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23:23 Apr 30 2024
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Puzzled thoughts seem to be more arousing today in the recess of my mind. It seems that life is taking its toll more and more as the clocks of time seem to move faster and faster. I look forward to VR and yet it seems more drama has surfaced within its realms. I do not involve myself in such theatrics. But it seems to catch up with me at every turn I take.

My mind has come here to gain the knowledge that may evade me, yet my writers stump still continues to be foggy and the words seem to elude the words in my mind. Emotions of individuals seem to be more intense these days. Do not know if it is the burdens of these concrete walls of this world. Economy and flaws of Government and social rules seem to have drastically changed. And it seems that they have flowed within the walls of here like a fog on a brisk winter morning.

Yet the words enter my thoughts yet when I try to remember the flow of the letters it seems to fade in and out on other topics or structures of different thoughts. I need to relax and write once again yet time and effort seem to evade me for the lack of the clock seems yet to go on not stopping to catch a breath.



01:04 May 01 2024

agreed. People are living fast right now. senses heightened. theres a current in the air. the cities are on edge; people galloping to their doom. I dont usually stir unless i have reason and lately something in me says "go and experience; go and see."


00:03 Apr 24 2024
Times Read: 89

What of society on a self-destruct course within itself. For every day we read or see on the TV murders against humanity. No matter if it’s the war or the innocent on the streets of neighborhoods. For is the economy, or hate, or persecution of society so wrapped up in their own beliefs that individuals must now take it out on neighbors, children and then themselves.

For when does the mind go insane? At the last moment in life or a slow meltdown of what we know is not reality. Has the pollution of the world and influence of propaganda the blame for all these flaws in these people’s lives. For the belief of movies and music that once said to cause this, was a simple fight to rid such things in a normal society. Not fitting the norm our culture has always set out to diminish the views and practices of those who did not fit in. whether it was religious factors or mainstream thought the persecution of individuals have haunted humans since the day of our existence.

For if we as a society are delusional with the thought of myths, such as vampires and ghosts; are we not in fact a society of dreamers, who minds yearn to escape the crumbling real world of our culture. For fantasy in myth or sex we have the nature to expand the minds take on this imperfect life we are confronted with. For a life of better like our fathers and their fathers had, not the cruelty of this era that has been plagued by actions of the past.



00:19 Apr 24 2024

agreed. I would speak on it; but i'm so far down the spiral. I'm staring up from the sewers. keep you and yours close. It's getting nastier everyday......and the future isn't too bright. lol.

04:11 Apr 24 2024

I don't think theres any hope for Humanity, in the end I think it will just end up killing itself.

18:16 Apr 24 2024

Blind by Media brain wash by media what a constant cycle.
of no improvement with in the federal.


22:58 Apr 18 2024
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For each of us have lost the power to dream or think, for we have computers to do this for us. Like the student who sits in the classroom taking a math test; he puts the numbers in the computer to get the answer instead of trying to solve the problem himself. Or the kids who sit day after day in front of the TV. or computers wasting their lives away, instead of out enjoying what every day may bring, or any of Life’s new challenges that pop up.

I feel sorry for this generation, for when it comes to these kids running our futures; they won’t for the computers that have the more powerful knowledge will run this whole entire planet and we’ll be the slaves to these mechanical nightmares. For these are the true questions and feelings in our lives, no matter how big or small they might be……..

Just the heat seems to play tricks upon the minds corridors. Breathe and relax for this heat shall not continue for long and maybe society may reach a point to ponder what they shall want not for themselves, but their generations to come………..




23:03 Apr 16 2024
Times Read: 133

For if the real person is within us, why do we turmoil over the outer shell of our bodies. The reflection in the mirror is only a distortion of what this world has given us and the imprint in our mind is what only we shall see. For no matter how others may perceive us the real judge is what we see ourselves.

If we are not satisfied deep within than we blame ourselves and look for changes in our outer shell. Yet the person below is still the same beauty it has started with. For the passion and personification is still there. Culture dictates the style of man and women anymore, for if you are not the same as pictured, we are persecuted for being different. Much like the centuries before us, yet if we were the same would we all not be off the assembly line like cars and no matter where we turned, we would in fact see us.

Like mirrors that surround us in a fun house the world would consist of clones of us; that would think and react the same. Like mindless robots in a society so mundane that death itself would give us true escape. Break the boundaries and like yourself for you. for in all of us there is a beauty that hides under the shell of our outer skin.




23:14 Apr 08 2024
Times Read: 163

Words without thought and rational meaning have come to be slang of the language of our forefathers. Yet like many written texts it has developed into something on its own, for the text of yesterday in scrolls and parchment have vanished with the dust of time. For they say that things change for the good only if society does not hamper what it has been taught. For the culture of humans may hold its flaws but seems to keep pushing on to the next century of life. Yet the consequences of the past are soon catching up with this generation as we know it. And only our actions of today can stop the impending doom that may lurk in the not so far off future.

The generation that has come to call life-life is not as we would have been brought up to be. It seems that they are challenging the thoughts and ideas of society and its flaws. Which in fact the generations not long ago had done. Yet the words of hate and disruption are not to hamper society but the humans on all walks of level. For they do not care for the parents or schools but the right they feel that they have. Yet if they gain no knowledge, how can they become the leaders of tomorrow. Thoughts which puzzle me ever more. But we learn as life keeps passing us by. For time is the killer we all cannot stop. For the days I am dust these words will hold no meaning to those who may see them; and they shall ponder on the thoughts of my life. They make come to rationalize the insane thoughts in my mind and this unsettling world.




22:48 Apr 03 2024
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I have pondered the meaning and rational aspect of what we call life. I have always taken the side of love and humanity as my guide. To view others opinions and beauty as what they hold within their soul. Not what the world has given in appearance, for I watch and learn the outward ways of human life the actions in which they are perceived. The values of others I encourage and take in for the points that they give to this world are sometimes wiser than the thoughts my insane mind has achieved. Yet the childish thoughts of the irrational youth have me pondering life yet ever more.

For the real outside life is not just by walking out your door everyday, but the realization of the burdens and flaws it carries upon the wind of our society. The economy, the rational ideas of others who puncture our society with disease and heart ache. Though we all do not fill this void, but lately it seems that the mass has taken a major part of society. I shudder at the next twenty years if we do not get a handle on the humanity that humans put on others, we may not want our children to endure the hardship we have caused. A major ripple effect that will eventually cause the world to shudder and fall in its wake.



23:09 Apr 03 2024

Very true words.

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