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Called it.

13:07 May 20 2020
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The friend that suddenly started having trouble with the chick that went out of her way to get me fired.. well...she got him too. Same as me, a week after she complained directly to the company. Her complaint about him was that he was not adjusting well to her new program for the patients. A program that just started for him three weeks ago. He was adjusting just fine according to the five other psych techs and two other nurses that worked with him. All of them however were military. My friend was prior military and now current civilian. She never brought up any issues with him to his face, just opted to go directly to the company with complaints he never knew about. Company fired him yesterday. He's heartbroken and downing shots of vodka like no tomorrow. I encouraged him to set up his unemployment and will be checking on him today. That job was his life. Unlike me, he actually enjoyed his job. This woman is a monster. She got two longstanding employees fired in two months. Shouldn't the company see concern with that? Isn't that odd? Especially when nobody else is complaining but her? Idk man. Its fucked up.



16:23 May 20 2020

Definitely a pattern. I would say.


Yay school with half the supplies I need.

16:54 May 15 2020
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Getting a bit nervous here. I ordered my books may 8th because that's when the VA decided to send me money for them. Only two books thankfully. I ordered them and received ONE book in a matter of three days. What about the other one? Online it still says in processing. How can that be? Of course you can't call Barnes and Noble because they are closed and they encourage you to email them. They sent a link for the email on the confirmation of my book orders. So I emailed it inquiring about my missing book. A lady responded in two days to tell me she didn't know what happened and she would get back to me the next day. Its been two days since she said something so I emailed her and sent an email explaining the situation and who I talked to about it to the regular email again in case someone else picks up my case. I'm sick of the coronavirus already. Can't even call anyone anymore. Have to resort to emails that get overlooked. Sigh. I really need my book for class before Monday. I'm thinking about just emailing my professor to tell him what is going on.




I'm not the only one

19:23 May 14 2020
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Soooo the lady that pretty much ensured i got fired, is now going after a colleague of mine in an attempt to get him fired as well. She claims that he is not up to par as a psychiatric technician because he hasn't mastered her new "triage" program in three weeks. Its basically a super short 15 minute interview to decide if the patient needs to be seen in house for mental health treatment or not, but its more complicated than that due to paperwork and documentation. She suggested a "60 day training probation" to his company and they went for it. He says he is now looking for a new job and fully plans to bring this situation in its entirety to legal. This woman has no ties to our company whatsoever and is not even a supervisor. She is just a person. How someone like her has so much influence is beyond me but they will soon find themselves dealing with lawyers. I hope he wins.




Just when you think it's over

07:27 May 02 2020
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Just when I thought everything was said and done, something else has to come along and screw it all up. Maybe I never should have been honest...but I hate lying. So once again here we go with the adventures of unemployment. My previous job paid me $22 an hour. Ugh I won't find something like that again without a college degree it feels like. Thank God I'm going to school may 28th but anyway that's not the point.

With unemployment you have to apply for two jobs a week and then file your weekly claim. I saw a security job I guessed I could be interested in and applied. They called me up and sent me a little questionnaire but hold up...11 dollars an hour. Hmmm I could have sworn I saw that it said 17. I go back on the site to look and nope....11 is correct. Sigh. Decline. Its just not enough. I was honest on my weekly claim when I put that i rejected a job and put the reason why. Perhaps I shouldn't have done that? Basically refusing a job halts all the money coming in from unemployment and they schedule a phone call to gather the same information.....two weeks later. So once again I won't get paid until my hearing may 11th.

I start school May 18th. Pretty sure going to school full time disqualifies you from getting unemployment, but when i asked just to be sure....nobody knew the answer. How??? How does nobody know? I was told to wait till may 11th to talk to the deputy. Wtf....I...Im officially quitting now. One of my friends got a work from home job answering phone calls for a post office. I'm just gonna see if I can get in on that. I'm done fighting unemployment. I'm not gonna win. Me and my big mouth. Mom says I should have lied but uh...lying to unemployment would stir up more trouble than it would solve. Not risking jail. No thanks.



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