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06:05 Mar 27 2022
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Ok, well, I think I really did jump the gun. We're not talking.




13:23 Mar 26 2022
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I found a Dom online. I am unsure as to where this might lead, but, hey, it's only been 2 days or so, since we started talking, so I can't assume much about him. Hell, he speaks well, at least, and seems to be matured. So yeah. It's been nothing too serious. However, knowing myself, I move fast... Actually, we matched some weeks back, and we ended up exchanging numbers. I'm more of a Sub, really - a rebellious Sub who talks back, at that. There has got to be a reason for any Dom-Sub affair, right? Perhaps I'm just jumping the gun for now. I just hope I don't have to wait for someone, for like another decade!




16:41 Mar 20 2022
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Turns out, I had to downsize my ears, as this morning, I awoke to swollen earlobes that were throbbing with pain. My right ear - the more affected one - suffered the brunt of the whole ordeal. I'm just glad that there wasn't any infection. I had some saline solution from previous piercings. So I cleaned my ears thoroughly and it stung a little.
I'm at 16mm, currently. I'm going to go slow this time, between stretches.
I just want to hit 1 inch, but I'm in no rush. Blowouts hurt like a fucker, tbh.

P. S. I really like Sorvena's journal. Nice to see a vampire around here.




10:17 Mar 17 2022
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The past few weeks have been emotionally, mentally, and physically tough on me. It's like Zeus just sent a lightning bolt my way, showing almost to none mercy on me.


Things are getting a little less chaotic for all of us now, it seems.

I managed to get ahold of some work to do, one in which I actually get paid.

Ah, fuck it.

Hell, it pays if I don't call in sick at the last minute. I burnout easily. I have just got to learn how to pace myself - especially when it comes to physical labour. So yeah.

*fingers crossed*

I have been writing in my BoS. Basically, thinking back on my workings and their outcome. It's really nice to get back to my witchy rituals. It's like I have a darn ritual for every single thing I do - like my morning ritual.


I feel the urge to write again. Literary devices have rendered me thoroughly creative, crazy, and out-of-the-box.

Perhaps my brand of madness is too *out-there*.

I have no idea.

Yeah, I just might get down to some serious studious writing pretty soon; whilst my muse is still at it.

Publishing is some difficult work. Right now, I have, like, 13 unpublished writings. Most of them published online, tho. But nothing where I actually reap the harvest monetarily.

I just cannot wait for the Spring Equinox. It's time to emerge from Hekate's cave. The Cauldron of Rebirth is coming up soon. I tend to celebrate these occasions earlier than most, really, since there are only 2 known seasons in my location.


So yeah.

Have a great, blessed Ostara, everybody!
Blessed Be.




10:35 Mar 16 2022
Times Read: 207

I don't really regret my un-aesthetic tatts and ear stretches, but, sometimes I wonder why I'm the black sheep of the family. These things just appeal to me... I think it makes me look pretty.

Yes, it was the permanency and symbolism of tatts that had driven me to have what I have. Tatts are a great way of remembering significant events in my life, down memory lane, and the pain is worth it. Negligible but worth it.

I just wish they were all that more aesthetically pleasing, but, hey, I know I can't have it all. Don't we all, eh.

Unless you're Beyoncé. But damn, that girl works hard. She's a phenomenon, I swear.

Anyway, yeah.

I'm everything my family isn't. I'm the girl your mother warned you about. Uh huh.

I'm all happy in my own quiet world, tho.

My ears are stretched beyond the point of no return.

I may not even be able to get married, one day. Hell, no one asks me out on a date, or dare bring me home!

I'm fucked for life.

I'm happy, tho.

Ah, fuck.



15:10 Mar 16 2022



09:46 Mar 16 2022
Times Read: 209

Things are so bad Post-Covid that I have realised the masses wish me either death or curse me, or sometimes, even both.

What the fuck did I ever do, anyway?!




19:02 Mar 12 2022
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I don't mean this to be a live update, but hell, the Rosehip and Hibiscus Tea I just had was super refreshing!

It's around 0300hrs here. Nothing like some Magick at the Witching Hour.

I oh-so-desperately need to heal.

Mr. Right! Where the fuck are you?!

In other news, I have stretched my ear lobes to a 14mm. In my possession, I have a size 16mm and 18mm ear tunnels. Oh wow. Size 18mm looks kinda scary.

Man,18mm's are huge! But, this size is a short-term goal of mine. So yeah, imma trudge on like the trooper that I am.





18:16 Mar 12 2022
Times Read: 240

It's really a tough time for me, right now - emotionally, mentally, and physically.

The death of an extremely loved one, being affected by Covid, moving from one location to another, and of course, family.

I've been trying to cope with all these things that have transpired, in recent times.

It is very difficult, to say the least.

I just need to get back to my Tea Magick, Crystals, and Tarot, for my daily doses of Divination. Oh and yeah, Bullet Journaling. Been neglecting the spiritual side of me quite lately.

You know what? Fuck it.

I'm going to brew some Herbal Tea Magick right now, this instant.

I hope you folks are holding up well.

Yup. I should get to brewing some Magick right now, pronto!



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