Why Vampire Rave?

We all came here to Vampire Rave for a reason. Mostly because we were searching for vampires and like-minded people.

We created a forum inside the House and asked the following questions:

How did you get involved here?

What are your beliefs and thoughts on vampires?

What types of movies and/or books do you think influenced your beliefs and thoughts?

What type of vampire are you?

Here is what everyone had to say.

We start with our beloved House Master Vampirewitch39color>

≈How did I get involved here?

I was looking up vampires, something to do with a Buffy show I had just watched. And Vampire Rave pulled up on top of that list. :) I looked around, made a profile that night. Been here since. Close to 5 years.

≈What are my beliefs and thoughts on vampires?

The ones who say they have to drink blood, not food. The ones who say they can't go out in the daylight, and that they have lived 2000 years- bullshit.

The ones who 'feed' off peoples energy? Yes. I mean...don't we all do that? When someone is crying, doesn't your heart sink a little? When you are sad and someone happy starts laughing, don't you at least smile? I do believe there are those who feed off others in this way.

And VR is full of those who 'feed' off stirring shit/drama. Of course- all online sites have those kinds.

≈What types of movies and/or books do you think influenced your beliefs and thoughts?

Buffy lead me to the site, also the old TV show called Dark Shadows which I would watch on my mother's lap at night when I could not sleep. She loved horror and monster movies and was great at letting me watch them with her. :) Yes- I have a cool mom.

≈What type of vampire are you?

I would not say I am one. I can feel the energy of certain people when I have known them a long time. Anger from strangers makes my skin tingle. But I wonder if that is more to do with the pagan side of me? Thus the screen name. :)

≈If you have some personal experiences you'd like to share, please write them here in this forum. With a vampire?

There have been a few people I try to stay away from in real life because I feel drain around them. And some online that seem to drain all the fun out of the day and site for me. Don't think I have ever 'experienced' a vampire though.

Our next member, the lovely Silverbowcolor>

For me it was simple.

I came from the #Vampires mIRC chatroom that was run by Cancer.

He created it and well, a bunch of us just followed. I waited longer then others before coming over but I made it and here I have been for some many years now.

:chuckles: oh.. I remember people posting urls to profiles and going "Hey.. did you see this one?" or "OMG read this one here, you will die." LOL :whistles:

Our next member is the out-spoken meepercolor>

Let's get a few things straight.

1. I like sparkly things.

2. I make an excellent sexy vampire.

3. I am chewing trident gum as we speak.

4. I am a real vampire who will hunt you down, drink your blood, and then go shopping for new lip gloss.

Now that the most evident and superficial information is out in the open I can continue hiding away in the dark corners. See, I love the darker things in life all while maintaining a cheerful disposition. I am goth in the historical scene- art, literature, music, etc., not the trendy new age version of emo children. As I have been told- I'm too old to be emo. lol

What brought me here was Sevenn and a few people who once upon a distant time ran LBO. I had my reservations about the site and being part of a "vampire" community. While they have always intrigued me, I'm the girl who hasn't even seen any of the Twilight movies.

But I gave VR a try, and what I found was a handful of people in the entire site that kept me logging back in regardless of the twists and turns in my own life. Looking back, its been over 5 years here (and apparently I've given 107.61 days and counting of my life to this site...on this profile). You don't spend this amount of time some place if you the people are not compelling.

And of course we have PhoenicianDreamcolor>

My friend used to be on here. Her name was BelleNoir.

She deleted a long time ago, but I'm still around.

Funny thing is, I knew some of these peeps before I had ever heard of VR.

And now we have our FallenAngel1217color>

Too be honest I don't remember. lol I think I was on Vampire Freaks and I think I saw a Vampire Rave ad. But not quite sure. lol Let's just say I don't even go on Vampire Freaks anymore lol!

And here we have Nyxgrrlcolor>

I was resarching Vampire like I normally did and come across it on Google :)

Short and kinda boring, but hey! It's how I came to be here! :)

And now here is Cerranacolor>

I was brought here by a friend. I made a profile and was going along rather nicely. One day I logged in and someone had sent me a really nasty message. Not knowing anyone else here, I just simply self deleted. I stayed gone for some time. I was talking to the same friend a few weeks later and she was telling me that they were making Houses. She asked me if I would come back and help her do some graphics. So I did and I've been here ever since. That was nearly 5 years ago now on my main account.

I believe that people believe they are vampires. I do not believe I am a vampire. I do not believe they exist except for in our minds. But I will not argue with anyone who thinks they are a vampire. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own belief systems.

And then we have our Deathwalker253color>

I originally joined VR when I was still in High School. I joined because I had a lot of friends on here. I stayed because this place is amazing. I've made so many more friends, a lot of them will be for life.

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