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23:39 Jun 30 2020
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I have this friend and ALLLLL she whines about is how her life is so empty and she can't keep a guy because well...She's boring as hell. She's pretty but she has this nasty attitude and her nose is always stuck up in the air like she's better then everyone else. I've tried explaining to her that there's no excuse for always putting people down..It doesn't make you look cool or whatever. But she's just to stuck up to get it. Maybe she'll get lucky one day and find a guy just as cold as she is. And then maybe she'll stop whining and putting other people down. And the only reason we're friends now is because we had a big blow out years ago and we both know where the other stands.

So bottom line....Stop being a snotty bitch and more guys might fuck you. Oooops sorry...Like you.




20:38 Jun 30 2020
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Gave my kitten a bath earlier. He's around ten weeks old and omg he's such a lil scrapper. But he's a pretty lil scrapper now. :D
And I managed to do it without any serious bites or scratches unlike last time.
So now he's dried and all fluffed up but still pissed. He's such a cute little pissed off fluff ball.




03:21 Jun 24 2020
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This cat and mouse game is really starting to get old. Either talk or forget you ever knew me. And remember...This is me being nice. Or would you rather I just leave lil messages in my Journal for you to read? Kinda make you feel like you're still the one? Maybe some songs dedicated just to you?

You know I Adore you. Or used to.... (smiles sweetly)




09:05 Jun 23 2020
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So July...What do you have in store for us? A super storm thats going to flood half the country and flatten the other half? Or maybe killer panda's or even super killing ninja monks that's tired of all the noise? Well...Seriously 2020 is not even half over yet and we are surely running out of things that can and will happen. My bet is on a giant hole opening up and swallowing us all up.

And all I know is....Love one another and face it together. White Black Red Yellow ...We may not all think the same or look the same...But we ARE THE SAME inside. Think about that. And stop the hate. Or haven't you noticed we all could die from this virus.

Just my 2 cents worth. Stay Safe.




23:21 Jun 13 2020
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Ok so how does one go about quitting smoking? I'm going cold turkey starting tonight at 12am. And I will be posting about it here.. more for me then anything else. Pretty sure I'll fail the first or second time but I'm going to keep trying.



02:25 Jun 14 2020

I did it with Nicrettete gum. It is one of the hardest things I've done but well worth it.

16:06 Jun 14 2020

When I went to quit I tried the gum and the patchers. They did not work for me. What I did was I picked a date to quit. I mentally prepared that day by telling myself I can do this. The night before I went to bed I smoked my last cig. I got rid of the rest of the pack, ashtrays, lighters. The morning of my quit date I got up, made coffee and did not smoke. The first 7 days were tough. I ate a lot of carrot sticks, the having something in my hand helped. I ate so many the first week that to this day I can not eat a carrot. On about the 8th day the cravings started going away. I woke up and did not want a cig. Over the next few months there were fleeing times I wanted one but they quickly went away. That was 2 years ago. A week ago a lot was going on. I am currently working out of Canada in America, I am for awhile stuck here due to Covid19 and no desire to travel across America for now. Then my Mom tells me my brother and his wife came down with Covid. I brought 1 pk of cigs. I smoked 3 and then threw the pack away. They tasted so nasty. So this is what I suggest. Also, if you do smoke one when you are quitting do not beat yourself up. Set the next day to quit again and do it. Also, when I quit I started walking. I kept busy. I wish you luck. Oh also when I wanted a cig that first week I had a support system I could reach out to to talk me down. Sometimes just telling someone I wanted to smoke helped to lesson the craving.

18:47 Jun 14 2020

Thank You I appreciate you telling me this. Last night was a rough night that almost had me heading to the ER. So I didn't exactly start but I'm setting a new date to quit. I hope your brother and his wife is ok. Hopefully you'll be able to travel back home soon.. :)


01:01 Jun 11 2020
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I can't shake a cough that I got a few days ago when I got a cold. The cold is gone. But the cough remains to make my life a living hellll.. I'm so sore around my ribs and belly. I've tried meds but they don't work. I'm about to mix some whisky and honey and flip reality the bird for awhile. I think that is the correct mixture. Not for certain tho.



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