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07:05 Jun 27 2006
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WOOOOO, the house crest I made is gone. That makes me very happy. She can go right ahead and get her... A BETTER NEW AND IMPROVED LBO CREST COMING UP SOON up there. I am glad mine is gone.... Now for the member ranking pieces of art I created. They need to be the next to go. lol. WOOOOO! Does the happy happy joy joy dance.




If she can do it, I can too.

16:48 Jun 25 2006
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So since she decided she only wanted to post half the story, I will post the whole one. As most would know, I at one time was an assistant house master in LBO. One day I log on, and here we have it. I am blinded and my position stripped from me. So I message Darknessbound to find out what is going on. She responds back with the following....

There are things youve done that I have not been happy about. I wanted to stop that until I got a chance to tell you.

You disappear for like almost 3 weeks or so and then you come back hurrying the member nominations to be done within a day. It is not really fair to others.

Then the forum threads are being deleted when I specifically said to not delete any forum threads, just RIP them.

Also the thread of BuddahJon was closed in a very rude manner, which it shouldnt have been. Hes been a member here since the begginning and has been away due to serious reasons, and then he comes back and participates only to encounter unappreciative treatment. Its not right to treat people who have been with us since the beginning in such a manner.

Also the threads deleted, which were Belle's...I dont know why you did it but she's been working very hard on those contests and with members more than you have, to get participation up and going to just have her hard work vanished for no reason at all.

Now, I wanted to let you know that things are run here the way I say they should be run. So far you have been doing what you have wanted to do without doing what I have been asking you guys to do, which is inform me of eveything thats going on, like I specifically cleared up during the last meeting. Don't forget Im the master of this house.

Now if you can deal with this I will unblind you and give you back the Assistant possition. Also, one piece of advise, when youre having a bad day...do not take it out on here on the house or its members.

Anyway thats all. I just wanted to freeze things to clear things up.


Now all of these things were things that at one point or another were things that I had been told to do, and truthfully I was not aware were wrong to do. Can someone tell me what a good leader does, because in my eyes, a good leader comes to the person and talks to them when things bother them. They do not just blind them or take a position from them without them having a clue what is going on. That to me is not repsectful to your members, and if you do not have the respect of your members, then what do you have?

So the next day, I was still angry about this because I felt that I had been done wrong. No where in the LBO rules or VR rules does it say, that I am not allowed to have a PHONE conversation that is not online, and totally off of VR. I called a person that I thought was my friend. Now this person had ranted to me about Darknessbound many times, and had whined and complained about how she felt she was being over looked, and how she was being done wrong, and how she was thinking about leaving LBO, and all this random whining. That was all it was for months when we spoke. Whine whine whine. So, I thought that maybe I could trust her and she would allow me the same courtesy and allow me to rant a bit about my feelings. I began to tell her how I didn't think DB was acting as a good leader in the decision, and how things were getting neglected (note: she is an assistant house master as well, so I didnt run around doing treachery as they like to call it.. lol... I find it funny) and how I was upset about a supposed friendship being neglected, things of that nature. Never once did I say anything about DB as a person except that I was only her friend when it was conviant to her, and that was only said because that is how I truley feel. I never said anything bad about her as a person though, only her leadership skills as of the late. Okay so back to what happened. The next day I come on VR to see that I have been blinded and position stripped again... So I left DB the message she has posted in her journal, I was not rude about it or anything. She however was rude in her response. Now I am 25 years old, and I am sorry but I will not take orders or be treated like crap by a 20 year old. That is just stupid and ridiculous, and I would be a fool to continue on with it. As it turns out. The person that I thought I could trust the night before, instead of being a good friend, did something that I never in a million years thought she would do (I had higher hopes, and standards for her as a person, and she actually did a good job pretending to be my friend) She told DB that I was on the phone talking about her. Now I do not know what she told DB, and for all I know it isnt the entire truth, or maybe she told the thruth, but I find it funny how this person that I thought was my friend can rat me out for having a ranting moment so that I could get things off my chest, but when she does it.. I keep quiet. So now.... I am in LBO and blinded and considered a traitor. I find this all funny to be honest. She says she wont kick me, which is funny because she once told me that a different house master was a bad leader because she wouldnt let two members go that wanted to come to LBO. lol. How hypocritical can a person be. I also told DB that she no longer has my permission to use MY images. ANYTHING that I created for LBO is my property. I never signed a thing giving my rights to MY art works to her. NOT once. I have actually spoke to a lawyer about this just to make sure I am in the right, but according to him if I truley wanted to pursue this I can sue DB for using them as how she doesnt have my permission. According to him, since there was no contract signed stating that she ever had permission in the first place to use them and verbal contracts mean nothing, and I am willing to say that I allowed her to borrow them, but the only contract would have been my membership to the house and that is broken I have the right to pursue legal action over her for keeping them. My images include the house crest for one, and the member status marks, and a few other things as well. Those will need to be removed, or I may get angry enough to pursue something. Childish perhaps, but in my mind it is sheer principle. I was wronged in LBO, and what I say to a supposed friend on the phone, not on VR is not VR business. I kept my feelings from the house, and off VR. She is taking a personal vendeta out on me now, and she was not able to keep her feelings out of LBO. In my mind I have every right to say the things that I said in my ranting, and she has ranted just as badly about members to me, including the one that told on me. It is all abunch of he said she said bullshit as the song says, and to be honest. It is a relief to not have to worry about LBO crap any longer, it appeared to me the house was going to the dogs. Now as far as being blinded and stuck in LBO, it is suppose to be a punishment, which is funny to me because in my eyes, it is a blessing in disguise. lol. I never had time to do anything for myself on VR, because I was treated as a puppy and expected to jump when told too. NOW, I have all the time in the world to rate profiles, and work on leveling up. Yes it may help LBO for me to level up, but it is not the house as a whole that I have a problem with, just the leader of it. There is no reason that LBO should be punished for the actions of one, so I dont mine that my rating helps them, and at the same time, when I sire up, the second it happens.. I am leaving LBO, and it will only drop again. Even if she were to trade me, I would not care, because then I would be out of LBO... it really doesnt matter to me either way. I am working on my stuff, not hers anymore, and that to me is not punishment, but a glorious vacation. Let the angels in the halllalujah chorus rejoince and sing praises. Free at last free at last, although I am blinded I am free at last. LMAO.

Darknessbounds wrote:

Not your House Master anymore. You no longer belong in LBO. I just dont like people like you who pretend to be victims of their own issues.

A victim of my own issues.. lol... That is funny, when she created those issues... lol.




20:30 Jun 16 2006
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Things are strange. I am not sure how to take it all to be honest. My husband and I are trying this new thing. We tell each other everything, and we are honest about everything with one another. No more secrets. We are being friends basically. He has been talking to me alot about things that have been going on with me, and things that are confusing and need to be sorted. I have this friend in Florida that I really want to go see, and he has been helping me figure out how to make that happen. It is strange. lol. I know this will make no sense to anyone but me, and maybe a couple of others, but I am insane random like that. I hope this all works out for me in the end. I do not think I can take much more hurt and stupid drama shit.



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