Welcome to Madadh- Alluidh

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Thinking of joining the House of Madadh?

Then let me introduce myself to you. I am VampireWitch39 and I am the House Master. Let's start with a few points you need to know of what we expect of you, and what you can expect of us. As Master of the House, I have pulled from my years on the site to bring forth a place of friendship. Here I will address the most common questions concerning a society.

Favor/ Forum Posting: Vampire Rave is my escape from a busy life. As do all of you, I have a job, family to care for, and still try to find time to do those things I enjoy. But I did join a social site and am on it most days- for only a few minutes on a busy day, to several hours if I am having a slow day.

While I am not demanding- I do expect you to be active either in the House, or at least on the site. Each day favors are taken from the House to pay for it's members and you will be expected to pay your way. The House Forum is the place our members chat about the day, enjoy talking about life events, kidding about. I understand this is not comfortable for some. You do not have to post to the House Forum- but you do have to earn favors at least to stay.

How much favor? If you log in once a week for an hour, turn a few hundred pages during that time, you have paid your favors spent. Some members of this House have been on the site many years, are ex administers and Masters. Before you ask about why they are still in the House, not earning favors, understand they are guest in these walls.

But what of the list- the top House? Really? If you are concerned about being on the top of a list, on a website, then you might not fit in well with this House. It is not about the standings- it is about a warm, friendly place you can come to when you spend time on the site.

Rate / Friends & Journal List adds: VampireRave has become a little nuts with the add request/ requirements of late. I do not require you to add the House members to your friends, favorite journal list or rate them a ten. You may ask in private message, but it is not required of any member to add, or rate you a ten. This also applies to any Alliance members.

No one should tell you what to rate, how to rate, who to add. But the same goes if someone rates you a low rate and you expect the whole House to go and rate that person a one, this is not going to happen. While wolves do run in a pack, these wolves will be encouraged to be of a single mind, and to use your mind and choice wisely.

Forum Posting Rules: I expect you to act as an adult. Not only in the House Forum but on the site. Repeated breaking of VampireRave rules will have you removed from the House.

I expect you to be honest, to show respect to your House Mates at all times. Keep a civil tongue with the House Members and its staff. We don't have to be best buddies, we can have a difference of opinions, but you will respect each other enough to keep it civil.

Members Age: This House is open to all members of the site, is not an adult only society. There is a difference between your legal age and the age of your maturity. Trust me when I say there are members on this site who are way past 18 years of age who act like 5 year olds. Adult actions- not your age, is what we look for in a member.

I think this covers most of the points members look for as they shop societies. If you have any more questions, wish to require a trade into the House, or want to express an interest to join please message me.

I will be glad to help you.

Thank you for your time and for considering our House.


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