she took a piece of flesh from her heart and molded it into a likeness of herself – and so Madadh-Alluidh was born, the den of dark ones. Together their harmony created the world and all the creatures that inhabited it. The wolves prospered and a great pack rose to power …

... Until Meeper gave the mortals magic. Mortals were imperfect creations. They were soon overcome by power. Each wanted the powers of another and a war spread across the earth the divided the gods themselves. Then, in a great acceptance, Meeper took in Ashterah with the other many powerful wolves scattered them across the earth. If the pack should ever be united, peace will be reborn.

I am the shadow in the forest

And the darkness all around

I am the smallest of beasts

And the greatest in action

I am the tainter of peace

And the giver of pain.

You know I am there

But you cannot see.

You feel my presence

But you cannot touch

You sense my wisdom

But you do not acknowledge.

I am both within and without

A traveler through the forest

A dweller on the plains

A survivor in the snows

A climber in the mountains

A stalker in the bushes unseen.

Listen deep in your thoughts

Can you not hear me?

Look deep within your soul

Do you not see me?

Look astutely around you

Can you not sense me?

I am the wolf that walks with you.

© Ashterah 2010.

Here is my version of the Seven Fold Blessing.

Seven Fold Blessing.

Blessed be my feet so that I may walk upon the path of Spirit.

Blessed be my knees so that I may kneel before the Altars of the Ancient ones.

Blessed be my groins so that I remember the seed that I once came.

Blessed be my heart so that I am reminded of the rhythms of life.

Blessed be my hands so that I they assist me in my workings always.

Blessed be my lips so that I am able to share and speak of knowledge.

Blessed be my crown so that I may always honour connection to the Divine.

Then I went on to create a Nine Fold Blessings too.

Nine Fold Blessing.

Blessed be my feet so that I may walk lightly upon the Earth.

Blessed be my hands so that they assist me strongly with my workings.

Blessed be my touch so that it can reach out to others.

Blessed be my hearing so that I can always listen to the rhythm of life.

Blessed be my sight so that I am gifted with the worlds of wonder.

Blessed be my taste so that I can give reverence to the essences of life.

Blessed be my sense of smell so that I can delight in the aromas of nature.

Blessed be my crown so that I am always blessed with my connection with Spirit.

Blessed be my Soul so that I am graced with eternal bonds to mind, body and senses.

Creatures of the night

As sundown comes

Filmy clouds drift

Across the blackening canvas

To kiss the star-dappled sky

Painted purposefully, perfectly

By One more skilled than any mortal.

On velvet foot

Nightlife crawls over wet grasses,

Along woody branch,

Through their realm

Unseen by man

One hundred times as large.

Night falls, I hurry home

Switch on lights, close doors

To the brightness air

And imagine the sunrise

Outside, in the light,

Ready to pounce when night comes.

Why fear what you cannot see?

Nocturnal life lives in twilight.

Where you stumble, I am agile,

Fleet of foot and wing.

Unblinking red eyes opened wide,

I have survived another day.

Invisible world could teach me to trust,

To open windows and doors,

Tiptoe outside, breathe the air,

Steal over damp soil,

Look under leafy screens,

Meet creatures one thousand times as small.

To appreciate lesser inhabitants

May be contrary to human logic,

But to embrace the universal plan

Set in motion purposefully, perfectly

By our kind eons ago

Is worth the endeavor.

© Ashterah 2010.

I dance when no ones looking

I dance harder when they are

I dance to heal a wound

I dance to heal a scar

I dance under the rain

I dance under the sun

And when I think I cannot

I just get outside and run

I dance to the sound of the leaves

I dance to the song in my heart

I dance even though I know -

Sometimes my world may fall apart

I dance all night

I dance the pain away

I dance until the morning sun

Graces us with day

I dance until I am numb

Until I do not feel anymore

I dance until I am gone

And do not remember what I am dancing for

I dance away any strife

I dance with all my might

I dance the rest of my life

By the moon's gentle light

I dance to the music

Of my joyous heart

I dance until it hurts

My love and light, never apart.

I dance for me.

© Ashterah 2010.

You are my night, my day,

You are my sun, my moon,

The air that I breath,

If you was not in my life

My whole world would

Come crashing, down and

Become darkness,

Because that is my love for you and

I wouldn't be able to live

Without you in my life.

© Ashterah 2010.

Now a poem from our awesome cub, Nyx.

The Kiss

At the end of my bed, He stands,

Darker then the shadows

Moonlight pulling his Stone face

From the darkness behind

What secrets hide behind His face?

Carved perfection like a mask

For all eternity in a minute passing

Our eyes locked in a stare

Deep within my chest

My heart beats in rhythm

Like a thousand drums

While all the while his eyes stare cold

Sparkling like set diamonds

He has me totally under her control

A hunger for lust burns within

My mind, a torrent, a sea of emotions

I Shallow fear yet I'm strangely calm

He walks toward me

His beauty becoming more apparent upon each step

But who is this mysterious stranger

Who graces my presence thus?

His hand runs down my face

I try to speak but his finger silences my words

"Hush, speak only with your heart"

The words fall from his mouth

In whispered tones

His touch feels cold as stone

As his arms wind round

My body like entwining ivy

His fingers run sensuously

Through my long hair

He stares into my eyes again

Looking deep within

To my mind and soul

His lips pout and glisten in the moonlight

Oh how I want to kiss them


He stands up before me

His crimson lips form a smile

My pulse racing ever faster

My blood rushes round my veins

Like ten thousand wild horses

Our bodies embrace like entwined ivy

In each other's loving arms

If this incredible passion could last forever

I would never look back beyond this night

His lips press firmly against mine

His fingers runs over my cheek

And down my neck

When I feel a sudden

Bolt of piercing pain

My body fills with a gradual weakening

My strength waning as he sucks from my neck

I fall back toward my bed

Barely able to move

I look to him and see blood

Drip from his mouth

His eyes glow with an iridescent

Electric blue like the full moon

In the black satin night sky

He licks the blood lusciously

From his crimson lips

His teeth long as canines

From a wolves mouth

Rapidly it becomes apparent

That this angelic vision

That stood before me

In the darkness of my room

Is nothing more

Than an animal of the night

A predatory vampire with

An insatiable hunger for blood

Fear courses through my body

For my very own mortality

Death seems only a matter of heartbeats away

This creature before me

Still so beautiful in his human form

Yet now adorned with a demon face

He looks at me with a calming smile

"Let fall these words I speak to you

Listen and you will learn.

You are now a vampire like myself

A creature of this eternal night

You shall live forever."

His first intention was to kill me

And leave my blood-drained corpse behind

That I knew was certain

But his love for me prevailed.

A poem by Cattales


I dance because the wind blows

Twirling my skirts ever faster

The beat of the music

takes over for my heart

My joy spills into my feet

Moving through the moon ridden night

The air smells sweet as flowers swirl by

My hair flies out to brush their petals

and they tangle in it's strands

Now their scent wraps around me

Just as the wind lifts my spirits

Tonight I fly among the stars

Lifted there by my dance

Where I will twirl around the moon

and wait to greet the sun.

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